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Sports flooring needs to have three functional requirements

At present, there is a floating assembled sports floor on the market. Once the sports floor is launched, it has the characteristics of perfect sports performance, quick disassembly and assembly, easy replacement, no special climate requirements, etc., which has attracted the attention of many people. Some people predict that the suspension type The floor has revolutionized the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring industry.

So how is the suspended sports floor produced? What are the characteristics of this kind of sports floor?

In the 1970s, the floating assembled sports floor was born in the United States. It has been more than 30 years old. This sports floor has been popular since its birth. Now it has been NBA, European Football League, European Handball, World Youth International Ice Hockey Competition, etc. The suspended assembled floor has been adopted, and its perfect sports performance has completely surpassed the traditional sports floor.

As a professional sports floor, you need to have three major functional requirements:

Motor Functionality Functionality means that professional prefabricated futsal court should meet the technical characteristics of various sports items to the maximum extent, and try to avoid the performance that athletes should have with unnecessary load and excessive energy consumption.

2. Protection functional protection means to minimize the load on athletes during running, ball games and training, and to reduce injuries when athletes land on sports that require special protection (such as boxing, wrestling or judo). A degree of performance.

3, technical functional technical function refers to the sports floor can meet the movement function and protection function for a long time, and can adapt to the movement and use of sports equipment and equipment (such as seats and stands) and the convenience of pollution, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Some of the performance that other applications should have.

At present, the sc-zsfloor suspension assembled sports floor can almost perfectly diagnose the above three functions. The reason is that we can explore from the design and selection of such flooring.

Let’s take the example of floating assembled prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court as follows:

1. Solid surface layer design, made of high-strength polypropylene copolymer, suspension design with support wall, hexagonal support structure, distributes the pressure evenly over the entire template.

2. The front side buckled real locking system with patented mechanical lateral buffering function.

3, suspension sports ground design: reduce damage to the knees, ankles, back and cheekbones.

4. Side shock absorption: The patented design reduces damage caused by side forces caused by sudden stop, start and turn.

What problems should be paid attention to in kindergarten design?

In the development process and education, in order to make children have a better experience and understanding, and at the same time increase the competitiveness of kindergartens in the industry, some special courses will be set up accordingly. The kindergartens with a large area will set up one special course. Classrooms, while relatively compact kindergartens, can focus on a variety of special courses in one space in one space. So, in the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring of kindergarten classrooms, we should pay attention to these problems:

1. Independent classrooms, each characteristic course will have a corresponding space. Each featured course has corresponding classrooms, common art classrooms, music classrooms, cooking classrooms, sensory classrooms, science classrooms, etc. .

Second, the independent special classroom needs to pay attention to the other side is the different considerations of different spaces, is the sense of space. The sense of space is to let young children feel immersive. For example, in our traditional Chinese school classroom, the first thing to focus on in space design is the atmosphere.

Third, in the kindergarten design, the art classroom with bare red bricks and wooden chairs reveals the natural artistic atmosphere.

Fourth, the science classroom in the kindergarten design, composed of flowing starry sky and stars, simple and mysterious, full of atmosphere.

5. prefabricated futsal court can be made of PVC floor or suspended assembled floor, which can effectively prevent slipping and feel comfortable.
2, overlapping multi-purpose space

First, the domestic land is tense. The reflection in the kindergarten is that there are not many large-scale kindergartens, and more are small and medium-sized kindergartens. There are more places to pay attention to in space design. The main two points are: space storage capacity and Space is simplified.

Second, the storage capacity of space affects the use of space. If the space storage capacity is poor, then the available space will be very small. At the same time, the feelings for parents and children will be very messy, which is not conducive to enrollment and teaching. The simple design can make the space autonomy become larger, and the space operability becomes stronger. The two complement each other and are indispensable.

Third, the more common overlapping multi-purpose space has two main aspects: classroom and activity room and kindergarten bedroom. There are many problems in the overlapping use of classrooms. We don’t mention it here. The activity room generally allows children to move freely. The sleeping room is the place where children take a break in the afternoon. The sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturers are designed according to different children. Space requirements, one by one, the activity room and the sleeping room are set together, sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturers, convenient for children’s activities four, rest after digestion. Of course, the activity room and the bedroom are designed in the same space, and the things that need to be stored are more diverse. Different space areas also require different planning, toy storage cabinets, picture bookshelves, beds, and quilt storage cabinets.

The above is the kindergarten prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court design for everyone to introduce the kindergarten design classroom attention to these issues , sc-zsfloor is specialized in providing indoor and outdoor design of kindergarten and floor materials (plastic floor / assembled floor / PVC floor glue) decoration design company , sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, gathered excellent kindergarten ground designers to provide high-end kindergarten design and decoration services.

Briefly describe the advantages of kindergarten flooring

Because kindergarten plastic flooring has various advantages, it can help reduce the degree of damage caused by falls, so it is used in large quantities. In general, the kindergarten plastic floor is equivalent to the plastic track, the rubber floor mat, and the outdoor plastic basketball court. Therefore, the laying of prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court in kindergartens also needs to follow the rules of laying ordinary plastic flooring. The champion is a well-known enterprise in the plastic floor industry. Its experts pointed out that the specific laying steps and precautions for the plastic floor of the kindergarten are as follows:

