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Long-anticipated Chambers of Xeric Raids have full launched in game. Thrilled and excited? Raids promise to be one of the greatest challenges in Old School RS ( RuneScape gold ). What should you do to access to the Chambers of Xeric Raids? Here we will give you the comprehensive guide.


Individual score & team score decide your points togetherYour performance in battle will earn you points towards your end rewards with both individual score & team score mattering. Every combatant must pull their weight for the greater good. Beware though, deaths will deduct from your individual score, so exercise caution in the Chambers.Multiple skills are required to survive from the battleIt’s definitely a fierce battle and multiple skills are required at your disposal.


These skills including mixing potions, gathering food as well as others. Meanwhile, you’ll need to fully utilize the Chambers environments to survive.Actually, you’d better stock enough cheap OSRS gold for sale enrich your supplies and equipments. You’ll need more than fighting talent to best the labyrinth though, with skill challenges, chances to restore your supplies, and even some devilish crabs to deal with.The Raids Items will be tradeable between team matesDon’t worry if you’re the novice chef of your friends, as you can rely on them for food.


The raids items will be tradeable between team mates. So make sure you and your allies make use of everything available to you. Or you can buy osrs dragon claws, twisted bow and other items from RSGOLDFAST too.In fact, to promote teamwork & helping others out, providing supplies for use in combat will actually earn you points towards rewards at the end of the dungeon.Each boss will drop a unique tomeActually, there’ll be a chance for those lore fiends among you to learn where such abominations came from. Each boss will drop a unique tome, explaining their origins & motives.


Additionally, to learn more about the tragic story of Xeric & the history of Kourend, you may now visit the historical archives, via Arceuus Library OSRS Raids, the Chambers of Xeric, now are available in the game. Muster your courage and take on the greatest challenge in Old School! Since many people will rush for the content, time to buy cheap rs 2007 gold to go ahead! RSgoldFast provides 6% off code „NEAR6“ & 9% off code „NEAR9“ for you to earn victory in the battle!