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The Best RC lipo batteries of Tattu

The RC LiPo batteries are Lithium polymer batteries that can be recharged and be re-used in the RC electric components. These batteries can be successfully used in RC planes, RC helicopters, UAV’s, and multi-rotor.

The features of RC LiPo batteries are:

· Lightweight and can be made in numerous shapes and sizes
· Large capacity/large amounts of energy in a small package
· High discharge rates – Ideal for high-power demanding electric motors
· No memory effect

We share a lipo battery of Tattu – 12000mah battery pack

The Tattu 12000 mAh battery pack is a very powerful RC LiPo battery which can power electric motors demanding high capacities. It is powered by 12000Mah and is packed with fireproof and vibration-proof materials.

The features of the Tattu 12000 mAh battery pack are:

· Type- lipo battery pack
· Capacity: 12000mAh
· Voltage: 22.2V
· Weight: 1620 g
· Dimensions: 184*71*61 mm
· Balance Plug: JST-XHR
· Connector Type: AS150+XT150
· No memory effect
· High quality, reliable power for UAV battery

Characteristics of the Tattu 12000mAh battery pack:


The Tattu battery packs are powered by a stable stacking Automatic cell technology that has a capacity of 12000mAh. It requires a voltage of 22.2 V. The batteries are equipped with over voltage and under voltage alerts. This battery has a much higher capacity than the other contemporary models.


The Tattu LiPo batteries are manufactured under strict industrial quality control measures and are made up of superior quality products. These LiPo batteries have high energy density as per the capacity and weight. This makes the batteries adaptable to different UAV’s, and RC helicopters, cars, and boats. Unlike other battery systems, this product has ‘no memory effect’.


The batteries have a self-balancing function and a self-discharge mechanism at 100% SOC storage. These batteries are stably discharged simultaneously.


This product from Gens ace and its’ partner concerns meets are safety and regulatory standards. They meet the ISO9001, ISO14001, standards and come in secure packages that are fire-proof and vibration-proof.

Standard balance plug:

The LiPo Tattu batteries come with a JST-XH industry standard plug. The plug is compatible with the LiPo chargers for multi copters like DJI S800, S1000, Onyx Star FOX-C8-HD, and Gryphon X8.

Working and performance:

The LiPo Tattu batteries are equipped with a computer system battery cell matching process and an automatic procedure. This ensures the products high-quality and stability. These batteries have been specially developed for the UAV and UAS market. They are fully secured battery systems with immense power. The power capacity of this Tattu battery is much higher than the other battery packs of the same size. Their capacity matches the requirements of many mainstream devices like the like DJI S800, S1000, OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD, and Gryphon X.

The LiPo batteries supply uninterrupted power to UAVs and other high-capacity RC electric motors. They are used in applications like social security, video mapping, and aerial photography and GIS services.

Warranty and Shipping:

Shipping is quick and after sales services are provided in the USA. The product comes with a 90-day warranty.

Wrap up:

The Tattu RC LiPo batteries have been developed by Gens Ace. they works on two principles- less is more. ‘Less’ means low weight, less hassle, and simple designs. ‘More’ pertains to better quality, battery life and better satisfaction and output. They have brought out the best of their services in this battery pack. It is a professionally designed battery pack for UAVs and other RC long flight planes.

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A breakthrough of the flight time of the industrial level UAVs battery

There’s a breakthrough of UAV battery.
In the beginning of this year, the first domestic high mobility X8 multi-rotor drones with 7*24 hours’ flight time was release in Chuangzhi Technology Center, Shanghai, China. This drone is called “skyhook” and adopts irregular ground power transmission system to support the continuous flight. It can carry visible light zoom camera, infrared camera, airborne radar and communication antenna to supervise the security, deal with emergency danger and control the traffic. Those are all the impossible missions for the consumer level drones among the market.

