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The powerful performance of the sand making machine

Sand making machine is now irreplaceable in the field of crushing and shaping of machine-made sand. Compared with the same kind of sand making equipment, the sand making machine not only has high sand production efficiency, but also the grain type is very good. The standard of the finished sand is fully met the standard of the national advanced sand aggregate material, and it has become a new generation of sand made in the sand and stone industry.

With the development of sand making machine, the wider application field is not only limited to the traditional sand making field, but also can be used in all kinds of crushing and shaping operations in various fields such as ore, cement, metallurgy, slag, refractory, building, stone and so on. It is especially suitable for high hardness, hard and abrasion resistant materials which can not be dealt with.

In the crushing and reshaping field, the sand making machine “dominates” the strong performance of the machine. What are its specific features? Let’s get to know it together.

1, high production efficiency of sand making: deep cavity type rotor and impeller design reduce the resistance of material through, improve the material passing and crushing ratio, using “stone stone”, “stone hit iron” two kinds of broken mode, more crushing capacity, with the effect of plastic.

2, the wide range of application: not only can carry on the basic sand making operation, but also can break the hard and hard material that the ordinary crusher is difficult to break, because of the counter strike breaking and the cone breaking.

3, to realize the great idea of “one machine and multiple materials”: sand machine set “material blow material”, “material blow iron” two kinds of crushing methods in one, high efficiency and high output, can also achieve a variety of material to meet the various production requirements.

4, hydraulic automatic lifting device, reduce labor intensity, replace the rotor and its accessories easily and conveniently, improve the efficiency of use.

5, the environmental protection is very strong: in the whole breakage, the material is broken to each other, not directly contact with the metal element, but the impact and friction with the material lining layer, reduce the angle pollution and prolong the wear time of the machine. In addition, the vortex flow inside the whirling chamber eliminates the dust pollution. The whole process is very environmentally friendly.

To win the market by relying on the excellent sand production equipment

The product quality is the essential key to win the market, which has become the backbone that supporting one whole enterprise, and also is the only thing that can help one company to survive from the fiercer market competition in the modern society. The wide application of sand making equipment can help one company to win the market, but only the good quality can determine the fate of it.

Nearly all of the enterprises have realized the importance of improving the quality of our own products with the daily rapid development of our national economy and science at this right minute, that is to say, quality is the life of one company. Only the quality can improve the image of our products and our company brand, so there is only thing that we can do if we want to realize our own vale for the future development of sandstone production equipment, that is to produce the excellent and significant products to win the compliment of customers at last.

There will be no the development space of one company without the quality being the cornerstone while there is no market occupying. To pay much more attention to the quality only can help our own company to catch up with the era, which also can help you achieve something that you have been looking forward to, and certainly can help you stand on the top of the same mountain.

Composite granite sand making machine

Such granite crusher used in various ores, cement, refractories, bauxite, carborundum, glass raw materials particularly hard granite sand making machine high, medium and fine crushing areas especially hard materials. It is generally used in the mechanism building sand making machine, stone and various metallurgical slag crushing, compared with other types of crushers yield high efficiency. Compound crusher (composite broken) crushing ratio greater degree, the maximum reduction ratio can reach the particle size can be adjusted, from plate hammer, liner wear impact; no screen bar set, crushing high moisture content, clay content large material clogging; adopt a flexible adjustment mechanism, not broken into the matter can be automatically discharged, will not cause damage to the equipment; bearing horizontal layout, long life, high temperature materials can be broken (such as cement cooked composite granite crusher;
Such granite crusher used in various ores, cement, refractories, bauxite, carborundum, glass raw materials particularly hard granite sand making machine high, medium and fine crushing areas especially hard materials. It is generally used in the mechanism building sand making machine, stone and various metallurgical slag crushing, compared with other types of crushers yield high efficiency. Compound crusher (composite broken) crushing ratio greater degree, the maximum reduction ratio can reach the particle size can be adjusted, from plate hammer, liner wear impact; no screen bar set, crushing high moisture content, clay content large material clogging; adopt a flexible adjustment mechanism, not broken into the matter can be automatically discharged, will not cause damage to the equipment; bearing horizontal layout, long life, high temperature materials can be broken (such as cement clinker); this machine rotor body unique structure, when the broken material, the rotor body hardly wear; after the chamber is provided with a screw or hydraulic opening mechanism, not from the main device, you can easily replace wearing parts.
sand making machine has a composite granite sand making machine than the big, wide sand making machine moisture content, moisture content of the material for processing is ideal, the particle size can be adjusted, non-screen bar set, containing a large amount of sediment material not clog, not broken material into the body can be automatically discharged, will not cause damage to the equipment. The composite crusher high production efficiency, unique structure, smooth operation, low noise, maintenance side cases, open the doors of work to replace the damaged pieces can be easily.

