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Evaluation upon Software associated with situation associated with Raymond Generator within rough whiting natural powder digesting

Based on the various calcium supplement carbonate manufacturing techniques could be split in to calcium supplement carbonate, calcium supplement carbonate, gentle calcium supplement carbonate, colloidal calcium supplement carbonate as well as calcium supplement carbonate deposits.
Large calcium supplement carbonate rough whiting, consists of high-quality calcite because uncooked materials to make a whitened natural powder, it’s the primary element of CaCO3, insoluble within drinking water as well as alcoholic beverages raymond mill, along with higher whiteness, wholesomeness, colour gentle as well as chemical substance balance along with other features, may be the business most abundant in from the inorganic for filler injections.
Gentle calcium supplement carbonate within limestone because recycleables, primarily utilized in rubberized, plastic material, document as well as fresh paint, printer ink along with other sectors like a for filler injections, as well as may be used with regard to natural powder, toothpaste, makeup, every day chemical substance items, may also be used within natural functionality, metallurgy, cup as well as asbestos manufacturing.
Within the fresh paint software: TSP is actually fairly secure as well as dried out concealing energy isn’t higher. Not really just like Qinggai whiteness, but additionally inexpensive. The actual gentle make use of in the event that utilized thoughtlessly, simple to trigger severe following thickening, probably the most severe may be the layer. The actual percentage associated with essential oil assimilation associated with calcium supplement, alkaline is actually fairly higher. The actual percentage associated with calcium supplement carbonate dried out concealing energy is a lot greater, the actual percentage associated with calcium supplement is actually whitened.
Through Raymond generator as well as ruthless roller generator may be used for that category procedure for calcium supplement carbonate with regard to:
1. two hundred works: may be used with regard to a number of give food to ingredient calcium supplement content material had been a lot more than fifty five. 6 with no dangerous elements.
two. two hundred and fifty nylon uppers in order to three hundred nylon uppers, utilized like a materials manufacturing plant, rubberized manufacturing plant, fresh paint manufacturing plant, water-resistant materials manufacturing plant uncooked materials as well as outside walls fresh paint. Whiteness over eighty-five levels.
3. 350 nylon uppers in order to four hundred nylon uppers can be used within the production associated with gusset dish, drinking water pipelines, chemical substance. Whiteness over 93 levels.
four. four hundred nylon uppers in order to six hundred nylon uppers: may be used within toothpaste, cleaning soap. Whiteness over 94 levels.
5. eight hundred: utilized in rubberized, plastic material, cable television, PVC whiteness over 94 levels.
6. 1250: PVC, PE, fresh paint, fresh paint items, document layer, document area layer, the actual whitened level within a lot more than ninety five levels. The actual higher wholesomeness, higher whiteness, non-toxic, odorless, high-quality, reduced solidity as well as reduced.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of raymond mill

Conical grinding machine is composed of Shanghai Jianye heavy machinery limited company absorbing foreign advanced technology, independently developed high grinding machine is applicable to coarse powder production equipment in the field. Conical grinding machine is our new type mill, a microcosm of the our company continuously innovation. The conical mill is a mill relatively tall, tapered shape, material from the top to bottom out, grinding, also at the upper end of the transmission system.
Compared with the traditional raymond mill has the following advantages:
1 capacity is large, the energy consumption is low. Take the JYM5055 cone mill and YGM4528 mill minimum pressure to compare (Raymond machine series of relatively large), in 100 to coarse powder processing at the same time, the yield of JYM5055 can reach 20-30 tons per hour, and the power of motor is 110KW, and the YGM4528 high pressure mill, production can not be more than 15 tons in 132kw, the main power. As a comparison, we know that the conical grinding machine is coarse grinding, professional production of high, low energy consumption.
2 the service life is long, tapered roller mill can be used for 1 to 2 years, the wear is very small, the main and the grinding roller of skin, and the slow speed. Raymond mill grinding roller and is relatively small, relatively fast speed cone mill, the wear rate is high.
3 conical milling machine feeding mouth slightly larger, more material can be. JYM8085 cone ball mill feeding is less than 50mm, and Raymond mill must be less than 35mm.
4 Cone Mill of slag, pyrite and difficult to grind material pre grinding, effect than using high pressure mill ideal.
The conical mill many advantages, but is always in the field of coarse powder. No powder selecting system of conical milling machine, so much for the production of coarse powder, powder processing more than 150 objective will be difficult. Only the weaknesses of conical milling machine has become a coarse powder expert. The conical mill although only the production of coarse powder, but in some areas the optimization process is very large, especially in the slag grinding processing, pyrite, desulphurization and other environmental protection and waste lime powder can play a huge role. Conical grinding machine is an efficient coarse powder mill after the total environmental protection.

