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Pet Preform Production Process Introduction

The quality of the bottle depends on the quality of the Pet Preform supplied. The preform is divided into two types, one is a long rubber mouth and the other is a short rubber mouth. Domestic bottle embryo manufacturers use more short-mouthed preforms, while foreign countries use more long-term glue. The preform of the long rubber mouth is cut off by the glue mouth at the bottom, and the tension is evenly distributed during the blowing process, so that the quality of the bottle which is blown out is better, and the cut portion can be recycled, which is beneficial to save the raw material cost. In today’s increasingly scarce petroleum resources, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to the preforms of long rubber. The quality of the preform during production is controlled by the degree to which the preform is prevented from being scratched during transport.
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Lightweight Pet Preform Are The Development Trend

Pet Preform are something that everybody needs to touch every day. The most familiar one is light weight, which is also one of the most important development directions. Most of the industries occupied by PET products are now in beverages, mineral water, shampoo and shower gel. Other industries are dominated by PET products, but packaging in beverages and other places is not very heavy. It may be a problem to implement lightweighting, because it will be lighter, and if it is lighter, it will lose the user experience and lose the market. As for the nursing series, we can still see that excessive packaging, so the price of products such as shampoo will rise, bringing some pressure to consumers.

Nowadays, PET bottles in many fields still bring a lot of problems to everyone, such as the residual things, although some of the more detailed things, but more or less have been plaguing us all the time, the upgrade of these small details is everyone needs The problem solved; at the same time, the mold opening is the molder who takes the design draft to the original mold, and few PET bottle manufacturers will analyze the defects; our PET bottles should be closer to the consumers, understand their needs and products. The subsidy of the design, the recognition of consumption is the farther way we can go.

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China Pet Bottle Sincere Service

Pet Preform molds have been manufactured in some way for centuries. Some of these pet preform molds are artwork, such as molds used by glass craftsmen.

Jilian Plastics has achieved great success in providing reliable and high performance 48 cavity pet preform molding dies. Through the use of the latest metal processing technology and innovative engineering technology, we have successfully developed the next generation cavity pet preforming mold. Designed for pet bottle molding, these molds are equipped with hot runner systems and large injection systems to ensure high performance over time. Higher reliability: The roller cam drives the opening and closing action on the neck ring and is tailored to the specific preform design. The special alloy steel stack eliminates molded surface corrosion and reduces refurbishment and conversion costs. High quality raw materials and proven mold design ensure long mold life.

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How Is The Pet Preform Made?

Pet Preform is a product widely used in the industrial field. It generally has high transparency and insulation, and it is not prone to deformation, and the elasticity of the bottle is also good. So everyone knows how the PET preform is. Was it made? What do you know about PET preforms? Next, follow Gillian Plastics Co., Ltd. to find out more about it.

When designing extruded PET bottles, if the material is polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the PET bottle should be rectangular or elliptical. For low density polyethylene or other flexible PET bottles, the cross section is round. As well.

This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from the PET bottle. The PET parts used in conjunction with the PET bottle mouth are mainly caps and seals. The design of the PET bottle mouth should be focused on; how to make the PET bottle mouth better fit the lid and sealer with the bottom of the PET bottle, which is the weak part of the mechanical properties of the PET bottle.

Therefore, the bottom of the PET bottle is generally designed to be concave; the corners of the PET bottle and the concave portion are excessively curved. In order to facilitate the stacking of PET bottles and increase the stacking stability of PET bottles, the inner bottom of the PET bottles should be designed with internal grooves.

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How To Design A Modern Pet Preform

Nowadays, the chances of young people going out are getting more and more, and they are almost unwilling to be bored at home for a day. Under such a market, some beverages and mineral water have become the protagonists of the market, and as pet preform manufacturers, not only the pet preforms, but also the Pet Preform. To shape the brand image and beauty, it is more important to consider the portability of the consumer who has not finished the drink.