Common device revolving bare fill procedure period

Common device revolving bare fill procedure period had been four several hours, fill check encounter the actual feed dimension purely based on numerous versions, specs, purely higher than a specific supplies in to; giving is actually standard as well as constant, the actual dampness content material associated with no less than 10 — 15% (according in order to various materials), giving arrived at PCL directly via effect sand making machine complete fill to date; force test operating period 8 in order to twenty four hours
sand making machine examine vortex hole declaration doorway is actually shut, to avoid the actual materials in the vortex hole declaration doorway away, threat. Examine the actual impeller as well as offerring gear trunk upward series:
strip materials, sand making machine, give food to
two, sand making machine begin to fill, in order to sand making machine regular procedure prior to giving.
the actual shutdown series as well as trunk on the other hand.
sand making machine giving dimension purely based on the needs, purely higher than a specific materials to the sand making machine, or else, may cause a good discrepancy as well as impeller sand making machine impeller extreme put on, actually trigger jellies impeller passing and also the middle in to give food to pipe, so the sand making machine cannot function usually, discovered the truly amazing materials ought to be omitted.
sand making machine web host go wrong prior to, ought to very first cease giving, or else it’ll trigger squished impeller, burn up the actual engine. Giving ought to be standard. sand making machine along the way associated with procedure, presently there will be absolutely no chaotic vibration as well as irregular sound, or else, ought to be right down to examine. Lubrication is really a dried out essential oil lubrication, utilizing Mobil automobile oil or even 3# oil. sand making machine each and every 100 operating several hours include quantity of oil.
Below regular conditions, using sand making machine observe these types of factors could be produced in the utilization, just adhere to the guidelines associated with sand making machine below the health of the actual procedure, to be able to make sure that the actual support existence from the sand making machine, as well as the caliber of items, as well as individual security financial reduction.

Sand washing in sand making production line can not be neglected

In the sand production line who neglected to wash sand this link who will be eliminated by the market. In my company sand production line flow chart, you can see in the sand washing this link on the optional two words, this is the other sand enterprise production line flow chart.

But with the development of science and technology, the market of sand making machine is becoming fiercer, at present, most industries use the quality of artificial sand has a higher demand, especially traffic, building sand, the quality of gravel requirements higher, which means that the sand washing machine in the production line of the role will have an optional status gradually rise to an indispensable height, In the future process of sand production line who ignores the sand washing this link, who will be behind the others step, and may be eliminated by the market.

Finally, small series warm reminder, in the face of sand-washing optional problem, must be combined with sand industry and related sand standards carefully considered, should not save money, in need of washing sand this step when it is omitted shoddy, that will only accelerate the pace of enterprise bankruptcy

Analysis of status quo of the development of sand industry

A huge market space, relatively easy to access in the industry, why did not arouse many giants interest?
Our industry, is the most dangerous places, from which crawled out of the enterprise, is not easy. Zhengzhou Yifan machinery executive general manager Zhang Zhiye helpless when it comes to.
Now, in the sand making machine business, above scale enterprises in the less there are thousands of small workshops, wild ways, what is beyond count. Not that far away, in Zhengzhou, the boundary of sand making machine, do the number. A new order, do not know how many pairs of eyes staring.
Zhang Zhiye’s description is very reminiscent of the competition equally tragic wire and cable industries, as thousands of enterprises is also a frequent melee, small workshops, the same product quality uneven, some good and some bad. Everything seems to be a replica of the wire and cable industry, however, and the wire and cable industry different is, in the sand making machine business, was not a big business. According to Zhang Zhiye introduction, sand making machine, the overall size of the market is very large, but did not do a particularly large enterprises, Yifan machinery has been regarded as the industry is outstanding, only a few million dollars.
As a 2000 after officially landed Chinese products, sand making machine should be regarded as a new industry. However, in such a new industry, thousands of enterprises is in melee, but few big companies force, what is the reason?
Start from the beginning.
Sand making machine is popular in China mainly from China ban digging sand at the start of the. In 2005, the state issued a series of regulations, banned on the river sand mining behavior scale, for a time, causing the sand source of tension, many businesses to sell the sand. However, as long as the building will be used for several consecutive years of sand, sand prices doubled up, make life difficult for some construction enterprises.
Not only that, by the state policy of expanding domestic demand driven, over the road, railway and other infrastructure investment is increasing, large projects have launched, in urgent need of a large number of high-quality aggregate supply. But in order to protect the ecological environment, the State prohibits unauthorized excavation of natural sand can not let go, are all facing the aggregate supply can not keep up with demand for the distress situation, mechanism of sand into the line of sight of people.