Raymond mill features and structure

1. The high frequency ore screen adopts the advanced design principle, which is a vibrating screen with new structure.

2. Vibrating exciter does high frequency vibration and can screen static by driving sifter through transmission mechanism. Raymond mill is designed to work in resonance state, and the whole equipment has damping support, which makes the ground bear no dynamic load, and the screen machine needs no fundation. The high frequency ore screen can be directly installed on the smooth ground or common platform with steel structure.
3. The vibrating frequency of sifter is 50Hz, and the amplitude is 0-2mm, and the vibrating intensity is about 8 to 10 times of gravity acceleration, about 2-3 times of general moto-vibro screen. The sifter is with high screening efficiency, big operational capacity, so it’s especially suitable for the screening of fine powder materials.
4. The sifter is made of three different flexible screens. The compound net is working net, which do screening by directly touching with materials; and the bottom is backing screen, which is used for separating stress and transferring vibration.
5. The installation angle of screening machine is easy to adjust, and the installation angle usually is 23-27 degrees. We can adjust the leaning angle of screener on the basis of parlicle size of minerals. When the inclination is close to 55 degrees, the size can get to 300 mesh, and the screening efficiency can be up to 75 percent.
6. The vibrating parameter of screening machine is controlled by computer and can be adjusted independently.

Three Important Application Areas of Raymond mill

Limestone is the main raw material of manufacturing cement, lime production, and calcium carbide, also it is an important building materials, meanwhile, the high-quality limestone after ultrafine grinding is widely used in paper, rubber, paint, coatings, pharmaceuticals and other product’s manufacturing.

Some companies have launched the new Raymond mill, it is designed and developed according to the Chinese limestone characteristics and working conditions, adopting the unique rotor structure and wear-resistant materials technology and casting production technology, it has improved the equipment performance and crushing effect and has been applied to the ultra-crushing operations of limestone. According to the market research, the most extensive applications of the limestone sand making machine on the market is the following three industrial areas.

First, it is used to the crushing and sand making of the limestone and river sand in aerated concrete block field. The stone particle size of the Raymond mill produced is uniform, it fully comply with the requirements of the mortar stone quality, and the powder quantity is high, which can increase the performance of the aerated concrete blocks in the production process. It not only can have a good influence on the limestone crushing, but also can greatly reduce the mill energy consumption and save production costs.

Second, it is widely used in the field of limestone crushing cogeneration (limestone production line). Limestone sand making machine, depending on the stable crushing effect, big production and affordable characteristics, has become the popular limestone crushing and sand making equipment among the concrete mixing plants, and sand making factories. And the limestone sand making an enclosed design, effectively reduce the noise and dust pollution, in line with today’s national industrial development of energy saving green development road.