There are two solutions here. The first is to properly slim down the pet bottle and concentrate the capacity to the capacity that the consumer can drink at one time. This solves the problem of not being able to carry it, and drinking it once or twice. After that, you can drop the bottle directly.

The second method is to meet the consumer’s requirements for capacity, without reducing the capacity, it is to make some improvements on the bottle, with some scenes, such as the combination of the frame, backpack, hand and other places, easy to carry and put, just It must be combined with these exodus to achieve a humanized design.

At present, the birth of edible packaging does not completely solve the problem of drinking water. It does not meet the application of going out anytime and anywhere, but it is applied and purchased at one point; it does not occupy the market so quickly.

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Pet Preform Can Directly Contain Food

Pet Preform packaging belongs to the blow molding industry. It is made by injection molding and blow molding. The pet preform made of PET is resistant to high and low temperature, acid and alkali, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odorless. For food packaging, the southern injection molding technology is developed, mostly based on large-scale enterprises, mostly in the north and small and medium-sized enterprises, the demand is very large.
Advantages of PET as a packaging material:
1, has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of other materials, good folding resistance.
2, oil resistant, fat resistant, dilute acid, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents.
3, with excellent high and low temperature performance, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 120 ° C, short-term use can withstand 150 ° C high temperature, can withstand -70 ° C low temperature, and high mechanical properties have low impact.
4, gas and water vapor permeability is low, both excellent gas barrier, water, oil and odor performance.
5, high transparency, can block ultraviolet light, good gloss.
6, non-toxic, tasteless, good health and safety, can be directly used for food packaging.
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Production Of Pet Preform

Today, PET is widely used as a packaging material in many industries. Especially in the food industry, PET containers come in many forms and shapes, some of which have high requirements for the production process.

Injection blow molding has become the preferred process for making hollow bodies, such as Pet Preform. The temperature of the PET parison is an important factor in the production process. The preformed parison is heated to about 250 ° C, expanded by compressed air in a blow mold to its final shape, and then typically transferred directly to the filling station.

If the parison is heated too long or too short in the first step, the material will not have the best performance for further processing. Therefore, a controlled heating process is essential. The use of thermal imaging systems is a major contributor to achieving this goal. Not only does it allow you to optimize your production processes, it also saves energy and material costs.

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The Process Characteristics Of Pet Preform Production

There is a certain production process for the processing of Pet Preform, and it can also ensure that PET bottles have very good product performance and advantages. The production process of PET bottles is special. PET bottles have specific processing technology and must be produced and processed according to certain production processes. There are many characteristics for the production process of PET bottles.

PET bottle is a relatively clean packaging container, the production process can be completed by one-step method, and the storage time of the two-step method is reduced, and the extrusion blowing process is not processed, and the process is omitted. Steps, and can also avoid dust inside and outside the bottle wall, without contact with the preform and the container, which effectively reduces the erosion of bacteria, so the PET bottle is non-polluting and hygienic, and can completely guarantee high quality and high level. Production, and also increased the life of the use, this method is more in line with the relevant national laws and regulations, and is suitable for GMP management requirements, PET bottles have very good performance and have very good processing methods, when used Played a very good use value.

The PET bottle is a high-quality bottle and has a unique production process. It is designed with a vertical injection process to ensure the wall thickness of the tube blank and the quality is very consistent and very precise, thus increasing the height of the bottle. Impedibility, high sealing performance and high mechanical strength. The bottle mouth is very beautiful and neat, and there is no blunt, no trim, the thread size is very stable, the precision is very high, and there is very good outside. Gloss, it is very temperament to use, especially on the grade.

The characteristics and performance of PET bottles are guaranteed to be of great value when used, and can be widely used and promoted in the corresponding fields. PET bottles are mainly used in medical and health care products and have very good performance. Service.