the breakthrough of flight time

Previously, the flight time mainly hinders the drone scene application. Skyhook makes the continuous flight come true. Compared with the consumer level drones, Skyhook uses a suit of power supply unit form the ground with the power transmission system, communication signal and a cable made of fiber that can connect with the cars or other fixed device on the ground. All of those ensure that the drone can be mobile can work continuously.
TATTU is remarkable in the field of battery for drones. The ultra-long flight time, smart battery and protection of low voltage are all the strengths. In the storage, compared with the other battery, the Tattu battery can stop discharging once the voltage reaches 3.5V and self-protect(3s 2200mah lipo).
In addition to the flight time, the perception and identification is another main problem for drones.
There are three measures to realize the perception and identification. First, depend on the extra sensor, the radar, because it is hard for drones to fly safely in the shared areas without people’s supervision and control. Second, identify the object by the drone’s camera, which need strong computation ability. Finally, a traditional computation, which need the drone designed to identify or escape the threat by the precise computation, and comprehend how the object is identified while moving. Skyhook adopts that carrying different devices such as infrared camera and laser radar 3D scanning topography, and analyzes by the returned images.
No matter which measure, the key is to let drones know their surrounding, which is very helpful, even though the application scenarios are very limited. For example, they can identify whether there is hole on the frozen roads, find the fires while patrolling in the forest, and find the footprints of the missing climbers.

The diversity of application scenarios

For next steps, some company will research how to carry different load to accomplish tasks according to the application scenarios. For example, the forestry has comparatively low automation rate, and the drones can fly for patrol 24 hours instead of labor. Another application scenario that can be imagined is that in the disaster of Tianjin explosion, drones can be used to test the temperature, gas composition and microarticle in the air. Also, with the visible light and infrared camera, it can search the signs of life.
In recent years, drones have been firstly applied in the anti-terrorist, drug control, traffic dispersion, fire-fighting and other safety tasks. The quantity of purchase has been increased. In 2014, the public security organization has purchased more than 60 drones, and until the third season, 2015, the public security organization has purchase over 300 drones, which is five times more than 2014.
Drones have developed dramatically from civil use to commercial use.
Drones also applied in agriculture irrigation. The drones can irrigate 40 times faster than manual irrigation. Using the microwave radar, drones can scan the ground in real time, keep a suitable distance and control the volume of liquid. It can fly 8 meters per second, and cover the crops with liquid evenly. It can switch the mode among fully automatic, half-automatic and manual operation, and has the property of dust protection, waterproof, corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it can fold.
Apart from the agriculture, the traditional geography has taken advantage of the professional drones, such as monitoring weathering, observing the change of river and glacier. The archaeologist and historian are using the drones loaded with common digital cameras to 3c modelling and restore the scene of ancient architecture relics.
The wide range of application brings new trouble for drones. The drones have the characteristics of low altitude, low speed, small objective, so they are hard to supervision, detect and dispose, especially the prevention and control. It need further observation and research that how to regulate this safety factors, since illegal photography or delivering drugs is a countless phenomenon.


The distinctions between Smart Battery And Ordinary Battery

The DJI new-released M600 brings significant breakthrough to your all UAV Location. Not simply the A3’s self-adaptive flight techniques and new RONIN-MX is , but additionally the rather extended flight time supported by six sensible batteries.

It introduces that a custom-made battery management system and energy distribution board lets all 6 batteries for being turned on with a single button press, and keeps the system in flight during the occasion of a failure of the single battery, and allows customers to check out the battery standing in real-time throughout flight.

As many of us know, M100 has adopted intelligent batteries to help the big heavy device for extra expert aerial photography and longer time and distance making use of. Then what are the differences among Intelligent Battery and Ordinary Battery, why they are additional and much more widely made use of from the electronic ndustry?

1. Definition

A clever battery/A good battery system(SBS) is usually a rechargeable battery pack equipped using a built-in battery management process. The clever battery can internally measure voltage and existing, and deduce charge degree and SoH (State of Health) parameters, indicating the state with the cells, calculated and predicted information and facts to its SMBus Host below software package management.

A essential SBS like 3parts:Program Host,Sensible Charger and Intelligent Battery.

1.1 Positive aspects

Ordinary Battery

Ordinary Batteries are illusive and don’t exhibit noticeable modifications as part of usage from each the user’s along with the equipment’s perspective. It appears the same when completely charged or empty, new or outdated and in have to have of replacement. A really massive defect is the fact that they signify an unpredictable supply of power.