The processing of cement clinker still needs the support of Raymond Mill

It is understood that, last year, the national cement clinker production reached 12.8 tons. Among them, the kiln cement clinker output of 9.6 tons of cement clinker. In the process of cement production, most of the raw materials to be broken, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal etc.. Limestone is cement production, the largest amount of raw materials, mining of large size, high hardness, so crushed limestone in cement plant material crushing occupies important position. Reasonable selection of the crushing process of crushing equipment and grinding equipment is very important. Before the material enters the grinding equipment, as may be the bulk materials broken to small, uniform particle size, in order to reduce the load of the grinding equipment, and improve the yield of Fen machine. Material crushing, it can reduce the process of particles with different size segregation phenomenon in transportation and storage, of uniform composition of raw materials, ingredients to improve the accuracy.
The processing of cement clinker still needs the support of Raymond Mill.
In the process of cement production, material grinding power consumption accounts for about 70% of the comprehensive energy consumption, directly affect the manufacturing cost of cement. In an increasingly tense energy, prices continued to rise in the circumstances, actively adopt new technology and new process, improve the yield of grinding system, reduce the unit power consumption is to reduce production cost and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises is the most effective way. How to actively adopt new technology, new technology, new materials, greatly improving the grinding efficiency and decreasing the electric energy consumption cost, is placed in front of the cement engineering and technical personnel of an urgent task. Feeding size is an important parameter Raymond mill grinding efficiency. Especially for cement grinding process, because the grinding material physicochemical properties and microhardness different, easy to wear index deviation on the raw material composition of the material. So we must take reasonable means, the implementation of pre grinding material pretreatment, narrowed into grinding size more crushing and less grinding, Raymond mill storehouse broken all or part of the move to complete, can greatly improve existing grinding system output, reducing power consumption of grinding.
With the development of science and technology, industrial slag cement demand is increasing, the milling machine manufacturers according to the present situation, development of various milling machines are used to cement pregrinding processing to high yield and high production effect. Shanghai Ding Bo has a milling machine for many years production and sales history of manufacturers, first proposed by vertical milling machine, vertical mill) alternative high stable Raymond mill used in cement pregrinding, effectively improve the 40% – 60% of the output of cement grinding and process design reached world leading level, by users praise.
The processing of cement clinker using vertical milling machine is no longer but from the aspects of environmental protection and emission reduction considering, we r & D and production of large-scale environmental protection cement clinker grinding machine – vertical milling machine energy saving and environmental protection, convenient operation, more stable performance, higher capacity, vertical milling machine to bring the cement industry is tangible benefits to promote.

The whole structure of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill play structure consists of a host machine, analysis (separator), plumbing, air blower, finished cyclone, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, The electric motor etc .. h te consists of a machine frame, Raymond entrance of the factory volute, blade, of a grinding roller, grinding ring, hull and engine
work processes together Raymond Mill (grinding equipment process.): bulk materials by the crusher to the desired size, the lift will be sent to the material storage hopper, then through the vibrating feeder evenly and quantitatively and continuously in the h te inside grinding grinding, milling the powder by the air flow of the fan on. Thanks to the analysis of the grading machine, the fineness of the powder will meet with the air flow through the pipeline in the large cyclone collector, were isolated and collected, and then the powder tube is finished powder. Air the largest high efficiency cyclone collector with suction blower air duct. The air flow of the entire system is a closed loop, and the flow in the flow of positive and negative pressure condition.

Raymond mill focus on the use of two times of resources

Treatment of fly ash recycling method is mainly by the mechanical grinding. After some fine processing of fly ash, fly ash waste has become a commonly used material industry. Fly ash waste is widely used in the chemical industry, smelting industry, the construction industry is also an essential alternative. Often, add UFA powder to improve the properties of cement in the cement industry. Arguably fly ash superfine powder processing may leave waste fly ash. Fly ash
is the current one of the largest displacement industrial waste. At this stage of the annual milk volume of China reached 30000000 tons. With the development of the industry of electric power, emissions of fly ash from coal fired power plants has increased year by year. The treatment and use of fly ash has attracted great attention.
At present is mainly used for treatment of fly ash superfine Raymond mill. Superfine fly ash Raymond mill superfine powder can produce the fineness of 300-3000. Hourly production may reach 5-15 tons. The superfine Raymond Mill powder processing equipment is the most advanced equipment. Superfine Raymond mill production can not only be used as a powder of fly ash, may also be used to calcite, barite, limestone and other processing of superfine powder stone, is calcium carbonate, the industry production talc, online industry gypsum production indispensable equipment. Our company
superfine Raymond mill product is crafted to double development resources to design. After superfine Raymond mill processing, which not only waste is treated in the environmental aspect in the overall use of resources, has been applied more reasonable.

Raymond mill Technology and Application

Raymond mill is widely used in pre-grinding steel and non-ferrous metal beneficiation. Raymond mill has energy saving, obvious advantages increase capacity.
With the implementation of the national energy saving series of policies, Raymond mill in the cement industry, especially mining fields are widely used. Raymond mill system based on the use of the material layer of Raymond mill grinding technology and supporting the collection broken up, grading, drying in one of the separator. Raymond mill mating with a ball mill or as a system composed of a variety of processes, such as pre-grinding, mixing grinding, semi-finish grinding and finish grinding systems. Due to changes in the grinding mechanism, Raymond mill and system technology enables grinding system power consumption reduced by 20-50%, 30-70% increase in production.
In the mining field, Raymond mill mainly applied to replace cone crusher crushing, or replace the broken mill applied to crude. Due to the high-tech mining Raymond mill, it requires companies with strong independent R & D and innovation capability.