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How To Process Pet Preform

PET bottles are widely used in daily life and play an important role. So how do you know how PET bottles are processed? Here are 8 ways to process Pet Preform:
1. PET treatment Because PET macromolecules contain lipid groups and have certain hydrophilicity, pellets are sensitive to water at high temperatures. When the moisture content exceeds the limit, the molecular weight of PET decreases during processing, and the products are colored. Become brittle. In this case, the material is dried before processing, and the drying temperature is 150 ° C, 4 hours or more, generally 170 ° C, 3-4 hours. Airborne methods can be used to verify that the material is completely dry.
2, injection molding machine selection
Since PET has a stable time after melting point and a high melting point, it is necessary to use an injection system with more temperature control sections and less self-friction heat during plasticization, and the actual weight of the product cannot be less than 2/3 of the machine injection volume. . Based on these requirements, Ramada has developed a small and medium series of PET plasticizing systems in recent years. The clamping force is selected to be greater than 6300t/m2.
3, mold and gate design
PET preforms are generally formed by hot runner molds. There must be insulation panels between the mold and the injection molding machine. The thickness of the preforms is about 12 mm, and the insulation panels must withstand high pressure. Exhaust gas is sufficient to avoid local overheating or chipping, but the depth of the exhaust port should not exceed 0.03mm, otherwise it will easily produce flash.
4, the melting temperature can be measured by the air-launch method. Between 270 and 295 ° C, the enhanced grade GF-PET can be set to 290-315 ° C and the like.
5, the injection speed is generally faster, to prevent premature coagulation during injection. But too fast, the high shear rate makes the material brittle. The shot is usually completed in 4 seconds.
6, the lower the back pressure, the better, so as not to wear. Generally no more than 100bar. Usually no need to use.
7. Do not use excessive residence time for the residence time to prevent molecular weight from falling. Try to avoid temperatures above 300 °C. If the shutdown is less than 15 minutes. Only need to be air-blasted; if it is more than 15 minutes, clean it with viscosity PE and reduce the temperature of the barrel to PE temperature until it is turned on again.
8. Precautions If the mold temperature is not well controlled or the material temperature is not properly controlled, it is easy to produce “white fog” and is opaque. The mold temperature is low and uniform, the cooling rate is fast, and the crystallization is less, the product is transparent.
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China Pet Bottle Change Production Method

For the positioning of plastic bottles, the most embarrassing and oppressive is the low-end packaging. Many products, regardless of food, beverages, cosmetics, etc., are usually in the high-end direction, often using glass, ceramics, metal and other materials.

Over the years, plastic bottles, including raw material manufacturers, have struggled to break through the notion of improving this inherent. The emergence of acrylic plastic bottles is a testament to the widespread adoption of high-end cosmetic packaging. For plastic bottles, mainly with PP plastic caps. The introduction of aluminum caps or metal caps is also very useful for upgrading the appearance of plastic bottles. This piece is currently mainly a health care product bottle, a large number of metal-like aluminum cover, with a plastic bottle body.

But with everyone’s efforts, the development of Pet Preform is gradually approaching the high-end trend, especially PET water bottles. We can almost see that pet preforms are in the stage of rapid development, and gradually high-end design is convincing high-end people to buy with its temperament image.

Due to the wear resistance, good plasticity, impact resistance, water vapor resistance and chemical resistance of the transparent pet box, the product is very used in the packaging industry. For mineral water bottle packaging, the current mainstream material is PET transparent plastic. Various industries are driving the development of PET plastic transparent bottle industry. With the development of transparent pet plastic industry, it has a large share in the packaging market. Our country’s transparent pet plastics industry also needs to be integrated through the production enterprises. Joint ventures, acquisitions and other means have formed a large-scale plastic packaging enterprise, which will also promote the healthy development of the industry.

Because of the many excellent properties of PET bottles, the probability of being selected for high-grade packaging is much higher than that of other types of plastic bottles. It is not impossible to become a pioneer.

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