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Jimei Milk Powder Making Machine Has High Technical Content

Fruit juice production is an important part of the modern food industry. On the basis of ensuring scientific rationality and practicability, more and more professional production practices, juice production lines are increasingly dependent on juice machinery, production efficiency is guaranteed, and production efficiency is continuously improved. The degree of mechanization and practicality of mechanical equipment itself has also been importantly positive and effective, especially from the perspective of actual scientific research, the technical level of mechanical equipment is also very high.
The Juice Production Line machinery has a high scientific and technological content, and its comprehensive practical characteristics are also fully suitable for the needs of the real world. It has a solid professional foundation and characteristics, high technology content, high degree of mechanization and good results. It guarantees the actual promotion of the machine into production. This is also the most important type of technology equipment in professional production practice. At present, the professional characteristics of high-tech juice machinery have reached a high level and high efficiency.
The professional production of machinery and equipment in the juice production line has continuously increased the application of high and new technology, so the technology level of the machine itself has reached a very professional level, which is suitable for practical application with more scientific and reasonable practical effects, and the production level of higher quality mechanization has also reached A more professional level. In the scientific production practice, paying attention to the rational application of reality, applying higher technical content, bringing more convenience to the efficiency and operation of professional machinery.
The specialized production of juice production line machinery, the diversification of equipment and the continuous improvement of equipment technology content have become the biggest driving force of modern production. Modern juice production, focusing on the basic characteristics of practicality, while ensuring a reasonable application basis, has a very obvious modern scientific level, especially to promote the mechanization of juice companies, and ultimately bring the highest production practices. Efficiency guarantees lay a good foundation for business development and efficiency.
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Jimei Professional Design Juice Production Line

The so-called Milk Powder Making Machine produces a dry-wet composite process, which means that most of the auxiliary materials necessary for milk powder production are mixed in fresh milk, and then homogenized, sterilized, concentrated, spray-dried and then added with other auxiliary materials. The national standard finished milk powder, the specific process of its production is raw milk → clean milk → sterilization → refrigeration → standardized ingredients → homogenization → sterilization → concentration → spray drying → fluidized bed secondary drying → standardized ingredients → packaging.
(1) Advantages of dry-wet composite process:

The raw material of the dry-wet process is also fresh milk, inheriting all the advantages of the wet process.
(2) Disadvantages of dry-wet composite process:

There has always been a problem in the dry-wet composite process. The process of smashing the base powder and some of the ingredients produced by the wet process should be completed in the same plant area, that is, the acquisition of the farmland B in the A site to build a large milk processing. The method of the factory is not desirable, and these will be limited by technology, logistics, human resources and so on.

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How To Extend The Service Life Of Juice Production Line

The Juice Production Line is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. According to the requirements of China’s beverage production process, it is an advanced level complete set of beverage equipment, mainly used for juice, orange juice, apple juice, pear juice, Large-capacity filling of non-sparkling beverages such as tea drinks, purified water, and mineral water. The juice beverage production line has the characteristics of advanced structure, stable and reliable operation, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

How to use and maintain the juice production line:

1. Juice production line Because the winding machine is an automatic equipment, the size of the easy-open bottle, bottle mat and cap are required to be uniform;

2. Before use, you must first use the rocker to rotate, to see if there is any abnormality in the rotation, and then use it after judging it;

3. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools or excessive force to remove parts to avoid damage to the machine or affect the performance of the beverage production line;

4. When the equipment is adjusted, be sure to tighten the loose screws, and use the rocker to rotate the beverage production line to see if the action meets the requirements before use.

5. The part of the production line filling machine must be kept clean. In the production process, the liquid medicine or glass debris should be removed in time to avoid damage to the equipment;

6. Clean all parts of the equipment surface before delivery, and add clean lubricating oil to each activity department;

7. The juice production line should be scrubbed once a week, especially in areas that are not easily cleaned during normal use or blown off with compressed air.