The installation and disassembly method of Raymond mill grinding roller

The surface of the grinding roller by drawing a thin and dense helical, with strong grinding ability. New drawing roller tooth arrangement of blunt blunt. When the roller tooth wear, reduced productivity. This problem can be put on the use of roller or slow roll round, which makes the tooth shape are arranged in front of the blunt. When the roller tooth tip further wear, lower productivity, and will soon make a U-turn, teeth arranged in front of the front. When the tip into a larger plane, productivity has fallen below 50 kg per hour train, and the electricity consumption increased significantly, should be re drawing. Once a wire drawing production 3 in case of 40000 kilos of flour. The grinding roller disassembly according to the above need to remove the grinding roller. Should first remove the protective cover on the left side of the fuselage of the Raymond mill, triangular belt, flat belt and roller shaft double pulley. Then remove the right side of the fuselage gear box and gear size. Then remove the rod spring assembly, remove mill door, remove left, before and after the patch and four bearing seat assembly. Then you can gently remove the door by grinding mill. Install the grinding roller and the disassembly of the replacement of the opposite. Before installation of the surface with clean and coated with oil. The best bolt is also contaminated with oil after assembly, but the oil can not be too much.
Raymond mill cylinder grinding roller and grinding ring determines the motion state of the mill power consumption and productivity level. The vibration frequency and amplitude, and the grinding roller and grinding ring depends on the state of motion of the mill grinding roller and grinding ring shape, density and filling rate. When the Raymond mill, cylinder rollers and ring also fierce movement. With the grinding motion around the center of the ring group simplified grinding roller, not only mainly for the impact, and a single grinding roller and grinding ring rotating around its axis geometry violently. At the same time, grinding roller and grinding ring as a whole, also have the rotary motion opposite to the rotation direction of the vibration exciter. If the exciter rotates clockwise, then grinding roller and grinding ring group circulate counterclockwise. Such movement is with regularity. Each layer is fixed on the rotary radius of almost certain. At the beginning of the grinding media group as a whole rotation frequency is approximately equal to the vibration frequency of 1%. This makes Raymond mill body grinding roller and grinding ring and by grinding material as a whole in the cylinder to rotate slowly, will have the benefit of material blending and grinding to ensure the product quality is stable effect.
The grinding roller disassembly according to the above need to remove the grinding roller, should first remove the protective cover on the left side of the Raymond mill body, triangle belt, flat belt and roller shaft double pulley, and then remove the right side of the gear box and the milling equipment fuselage size gear. Then remove the rod spring assembly, remove mill door, remove left, before and after the patch and four bearing seat assembly. Then you can gently remove the door by grinding mill. Install the grinding roller and the disassembly of the replacement of the opposite. Before installation of the surface with clean and coated with oil. The best bolt is also contaminated with oil after assembly, but the oil can not be too much.

Raymond mill for concrete mixing station

Raymond mill is the introduction of the German vertical Raymond mill technology, inherited the advantages of Raymond mill, stable and easy to control, safety, mixing station more modern historical stage in domestic concrete, more suitable for large concrete mixing station.
In recent years China’s rapid urbanization of city, urban renovation project was also faster, ready mixed concrete conform to the trend of government advocates, have developed very quickly and widely used in concrete market, and the corresponding concrete mixing station, also achieved rapid development. Vertical milling machine is in such a situation, gradually introduced from abroad, into the domestic large concrete mixing station.
Station operation mode has more advanced domestic concrete stirring now, basically two party host multiple parallel operation, automatic control system of highly accurate strict requirements for each production process, vertical milling machine as a modern large-scale Raymond mill equipment, modern operating mode and the digital control system is the main technical characteristics, technical fit, concrete mixing station, especially modern concrete mixing stations should use vertical milling machine.
Now the concrete mixing station materials have more stringent requirements of the precision measurement precision of aggregate, cement, water and additives, and vertical milling machine for grinding material and material fineness, yield and moisture control regulation in the production process, can provide convenience for the entire process with concrete work. It can be said, Raymond mill and modern concrete mixing station complement each other constitute the entire production mode of modern concrete.