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are quality speed controllers and designed for simple installation and easy setup. These ESCs have proven to offer excellent performance in Multi-rotor applications. If you are starting out in Multi-rotors and need an easy-to-install solution that is tested and proven to work with Multi-rotor craft then these speed controllers have you covered. The ZTW Spider 12A OPTO ESC features a very smooth yet linear throttle response, without sacrificing a rapid, crisp, response to any throttle input. Super fast Refresh Rate up to 600Hz make these a very smooth controller.



  • Extremely low internal resistance
  • Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
  • Safety thermal over-load protection
  • Auto throttle shut down in signal loss situations
  • Supports high RPM motors
  • Power arming protection
  • Use new generation of the MOSFETs


  • Direct connection to motor or bullet connectors
  • Battery connector


This 12A ESC has bare leads only.


ZTW Gecko 150A ESC OPTO High

This ZTW Gecko series ESC is a high-quality, efficient brushless electronic speed control. It can operate without the need for a separate receiver battery to power your servos and receivers saving you hobbywing esc weight and simplifying your electronic connections (but a separate BEC is required, see below). The Gecko series includes an aluminum heat sink body which is lightweight and helps dissipate heat more efficiently. If you are looking for a top of the line, full-featured ESC at a competitive price, the ZTW Gecko is the logical choice.


  • Data logging system such as temperature, voltage, current, and RPM
  • Advanced Governor Mode and soft start
  • Power arm protection, over-heat protection, low-voltage protection and lost-signal protection
  • Secondary sub-menu setting by the LCD program card or your PC
  • Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
  • Support for most motors, including high RPM motors
  • Programmable motor timing
  • Utilizes new smaller MOSFET technology to minimize weight
  • Aluminum finned heat sink
  • Programmable throttle input range
  • Anti-spark circuitry (on HV OPTO models only)
  • ESC firmware and program settings can be updated via PC connection (USB adapter sold separately)


  • ZTW Gecko 150A ESC OPTO
  • Pre-installed EC5 Connector (power connector) and 5.5mm bullet (motor connector) for your convenience
  • Instruction Manual


  • ZTW 10A BEC/UBEC -


  • ZTW LCD Programming Card