Firstly, a consumer has very little know-how that their battery is about to run out or simply how much working time is left.

Secondly, products powered from the battery are not able to ascertain in the event the battery, in its existing state, is capable of supplying ample electrical power for an additional load (such as spinning up a difficult disk) or not.

Smart Battery

The Intelligent Battery presents a perfect resolution for several of the issues linked to batteries used in moveable electronic gear.

The Intelligent Battery provides the consumer with accurate state of charge data together with an precise prediction from the remaining working time.

Additionally, it Provides state-of-charge and full charge capacity; reflects capacity estimations; information battery historical past; together with cycle count, utilization pattern, servicing specifications, max error, and so on; configures charger on the right algorithm; reminds consumer of periodic support; protects battery from unauthorized use; and to reduce accidental method cut-off.

That is why clever battery is much more and even more popular and extensively employed.

A great good battery brand-Tattu plus(Gens ace 2s lipo), also have all these strengths when employing in your drones.


1.2 Charger

Ordinary Batteries chargers: It has to be individually tailored for use which has a particular battery size and chemistry and may perhaps lead to harm if applied on one more battery.

Wise Battery Charger: It periodically communicates that has a Sensible Battery and alters its charging characteristics in response to information presented by the Intelligent Battery.


1.3 Defects

The Clever Battery will include 25% towards the cost when compared to a Ordinary Battery.

It complicates the charger, most chargers for intelligent batteries are hybrid and also service for non-intelligent batteries.Necessitates periodic calibration.

In contrast together with the Wise Battery’s down sides, it’s much more and useful functions.We believe in the future, people will creat extra progressived technological innovation on Good Battery and conquer the value as well as other issues stage by step.

Can Gasoline Engines Replace UAV Batteries to extend UAV flight time?

Flight time has been a very vexing problem for most of UAV hobbyists. Generally speaking, the flight time for the high end consumer-level UAV is about 25mins; however, the flight time of UAVs for commercial use is not that long.

Many companies desire longer flight time for their own UAVs and are depressed by a constant replacement and charging for the batteries. Most UAVs are powered by the high-end lipo batteries, also regarded as the low energy density battery. That is to say, as to its voltage, the volume of this battery should not be that big. It is unrealistic get a longer flight time for the UAVs by just adding the batteries packs.


After the research and development, Pegasus has come out with a solution of using gasoline instead of using batteries. This company is now having a beta test for the GE-30RangeExtender system, which is a gas-electric hybrid that can be inserted in the battery terminals for most of the commercial- level UAVs. The flight time for the current UAVs is lengthened to 2 hours owing to this system, and it is possible that this system would be used for the bigger models in the future.

The gasoline can bring more energy than the battery according to energy density. A record from the American Institute of Physics shows that the energy of a car filled with gasoline equals to the energy that a thousand dynamite rods can make, and the energy density of the gasoline is 50 times higher than the UAV battery.

In essence, RangeExtender is the two-stroke internal combustion engine that fits for the UAVs though it is not as easy as it sounds. You can not just install the rotors on the grass trimmer to make it fly, or maybe someone has already done this before. Of course, you can make an UAV that looks like a grass trimmer, but that would be a different story.

RangeExtender is a system of gas-electric hybrid made from Pegasus, which can generate appropriate power to wheels, but it is not equipped with electric engine and gas engine as the hybrid electric. RangeExtender is not just mechanically integrated with the UAV but a micro edition of the power system used by large ships. It converts the energy powered by the gas engine into electric power and provides power for the electric motor to make the propellers work.

A good news is that RangeExtender can be purchased in this late summer. RangeExtender would be used by large commercial UAVs. Till now, Pegasus has not mentioned the price, but it has put forward by the MattMcRoberts that RangeExtender would cost far less than $12000 of an annual expense of the batteries for most of commercial UAV operators.

Pegasus is not the first company who’s tried to solve the existing problems for the UAV battery. TopFlightTechnologie from Massachusetts has tried to use generator, powered by gas engine, to charge for the UAV batteries. The hydrogen fuel cell provided by the UK IntelligentEnergy can also extend 2 hours’ flight time for the UAVs just as the Pegasus system.