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Jimei Juice Production Line Has A Wide Range Of Applications

Juice Production Line scope:
1, berries: tomatoes, grapes, black mold, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, oranges, oranges, oranges, watermelons, cantaloupe and other fruits;

2, pome fruit: apple, pear, mushroom mother, kiwi, sea buckthorn, ginseng fruit, fig, hawthorn, thorn pear, pomelo, persimmon, medlar and other fruits;

3. Stone fruit: peach, plum, apricot, mango, olive, alfalfa and other fruits;

4. Proteins: peanuts, ginkgo, soybeans, chestnuts, almonds, coconuts, etc.

5. Tropical fruits: mango, pineapple, passion fruit, papaya, guava, alfalfa, fig, coconut, olive oil, sour horn, lemon and other fruits;

6, vegetables: carrots, aloe vera, cactus, green vegetables, celery, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, garlic, ginger and other vegetables;

7, can produce a variety of composite functional drinks according to users

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Juice Production Line Filling Machine Requirements Continue To Improve

Demand determines the market. With the rapid development of the beverage and wine industry, the demand for filling machines in the Juice Production Line has begun to increase, and the requirements for filling machines are constantly improving. In particular, large-scale production enterprises have very strict requirements on the production efficiency and filling accuracy of the filling machine. Objectively speaking, although the overall filling machine industry in China has made great progress, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign products. The lack of high-end equipment in the products, low technical content and lack of innovation are the soft underbelly in the development of the domestic filling machine industry.

1. The rapid development of the beverage industry has driven the technological advancement of the pipeline emulsifier industry. In the future filling equipment industry, only the constant innovation is made, and the advantages of low consumption of raw materials, low cost and convenient carrying can be achieved. pace of. For the current situation of beer, red wine, white wine, coffee, various carbonated beverages and other conventional cans and glass as the pipeline emulsifier, with the continuous improvement of functional films in the future, the plastic hose line emulsifier will be more widely used. The greening of the plumbing emulsifier in materials and production processes marks the use of solvent-free composite and extrusion-composite multi-layer co-extruded functional films for more applications in filling equipment.

2. More diverse products, requiring more differentiated pipeline emulsifiers have become the development trend of the beverage industry. The rapid development of the beverage industry will be the ultimate driving force for the mechanical technology of filling equipment. In the next three to five years, the beverage market will develop fresh juices, teas, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, and carbonated beverages, while responding to healthy lifestyle slogans to low-sugar or sugar-free beverages, as well as natural And the development of healthy beverages including milk. The development trend of the product will further promote the development of differentiated pipeline emulsifier, such as PET aseptic cold-filled pipeline emulsifier, HDPE (intermediate barrier layer) milk pipeline emulsifier, and aseptic carton line emulsification Machine and so on. The diversity of beverage product development will ultimately drive innovation in the materials and structure of filling equipment.

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Select Jimei Juice Production Line Processing Equipment

