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Steel structure warehouses are of good quality and more durable

Steel structure warehouses are used in many factories. Therefore, compared with other warehouses, this kind of warehouse has more advantages. The specific advantages can also be briefly introduced to everyone.

  1. Safe and reliable First of all, steel structure housing is very safe and reliable, so he has no worries at all when living, and it is also very good to store goods. Moreover, when it is used to store goods, it has better moisture-proof performance and good sound insulation performance. Its own weight is relatively light, so the construction speed is very fast, and the warehouse can be completed in a relatively short time.
  2. Good quality Steel structure warehouse is also of relatively good quality, because it is made of steel structure, so it can be used for a very long time. Because it can be used for a very long time, so so so many people will pay attention to it. Now we can also see that steel structure housing is indeed a very good kind of house, and we all know more about the functions of such a room. Nowadays, there are more and more steel structure warehouses in steel structure housing, which can also play a more important role in factories.
  3. More durable

Steel warehouse can be used for a very long time, so for everyone, it is very good. Generally speaking, there is no problem for decades or even hundreds of years, because it is better to use, so the range of use will be larger and larger, especially for many production fields, it can often play a more powerful role, and we cannot ignore the problems in this area. We all know more about the advantages of steel warehouse now.

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The steel structure quality of Putian House can definitely stand the test

Steel structure is a structural composed of steel materials, which is one of the main building structure types. Steel structure warehouses installation quickly , the structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of shaped steel and steel plate, etc., and usually welded, bolted or riveted joints are used between each member or component , because of its light weight and simple construction, is widely used in large factory buildings, venues, super high-rise and other fields.

  1. Before the steel structure is installed, all kinds of records and reports should be checked, such as quality certificate of components, material test report, non-destructive inspection report of welding seam, etc., and the appearance of components should be checked to see if they conform to the design requirements, and the problems should be corrected immediately.
  2. The installation flow chart of the steel structure is drawn and installed according to the flow chart. The precision of all anchor bolts should be checked before installation, and the spatial position and design drawing should be corrected timely to ensure the accuracy of anchor bolts.
  3. The mounting sequence of the components should be carefully designed to form a rigid body as soon as possible so that the installation can be continued in a stable state, and also to eliminate errors in the installation of the steel structure.
  4. Component assembly should undertake the necessary checking calculation. The lateral stiffness of small component measures should be taken to avoid the distortion and damage.
  5. In the process of columns or steel structure installation, beam and steel support should be installed in a timely manner, temporary fixed cable wind rope should be added when necessary.
  6. It should pay attention to controlling the influence of temperature difference on the perpendicularity of components for the installation of steel column, adjust the lateral quantity to the perpendicularity of the first determined standard column, and check other columns.
  7. When the column is installed, the positioning axis of each column must be directly drawn from the control axis on the ground, and the top axis of the column of the next column shall not be used as the positioning axis of the upper column.
  8. Steel structure installation spot welding environment, welding position, high altitude, air temperature and humidity adverse effects for susceptible to weld defect, therefore, must take appropriate measures to overcome the impact of these unfavorable factors. The unqualified weld rework repair is not allowed to exceed twice.
  9. High strength bolts using torque wrench must be correction calibration before use, should check after use, once found that the torque error exceed the permitted range, the twist of the wrench bolt were all unqualified.

The high-strength bolts should be tested after final screw, and the nuts can be tested one by one by means of small hammering. Torque should also be sampled check.

  1. After the Steel structure installation is completed, and correct after correction, it should do the second grouting in time for the space between the column bottom and top of the base to make sure the surface contact base plate and foundation top tight.
  2. After completion of the whole steel structure installation, it should be according to “the steel structure engineering construction quality acceptance standard “(GB 50205-2001) requirements for acceptance.

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