Of course, nobody gets cheered by the gas-powered UAVS besides the operators who use commercial UAVs to survey the petrol pipeline or mine. According to the record of US Energy Information Administration, a gallon of petrol could produce nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. The gasoline, maybe, can not replace the UAV batteries but it is a new step forward towards the UAV flight time issues. Grepow is now achieving great success in UAV batteries, and many UAV pilots are getting impressed by its new smart battery-Tattu battery. You may also take a look at the tattu batteries if you’re interested in it.

How To Extend Your Drone Battery Lifespan?

With the high science and technology development, the price of drone is lower and lower but it’s more and more advanced. However, there is a big problem-battery lifespan all hobbists face when flying drones. To all the batteries and drones manufacturers surprised, the short lifespan problems caused mostly by the pilots careless and ignorant management, and have no idea about how to protect and extend the batteries lifespan.


Then how to extend your drones battery lifespan? Here we go:

TIP 1: Never overcharge your battery

Lipos (the types of batteries on most drones) are serious business. They are highly volatile, prone to damage and can cause fires. Despite highly responsible ownership, a lipo battery is still thought to be the cause of a fire that burned down an RC shop in San Diego, and numerous videos show other accidents involving lips. And fire caused when they are charging without paying attention to its charge state.If you let them alone to charge for a long time, it’s likely that they can explode and result in a fire. The first stages of overcharging will cause your battery to puff up, become swollen or otherwise misshapen. If your battery appears puffy, responsibly dispose of the battery immediately.

So overcharging is potentially dangerous, and also do harm to your drone battery life extremely. So never over charge them till spontaneously ignited, then all things will get terribly horrible.

TIP 2: Charge your battery in time

You can’t let your battery drain automatically without any care and charge your drone’s battery right before you’re about to use it. It can ruin your battery when has empty capacity for a long time. So even you won’t use them for a long time, you need to charge them periodically. But don’t fully charge the battery. Instead, charge it only 60% of the way and store it in a safe place. Then, when you’re ready to fly, finish charging it to maximum capacity.

At the same time, you need to get a good charger which fit your battery a lot. Charge times tend to be relative to the capacity of the battery. You can shorten charge time by using a charger with a higher output, which is indicated by amps. For example, the DJI Phantom 2 charger is 2 amps and it will take 1h to 1.5h to charge the battery. Using an aftermarket charger that charges at 6 amps would cut down the charge time by over half. Proceed with caution when charging your drone battery.


TIP 3: Get seperated drone battery

This tip why it’s better to get seperated battery for your drones is because that even one battery damaged or worn, it doesn’t have an impact on the other batteries. Then it will reduce losses cost and protect your drones better. This will in other way to extend your battery lifespan. Obviously that many drone makers including DJI and Yuneec have recently started using seperated “Smart Batteries” for their drones, which can not only meaning every battery is respectively seperated, but also display remaining battery capacity. Additionally, power management is handled internally so the battery doesn’t require a separate balance lead to control charging. Tattu Smart battery is highly recommended to you.


Tip 4: Choose a larger capacity battery

Most drones will equipped with a lower or mid capacity battery to reduce the cost in that drone. These batteries usually do not offer a long flight time or are made up of good high quality rechargeable cells. So we recommend to go at least the next higher or two steps up in capacity in your drone than what was supplied originally. However one thing to keep in mind here is to pay attention to the weight of the battery and make sure to not add to much weight.

Tip 5: Reduce the whole drone’s weight

You can install the camera to the drone when it is needed. If you are just flying your drone to enjoy it and not trying to capture any video then leave the camera off. The camera will not only add more weight but it also drains the battery due to it needing to be powered to run. And the reducing weight will reduce the harm when drones fall down.

The above tips for protecting battery life and drones are very important to us, or the battery is easily damage or dead in a short time. And buy a good quality brand like Tattu(14.8v lipo battery), Bonka or Turnigy is very important to have a longer lifespan.

Do you want to know more things about UAVs?