The main process flow for aseptic cold filling of Juice Processing Plant is as follows:
The juice shop is partitioned according to the production process and cleanliness level. The cap disinfection, rinsing, filling and capping process is completed in an aseptic filling room with an air purification level of 5 (the original standard is 100). All equipment, items and even spaces that come into contact with fruit juices must be strictly sterilized.
1, the bottle is sterile
Because PET materials are not heat resistant, they are generally sterilized with chemical reagents and do not allow chemical agents to affect the juice. Aseptic filling adopts the following measures: the number of original colonies required to start blowing is not more than 5cuf/bottle; the bottle is soaked in 250ppm chlorine dioxide disinfectant for 30s; the soaking tank is used for partial 5-stage purification; the disinfectant is automatically recycled and The concentration determination system ensures that the concentration of the disinfectant is stable; after the bottle is disinfected, it is transported to the filling room, and the residual disinfectant in the bottle is rinsed with sterile water, and then dried with sterile air to ensure that the residual disinfectant does not produce the material. influences.
2, the cover is sterile
The sterilization of the lid can be carried out by ozone fumigation in an ozone disinfection cabinet with an ozone concentration of about 1% and a time of 25 to 30 minutes. The ozone disinfection cabinet is placed in a sterile room, and the sterilized lid is directly attached to the filling machine.
3, juice sterility
Compared with hot filling, aseptic cold filling is used for UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, temperature 135 ~ 1500C, time 3 ~ 5 seconds. The material has a short heating time, little loss of nutrients, and no significant change in quality and taste.
4. Sterile equipment is sterile
The main equipment of aseptic cold filling is required to meet the hygienic design. It has strict requirements on pipe and valve technology, planing of material surface, surface design of important areas, and selection of anti-corrosion materials. At present, the four-in-one unit of the disinfection machine, the rinsing machine, the filling machine and the capping unit is generally used, and the upper part of the table top is completely sealed by the isolation cover, and the partial 5-stage air purification is performed, and the filling room is subjected to the 8-stage air purification; It is also possible to use a three-in-one unit in the filling room without a sealing hood to perform a 5-stage air purification throughout the filling room. This design will use the latter approach.
The bottle washer generally adopts a plug-in nozzle, which can be washed and drained several times with sterile water to make the residual concentration less than 0.1 ppm. The filling valve uses a non-contact flow meter for quantitative filling to effectively prevent secondary pollution. With a fully automatic cleaning (CIP) system, sterilization (SIP) system and equipment external foam cleaning system (COP). The capping machine can adopt the magnetic suspension type capping head and adopts the capping cover method. Rinse the bottle screw with sterile water before capping. After capping, rinse the bottle with sterile water.
In addition, the aseptic cold filling equipment will also add a nitrogen (or other inert gas) replacement system, and the top of the filled bottle will be blown away before the top cover to ensure that the juice is not oxidized.
5, the operator cleans
Operators are a major source of pollution throughout the environmental system. The air conditioning system also reduces the pollution caused by personnel while purifying the air. When entering the Class 5 decontamination room, the operator undergoes a rigorous disinfection procedure to allow the operator to operate without damaging the sterile environment. Personnel purification program: change shoes → more outer clothes → shower → cleaner work clothes → hand disinfection → wind shower → enter clean room
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Introduction Of Juice Production Line

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Fruit juice, fruit juice for mango, apricot, hawthorn and other fruits that can not be made into 100% raw juice, in order to reflect the characteristics of the beverage to the maximum extent, generally adjust the original juice concentration to about 40%, while adding a certain amount of flavor and sugar. Fruit juice beverages are easily contaminated by bacteria, acid production or gas production does not produce gas, resulting in poor taste, so it is common to add preservatives such as sorbic acid (sodium, potassium) or benzoic acid (sodium), some manufacturers do not note The preservatives are mistaken for consumers to be organic acids or sodium or potassium salts. The identification of fruit juice beverages is based on the determination of whether the beverage and its name are consistent based on the original juice content indicated on the label. Secondly, look at the packaging for leakage and flatulence. The specific method is that the bottle mouth and bottle body of bottled or canned beverages must not have sugar stains and dirt, and the soft-packed beverages are not deformed by hand. At the same time, the cap, can body, etc. must not be raised. Look at the appearance of fruit juice, transparent drinks without pulp, should be clear and transparent, without any floating objects and sediments; without peel and opaque beverages, should be uniform, no delamination, no turbidity; pulp-type drinks, Irregular fine flesh can be seen, allowing precipitation.

In addition to 100% of the original juice, the juice drink produced by the Juice Production Line is usually added with sugar, food coloring, spices and preservatives. Therefore, it cannot be used instead of fruits and water in daily life, especially for children. Beverages can suppress appetite or excessive intake of sugar, leading to obesity.