How to reduce the cost and improve the benefit of the sand making machine

How can make the sand making machine in the case of reducing costs to maximize the profitability of the equipment, with the development of modern industrial technology, the new and old to speed up. Sand making equipment is no exception, so each wave pushing at the one ahead of Yangtze River. The old mechanical equipment is bound to be replaced by the new equipment, the new energy-saving and environmental protection in the national energy conservation and environmental protection of new industrial machinery will be prosperous, the following vibration mechanical network to reduce the cost of reducing the cost of the machine to improve the efficiency of several major elements:
The first is in the process design, the major areas of industrial and mining conditions are different, so the material is not quite the same. The production process of the mechanism of sand making machine equipment, and the design scheme of the most suitable for the local environment should be chosen to carry on the reasonable arrangement. There are many factors that affect the size of the feed, the hardness of raw materials, product specifications and the size of grain size is the main reason for several reasons, so in the placement of sand machine equipment must be carefully considered to design the production line process plan. Different technological processes are different, and the level can be divided into two sections: one closed circuit production process and the three section of a closed circuit crushing production process. The two section of a closed circuit sand production process is the second part of the sand making machine and inspection equipment into the closed circuit, the process of crushing ratio in general in 25 to 15, the total crushing ratio is not big, this process is suitable for the daily production line of less than 1000 tons.
Next is in the choice of the main engine, the first to the right to the area of the sand machine equipment and the impact of the basic properties of the sand and its application. Impact type system sand machine is a typical laminated sand making machine, and the cost of purchase a portion of the cost savings compared to other impact type system sand confidential and wear resistance and other components in impact of strong, the latter part of the maintenance is also more convenient.
The design of sand making machine is designed according to the professional engineer to carry out field survey. According to the specific site size and terrain characteristics, the most suitable construction sand machine is designed, which can effectively reduce the cost of land, internal transportation and infrastructure. Reasonable selection of terrain is also particularly important. These problems should be reasonable processing, not only can reduce the investment cost, but also can improve the production efficiency, hope that the majority of sand production line users in the selection of sand making machine equipment can be correct, adjust measures to local conditions.
System sand machine is suitable for crushing of soft or hard and super hard materials, sand making machine is widely used in many departments of large, metallurgy, building, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and so on.

the overall development of large high sand making machine

2013 is the Ma’anshan city project speed years, 16 journalists from the municipal office was informed that, this year, the city will be 360 projects, 31 work, 9 activities as the key projects throughout the year, focus of the work, the focus of activities. It is understood, the 360 key projects, public facilities projects base 62, a total investment of 58433000000 yuan, the year plans to invest 18685000000 yuan, this is bound to promote the comprehensive development of Ma’anshan sand making machine.

The construction of infrastructure projects in Ma’anshan city needs a lot of aggregate sand and gravel, and sand and gravel from the two aspects of the quality of production, natural sand has been difficult to meet the demand of the city construction.The emergence of Ma’anshan large play sand machine with high efficiency and energy saving, solves the problem of lack of natural sand building material supply problems and require increasingly stringent quality problems, but also can provide good shape, reasonable distribution, basic without soil and powdery stone Mo artificial sand. In the field of engineering, it is also the ideal production equipment, the mechanism of sand cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate. Due to the low wear characteristic of the sand making machine is excellent, the device has high abrasion and disintegration of production by two times.