With the development of Dji and X-zero, we can buy a aerial device at the price of thousand dollars which sold at least ten thousand each one. But as more and more teams enter into the market, identical function and appearance can not satisfy consumers. So the price is the major element to attract consumers.

UAV control is a technology activity. It is easily influenced by environment. Although the UAV at the mid-high level is equipped with automatic return function it still does not apply to a complex environment because of their accuracy and reaction. Moreover it is too complex for shooting when you are control ling the aircraft.

In fact, there are many areas of UAV capabilities need to be explored. Follow us GREPOW(5000mah lipo battery) to predict the new features of the UAV in the feature according to the products and technology existed.

Four axises + fixed wing aircraft = Deformable structure?

It is reported by Geeks Park a deformable UAV designed by Tesla who comes from British. The biggest bright spot of the UAV is it can meet the requirements of different shooting through its deformation. There are two different flight postures of aircrafts. When they need stability it will shoot like a “helicopter”. If you need high speed with the film it will fly immediately through becoming “tiltrotor aircraft”.


Similarly, in an interviewing with Geeks park a domestic professional aerial equipment manufacturing company, the company’s CEO also pointed out that the four-axis aircraft flight is with few flying postures, low speed and easily to be influenced by crosswind because of the monolithic construction. But the fixed wing aircraft could remain stable under high-speed flight. If the ” Variable type ” is introduced to UAVs the environment of them could be expanded with increasing speed and high safety.


However, because the operator can not view flight environment in time the safety of a flying UAV is not able to be improved from the consideration of structure or even may have crashed. If you want to avoid impact of the external accidents The UAV should designed with the function of avoiding obstacles by itself.

Avoiding obstacle and following with the film

Dji has released its next-generation UAV conceptual model called Phantom X it has the functions of following with the film, controlling an array of unmanned aerial vehicles with a mobile device. If you want the UAVs to fly following with the film or do a Array flight, there must be a certain autonomous founctions as obstacle avoidance and distance detection which also can be a judgement to define the UAVs.

“So many people in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, but do not know how to prevent these things which can lead us to fall into trouble. ” said doctoral Andrew, “Laser radar mounted on drones and establish the flight path in advance is unrealistic. If we want the UAV to fly at a high speed. We need better and faster need to algorith ms.” Andrew Barry team let each UAV fly 10 meters and draw the next section of the route without considerating the flying of the following 10 meters.


New Exploration of aerial mode

In addition to aerial and follower function with the film, with the development of panoramic camera and VR technology, unmanned aerial vehicles in the shooting mode will have some breakthrough.

Geeks Park, at a venture exchange, was also experienced drones racing team combined VR and UAV. Compared to ordinary racing machine, vision provided by VR is more extensive. But if you fly it at high speed it will definitely affect the bit rate of the return video thus affecting the image quality at the receiving end. If you want to solve this problem a more stable and efficient wireless communication should be established with the input device. Currently, wireless transmission scheme used by the majority of drones. It supports data transfer of 4M bps, and can be effectively against harmonic interference. But the maximum bit rate can only support 720P and can not meet the public demand.


The biggest problem is to prolong the flying time

Through a series of products’ experience and the recent exposure of a variety of news the development of the future UAV is clearly. Overall UAVs are accelerating the pace of its development in structural, technical, aerial mode and so on. But it still has a critical problem to be solved – the flying time.


Currently lithium batteries are very popular in Civil UAVs, but the small volume of a single lithium-driven UAV flight the longest flying time is no longer than half an hour. And the time would be shorter if you want to ensure the difficult shooting not to mention the cutting-edge features such as panoramic camera and following automatically .

Two aspects we need to considerate when comes to the ability of UAV to keep flying. “power” and “Battery capacity” .To reduce power consumption, it is bound to make a considerable compromise on features, configurations. If you want UAV to be able to do more things the power consumption will be increasing. The four rotors of quadcopter and aerial itself are the major parts for power consumption so UAV battery capacity has to be increased but the overall size of which in turn will affect the UAV. We can say that the UAV can not be a breakthrough if there is no a term of battery matching them.