Jimei Milk Powder Making Machine Is Guaranteed

When it comes to liquid filling machines, we can’t help but say that there are many kinds of sorting equipment, such as edible oil filling machine, eye medicine filling machine, lubricating oil filling machine, glass water filling machine, etc. Both belong to liquid filling machines. Yes, the above kinds of equipment belong to the liquid filling machine, but for these different equipments, the same method is used in the dirt cleaning. Today we will clean and maintain the Juice Production Line filling machine. Explain and introduce:
After the equipment is used, it must be cleaned and cleaned in time. There must be oil spills during production, and the oil stains spilled on the machine should be cleaned up in time. It is strictly forbidden to carry out uniform cleaning after gathering, which not only increases the difficulty of cleaning, but also makes the machine change over time. It’s very unsanitary to get black.
Then, in order to clean up, in addition to ensuring the timely removal of oil stains, it is also necessary to use some cleaning agents with a strong ability to remove oil when cleaning. This is to increase the effect of cleaning, because it is difficult to use only a rag. Achieve the effect of clearing. However, we should pay attention to the fact that after cleaning the machine, in addition to removing the oil stains, it should be wiped several times with the rag on the machine to ensure that the cleaning agent will not remain, preventing some cleaning agents. Corrosiveness causes corrosion to the machine.
Then there are two small methods. You can use these two methods when cleaning: One: steam cleaning, this method is good and fast, it is good to use steam, and it is not poisonous; second: use chemicals Cleaning, although it can be washed with caustic soda, but it is too laborious, but it can also be cleaned.
Equipment to buy home do not patronize the use, we all know that health is the way people now pursue, do not think about the benefits, equipment is also a top priority.
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Juice Production Line Conforms To The Development Of The Times

Nowadays, the application of filling machines for Juice Production Line is becoming more and more popular. Its emergence conforms to the development needs of this era. Of course, the wide-ranging use also brings fierce market competition to juice filling machine enterprises. Juice filling machine companies want to occupy a huge space in the market, and must improve the design on the product, and add some additional features.
The juice filling machine equipment can improve the user’s psychology and meet the user’s needs in terms of operation, precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on. Of course, it is not enough to upgrade. It also needs a certain spirit of innovation. That is to provide more and better advanced equipment for this society through its unremitting efforts.
This juice filling machine not only meets the needs of the times, but also constantly enhances its own strength, and will achieve faster development, because there is a certain degree of unpredictability in the front, but believe that the effort is endless, so In order to get more trust from users, we will continue to work hard to develop better.
For Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., there is still a lot to be done. We need to work harder and need to use the more advanced technologies of today’s era and the more popular technologies. We are constantly learning advanced knowledge and technology. Innovative and perfect Milk Powder Making Machine equipment, also allows our brand to win the love and trust of more customers in the market.

Jimei Juice Production Line Equipment Is More Modern

With the continuous development of mechanical automation, the automation of catering machinery is becoming more and more perfect, and the automation of filling machines in Juice Processing Plant is getting higher and higher. The beverage automatic filling machine is one of the most important equipment in the beverage filling production line and its automation. To a certain extent, this degree directly determines the production efficiency of the entire production line, so let us take a look at the advantages of the automatic filling machine of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
(1) The automatic beverage filling machine can be used together with multi-head synchronous filling to improve the working efficiency of various beverage filling;
(2) Reasonable design, small size and convenient operation. The pneumatic components are pneumatic components of Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac;
(3) The contact part of the material is made of 316 liters of stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements;
(4) The filling amount adjustment handle and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the filling precision is high, and the filling speed is improved;
(5) The filling machine of the automatic beverage filling machine adopts anti-drip, anti-pull and lifting filling devices to make the beverage filling process more clean and hygienic;
(6) Because the automatic beverage filling machine works in the no-electric state, it is safer and more user-friendly design is more in line with the requirements of modern enterprises for automatic beverage filling machines.
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