In addition, because of the product zero pollution, high sand making function very well adapted to the glass quartz sand and other high purity material production, it can meet any production requirements 10-500 t/h range. Compared with the Ma’anshan sand making equipment manufacturers, sand making machine with the same type of other traditional equipment, has the following advantages: high yield, good quality, reliable operation, small size and homogeneous products, compared to the same period other similar equipment production is increased by 60% ~ 100%, than other similar equipment electricity saving up to 20% ~ 40%; metal consumption far lower than other devices of the same type. Artificial sand production line with high sand making machine mainly is a special equipment for sand and stone for a production building.

The production line of high efficiency and energy saving, has been gradually replaced other sand making equipment become main machine. The production of artificial sand is more suitable to construction requirement, more can improve the construction production, is the key construction project of the city of choice. The whole Ma’anshan mechanism of sand production line to start the order: row material, crushing machine, feed crushing machine start to load, the crusher is feeding normal operation before the shutdown sequence and the boot sequence in reverse.

High Quality Sand Making Machine Performance

This high quality sand making machine is a combination of domestic production of sand in the actual situation, the development  leading the level of efficient gravel equipment. Sand making machine is widely used in crushing and crushing of various kinds of hard and brittle materials such as rocks, abrasives, refractories, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate and so on. It is especially suitable for building sand and road sand.

Sand making machine is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials, widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism to build stone gold slag, especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, the sand high hard, hard and corrosion-resistant materials than other types of crusher yield higher efficiencies.

Sand Making Machine Performance Characteristics
Less wear and durability
In the production process of sand making machine, can form a protective stone bottom, material by mutual impact crushing, not in direct contact with the metal components, but with material lining layer of impact, friction and grinding, reduce the abrasion of the equipment and parts.

Energy saving and low production cost
Sand making machine according to the nature of crushing material or crushing requirements of different principle on material, and small sand stone crushing after processing equipment can again become sand qualified, can directly do the use of raw materials, no other equipment for two processing work, for customers to save the production cost of investment.

Unique technology, excellent components
Sand making machine adopts abrasion hammer high manganese steel material, the impact resistance and toughness are very high, in addition, the frame is used in welding process is high, firm and stable, large amplitude vibration phenomenon does not appear to work, excellence, advanced equipment parts.

Good seal, no pollution production
The sealing element of the sand making machine not only adopts the water sealing component, the structure design is reasonable and compact, but also reduces the clearance between the components to prevent the dust from entering. At the same time, the material inside the vortex chamber of the machine is used to avoid the pollution of the dust, so as to minimize the environmental pollution.

Adding fly ash concrete, third sulphur dioxide, Magnesium Oxide and potassium, sodium content is high may affect the stability of concrete. Three: three sulfur sulfur sand making machine are mainly concentrated in fly ash particle surface. Adding fly ash concrete, third sulphur trioxide can quickly precipitates, and participate in the volcano ash reaction for the formation of hydrated calcium aluminate sulfate. The latter on the setting time of concrete, have a certain impact strength development and stability. The correlation coefficient within the part strength contribution try powder processing coal ash within three sulfur trioxide content and fly ash in the mortar strength of fly ash, a positive contribution of each instar and three sulfur content related, namely the three sulfur content higher, fly ash on concrete strength contribution is greater, but the correlation with the curing period weakened, high sulfur oxide content of three, three sulfur hydrated calcium aluminate sulfate fly ash concrete produce more production line in fly ash.It is the hydration products containing a lot of water of crystallization, thus forming the expanding role in the hardened paste. Our research results show that the expansion of hardened cement paste increased with the increase of amount of gypsum and improve.

Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of the concrete content of fly ash, national standards generally limit of three sulphur trioxide. Three sulphur trioxide content in China’s low calcium fly ash is low. Magnesium oxide magnesium oxide in the fly ash: can exist in two forms: vitreous and periclase crystals. With magnesium oxide exists periclase form, the hydration speed is very slow. When the structure of hardened cement paste has been basically stable, and periclase continue hydration expansion can damage the concrete structure of hardened body. Therefore, to limit of magnesium oxide in some countries fly ash standard. Because magnesium oxide is mainly concentrated in the glass bead, periclase is always significantly lower than the total amount of magnesium oxide by chemical analysis of the. Foreign data analysis of the content of magnesium oxide and periclase content of a large number of fly ash, the contrast analysis of visible, periclase is generally lower than the total amount of magnesium oxide. The decreased amplitude of fluctuating, but mean value estimation, periclase magnesia low amount of about 2%. In the fly ash standard in some countries to oxidation, magnesium total control, some take the autoclave expansion value control.