Intelligence of UAV lipo Batteries

In terms of a business perspective pattern , UAV lipo batteries intelligence , is a good direction and forms. Conversely , this form also makes a more profitable business model potential. Around us , the smart lithium battery is everywhere, notebook computers, mobile phones , and many mobile devices, have adopted smart lithium battery. UAV power lithium battery , it is the transition to smart lithium .

1.Solve over discharge problems spawned smart batteries

For non- disposable batteries, namely rechargeable batteries, over-discharge is the most annoying thing . Over-discharge means that the battery performance degradation. To avoid over- discharging the battery pack in the people has increased by over- discharge protection circuit , when the discharge voltage drops below a preset voltage, battery -powered stop outside . However, the actual situation is even more complicated , such as laptops , unmanned aerial vehicles , electric vehicles, because if you avoid battery discharge immediately stop power supply , then the computer will immediately shut down, too late to save a lot of data ; unmanned aerial vehicles, will direct fall from the sky ; electric vehicles will be anchored in without warning . Thus , the smart battery discharge battery protect themselves off just the last line of defense , before that , managing circuit also calculates the end of life, to provide early warning for the user , so the user has enough time to take appropriate safety measures .

Life time calculation and distance flown , the flight altitude , the current motor output power and other factors. These factors are dynamic, and the range of changes can be large , all the data needed to calculate in real time , which for the smart lithium battery management chip , algorithm design will make very high demands .


2.Solve charge and keep problems spawned smart batteries

Nowadays, lithium batteries have been very popular. As we all know , lithium battery charging , there are special requirements . The second is currently a large number of lithium batteries using a multi- core string and form , since the batteries of individual differences , resulting in the charge and discharge can not be 100% balanced , and therefore a perfect charge management circuit is particularly necessary. And this is the smart lithium battery to have the second function – to improve the lithium battery pack charge management , and discharge management .

3.Solve batteries power detection problems spawned smart batteries

Conventional battery voltage to be detected , the need for additional connection detection means , such as a voltmeter , etc. , and this can not be detected in real time during the flight . There is no more convenient and intuitive way to let users know in real time the remaining battery charge and other information we trust? Yeah , which requires battery management circuitry to complete.

4.Solve electrode contacts electrically rot aging problems spawned smart batteries

Maybe you have the impression that when the battery is connected to the moment drone on , plug sparks , accompanied by the sound of ignition . Over time, the reliability of the connection plug is lowered , and will lead to heat the plug , even the air melted. Plug problems caused by aging drone crash cases are not uncommon. To solve this problem , smart lithium battery management circuitry and also play a role .

5.Solve batteries copyright problems spawned smart batteries

Smart lipo batteries get a good copyright protection , on the one hand provide only original lithium battery, the battery can be better guaranteed quality , consistency better, and better reliability theory .

Above five points , the battery management circuit ( smart 14.8v lipo battery management module ) close contact with the original ecological battery together into a common forms of intelligent lithium battery . Smart lithium advantages are many, these ” intelligent” to bring users the reliability , ease of use .

What Equip Was Used At First Taiwan FPV Racing Competition?

Taiwan ford environmental restoration park host the first ever FPV racing drone contest, this FPV is different from the well known aerial photography UAV. FPV drone is more focus on racing, and is operated by the first-person perspective screen through the OSD Monitor system which is more realistic than a flight simulation flight game. Gens ace here ,brand from a famous LiPo factory will bring us report after the game:

What is FPV?

FPV, full name: First Person View, but generally refers to the FPV that is a first person perspective UAV(UAV battery). And what it differ from the general speaking Aerial Photography UAV (which is more focus on stability and the ability of photographing) is that FPV is more in pursuit of flexibility, speed and flight experience.


FPV is divided into fixed wing and multi-axis vehicle, although the former originated earlier,but the latter gradually began to develop in recent years, foreign countries also started some multi-axis FPV drone racing, although in Taiwan it is not yet universal ,But there are also a lot of amateur players in China, and these lovers gather together to hold the Taiwan’s first FPV drone racing contest.

Competition System

Since it is the first FPV drone racing in China ,so many rules and the system is still in groping, but generally it’s referred to other countries FPV competition regulations. The Competition adopting Circuit, a total of three times bypass, four participants ,they must bypass two main green bars obstacles, and pass through the four limit high arches,if does not get through arch,it will be required to fly again.And then elect the champion through semi and final champion.