1. Before laying the plastic floor of the kindergarten, it must be ensured that the ground must be level and clean.
2, before the plastic floor of the kindergarten, it must be laid in advance to lay the ground for more than 24 hours, and the site temperature should not be lower than 15 °C. After the floor is restored, the ends should be kept 5 cm more. Before pasting, roll the unfolded floor back about halfway, then scrape the glue – starting from the middle – the glue is applied with a toothed scraper.
3. Arrange in the order of the number of plastic floors, align and merge, pay attention to the alignment of the site line during the paving process.
4. Open the adjacent two pieces of flooring along the joints, place the special connecting belts for the removable portable outdoor soft elastic flooring manufacturers on the lower side of the joints, and brush the glue on the surface of the connecting belts, first stick one of the boards to the half. Tape, then stick the other half to the remaining connecting tape and press the slit tightly.
5. It is recommended to use water-soluble glue that is harmless to the human body for construction. When the floor is pasted, use the cork block to squeeze the floor surface from the middle to the ends so that it is flat without leaving air bubbles, and the roller is completely rolled flat.
6. After the plastic floor is covered, it should be slotted and welded. After welding, the wire should be leveled.
Kindergarten plastic floor refers to the floor made of polyvinyl chloride material, non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly, non-slip flame retardant. Because the kindergarten plastic floor has good elasticity and soft texture, it can protect children from injury.

The above characteristics of the structure of the removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track are determined by its structure. Specifically, the structural characteristics of the kindergarten plastic floor are as follows:

(1) Kindergarten plastic floor consists of the surface layer of “uv” treated surface layer, PVC wear layer, glass fiber reinforcement mesh and special mesh cloth fiber cross-reinforced layer and PVC foaming buffer layer.

(2) Kindergarten plastic floor PVC wear-resistant layer, treated by anti-aging and fastening technology, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and has a long service life.

(3) The glass fiber reinforced mesh and the special mesh fiber reinforced layer of the kindergarten plastic floor play the role of stabilizing the site size and prolonging the service life, so that the floor never shrinks and the performance is more stable.

(4) Kindergarten plastic floor closed PVC foam cushioning material, such as air cushion structure, provides absolute safety, resilience and standard vibration absorption.

How about sports flooring?

1. What is PVC flooring? What materials are made up of?
Answer: PVC floor is a semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride floor. It is made of PVC resin, calcium carbonate, pigment, dye and surface treatment agent based on PVC resin.
2. Is PVC flooring a green product?
A: It is a green product. Tested by the relevant state departments, non-toxic, pollution-free, formaldehyde content is “zero”, many indicators have reached or even exceeded the relevant international standards, is the green building materials promoted by China Building Materials Circulation Association, and was rated as “the indoor environmental professional committee” Ten safety standards for the floor.”
3. What are the advantages of prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court compared with wooden flooring?
A: Solid wood flooring is expensive, it is easily deformed after damp, and it is easy to crack and shrink after air drying, making the seams larger. At the same time, if the solid wood floor is improperly maintained, it will cause mildew and insects. In contrast, pvc flooring has superior performance, does not expand and deform due to heat and moisture, and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-cracking ability, and maintenance is particularly simple.
4. What are the advantages of pvc flooring compared with ceramic tiles and stone?
A: First of all, ceramic tiles and stone are very hard materials, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably causes the feet to feel hard when walking, and the water on the ground is easy to slip and cause injury. Due to the advantages of its own materials, pvc flooring not only has the firmness of stone but also the softness of organic materials, which makes people feel very comfortable when walking, and has the characteristics of “more water in the water”, even if it falls down accidentally. Will not hurt the person.
5. Is the pvc floor durable?
Answer: The stone powder content contained in the pvc floor determines the pressure resistance of the product. The added resin makes the product have a certain degree of softness. It will not be crushed like tiles or stones when impacted by heavy objects, so the resistance is very good. Wear resistance is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. The surface of removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track adopts UV wear-resistant coating. Through the photochemical reaction during use, the wear resistance of the product will increase with the increase of use time. The UV layer absorbs ultraviolet rays, so that the floor printing layer does not change color, and the aging speed of the product is greatly slowed down and the service life is prolonged. In addition, the wear layer on the printed layer is very hard, and the wear resistance is more than 30,000 revolutions.
6. What glue is used for pvc floor construction? Is there any smell after the paving? How long does it take to stay?
A: The construction uses PVC floor glue, which is water-soluble glue, which is safe for the human body. It has been confirmed by the national environmental protection inspection department that the glue does not contain toxic heavy metals and toxic volatiles, and there is no odor after paving. . After the general construction is completed, the window can be ventilated for 48 hours.
7, the original ground is a floor tile, you must shovel to pave PVC floor?
A: You don’t need to shovel, such as paving sheets, you can simply lay the gap between the tiles directly on the floor; if you are paving the coil, you can do the self-leveling directly on the floor tiles, and then proceed layout. The noise during construction is small, simple and fast.
8. Is the daily maintenance of pvc floor simple?
A: Simple. Just wipe it with a wet mop on weekdays. The whole body structure floor is best to be waxed once after the construction, and then waxed regularly according to the situation, it can keep bright and new. The composite floor does not need to be waxed and can only be cleaned daily.
9. How to judge the quality of PVC flooring?
A: Look at the wear resistance, the higher the better
PVC flooring is similar to composite flooring, and its durability depends to a large extent on the protective layer of the surface. The “strength” of the surface protective layer is usually expressed by the wear resistance number.
The number of revolutions is a laboratory data used to measure the degree of wear on the floor surface. According to national regulations, the number of revolutions of household floors can be 4000-6000 rpm. The higher the number of revolutions, the higher the wear resistance of the floor surface, and the more the floor can withstand the damage of the towed tables and chairs, high-heeled shoes. The number of revolutions of the floor can be very high. The exclusive removable portable outdoor soft elastic flooring on the market is more than 10,000, even reaching 30,000 rpm. According to the specific use of the family, you can choose the number of revolutions that suit you.