The reason why FPVs don’t take off together is to avoid mid-air collision, the second aspect is to avoid radio frequency interference, as some times the FPVs do not response(like just lie on the ground,can’t move), and also remote control device around the site will interfere , for example, frequency interference from remote control cars, remote control vessels.

The game take place at an altitude of about 150M, Mucha – Taiwan Hang environmental restoration Crawford Park, the venue is quite open for the FPV racers to fly with few limit.

Unique gameplay

Before playing FPV, first you need to know that FPV drone players crontrol the FPVs by a first-person perspective of the Monitor (or glasses), instead of looking at the body to control it. Why play like this? It’s because the body of PFV is quite flexible, when carrying around a cone or turning flight, it is difficult to distinguish the state of the fuselage and flight attitude, and therefore it must be a first-person perspective to control the body.


Such feeling is somewhat similar to play first-person perspective flying games, therefore, FPV players in the game are all looking at the screen , a group of people take with a chair each one, and with a display screen set on the grass, the players will watch the screen to concentrate on operating the remote control, it is probably a major feature of the FPV game.

FPV kit


Currently FPV players mostly used their own DIY FPVs, in order to fly stable, fast and flexible, specific accessories include: FPV drones, remote control, Monitor, or glasses, FPV battery ,etc. But the cost is not as much high as imagine, single frame need about five thousand, and the cost of remote control and Monitor Level depends, about 20,000 you can play the game,but it’s not enough for these DIY Makers , camping chairs, sunshade ,and the like are also needed.

Notes of aircraft battery check

The problem of go aboard with batteries

1. How many batteries can bring with?

Combined with China’s major airlines airport security requirements:

If battery energy is less than 100wh , you can carry two or more batteries without reporting; when 100wh <energy <160wh , you can take only two batteries, and need to delare to the airlines when check-in at the counter , to obtain a license voucher .

If Energy surpass 160wh ,you can’t take it to aircraft; such as: DJI S1000 + which using gens ace & tattu battery , even with the smallest adaptable capacity , 10000mAh battery ,it’s energy is 222wh, far higher than the upper limit of 160wh , can not take it to aircraft. So we recommend it’s better to mail to the destination at least five days in advance .


Please also notice:

The Lithium battery are using metal active material, high temperature spontaneous combustion or a short circuit spontaneous combustion and other accidents may occur during the flight. Therefore, lithium batteries must let go of power befor boarding. And make sure the battery was insulated in advance , Seal the battery positive and negative interface with an insulating rubber.

Remote control can not be checked, what to do?

When checking , the security staff pointed out aircraft remote control contains a lithium battery thus can not be checked, there are two ways:

1>Remove the battery out of the remote control;

2>Please call the big boss who is in charge of the checkpoint, try and explain that the battery of the remote control is a built-in battery and can not be removed,and you can ask him to carry out safety checks to the remote control.

How to count the excess baggage charges?

When the baggage weight exceeds the shipping weight stipulated by the airline (China flights, free shipping weight 20kg per person), you need to pay excess baggage charges.

Excess baggage fee calculation formula:

Excess baggage charge = [total shipping weight (kg) – the number of trips * 20 (kg)] *Adult full price ticket * 1.5%

How to solve the problem that batteries and other equipment can not travel with the team ?

1.Delivery in advance

If the battery energy surpass the transportation standard of the airlines, you can express to the destination in advance.

Be noticed that land transportation for UAV battery is slow(such as Beijing to Dali ,Yunnan the transportation time takes about 5 days), please send in advance and you’d better select a large and reliable courier company.

2.Courier company refuse to accept the battery.

After return from aerial location, it’s better to leave half a day to deal with the battery mail issue.

For small cities, Courier company companies may not do the battery business. In this case, you can try to complaints about the courier companies (note: Complaint to the head office, rather than the local branch), try to tell the staff there that the battery was mailed in accordance with the policy of courier company, Let they mail back the battery in accordance with company policy.

When the complaint reached the local branch from the head office,they will pay more attention to this issue. Even if the express outlets can not receive the battery, the customer service staff will recommend you go to a local heavy goods warehouse to mail battery.

3. The Sender’s information is very important

Before mailing, make sure the sender’s address and contact telephone number are correct ,because once there’s problem occur during transportating,and can not pass through security, the battery will be returned to sender.

Mail back the battery from the aerial location is in the same situation. You need to find a local person to act as a Sender , once there’s problem occurs,the battery will return to the sender, no one will lost their 7.4v lipo battery.


4.Borrow or rent battery

You can also contact your local aerial shooting team, if they happen to have the same type aircraft battery, you can borrow or rent from them.

When travel with UAVs , we should have a sense of security , start from details, abide by relevant regulations of the local airport and airlines consciously .

What’s the difference between NI-MH batteries and lipo batteries

Ni-mh batteries A nickel–metal hydride battery, abbreviated NiMH or Ni–MH, is a type of rechargeable battery. The chemical reaction at the positive electrode is similar to that of the nickel–cadmium cell (NiCd), with both using nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH). However, the negative electrodes use a hydrogen-absorbing alloy instead of cadmium. A NiMH battery can have two to three times the capacity of an equivalent size NiCd, and its energy density can approach that of a lithium-ion battery.

5000mah lipo 2s Lipo batteries A lithium polymer battery, or more correctly lithium-ion polymer battery (abbreviated variously as LiPo, LIP, Li-poly and others), is a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology in a pouch format. Unlike cylindrical and prismatic cells, LiPos come in a soft package or pouch, which makes them lighter but also less rigid.

The designation “lithium polymer” has caused confusion among battery users because it can be interpreted in two ways. Originally, “lithium polymer” represented a developing technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of the more common liquid electrolyte. The result is a “plastic” cell, which theoretically could be thin, flexible, and manufactured in different shapes, without risk of electrolyte leakage. The technology has not been fully developed and commercialized and research is ongoing.

The second meaning appeared after some manufacturers applied the “polymer” designation to lithium-ion cells contained in a non-rigid pouch format. This is currently the most popular use, in which “polymer” refers more to a “polymer casing” (that is, the soft, external container) rather than a “polymer electrolyte”. While the design is usually flat, and lightweight, it is not truly a polymer cell, since the electrolyte is still in liquid form, although it may be “plasticized” or “gelled” through a polymer additive.These cells are sometimes designated as “LiPo”; however, from a technological point of view, they are the same as the ones marketed simply as “Li-ion”, since the underlying?electrochemistry is the same.

(1) Weight

In each cell of the gens ace 3s lipo battery voltage , the NiMH is 1.2V, while the lithium battery 3.6V, lithium battery voltage is its 3 -fold. The same type of lithium battery weighs lighter than the nickel-metal hydride batteries . We can see that each different weight battery itself , but because of 3.6V lithium battery high voltage, when the output voltage of the same so that a single battery pack can reduce the number of third leaving after forming the battery weight and volume reduction .

(2)Memory effect

NiMH batteries have memory effect . Therefore, regular discharge management is also required. This periodic discharge management belongs to the fuzzy state to be treated , even some without the right knowledge discharge ( or a few times each discharge after discharge are due to different companies vary ) this cumbersome discharge management when using NiMH batteries can not be avoided . Relative lithium batteries because no memory effect, in a very convenient and simple to use . It is completely without regard to how much residual voltage , direct can be charged , the charging time can be reduced naturally .

(3)Self-discharge rate

NiMH batteries from 25 to 35% (January) , lithium batteries from 2 to 5% (May). Thereby obtained , the rate of self-discharge NiMH batteries much higher than lithium .


Nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries can not overcharge resistance . Therefore, the nickel-metal hydride battery constant current charging PICKCUT control mode at the highest charging voltage , charging stops continue as the best way of charging . The lithium battery using constant current, constant voltage charging mode is best.


NiMH batteries : consumer electronic products, remote control toys , hybrid vehicles , renewable energy systems ; Lithium Battery: cell phones, laptops, power tools, electric vehicles, backup power lights , small household appliances.