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  The program will serve as a model of Arrupe Colleges sophomore seminar, which supplies students an opportunity to take a look at and practice Ignatian spirituality. This review abroad plan in Spain was made to reflect the intentions in the seminar, too since the uniqueness from the Jesuit principles. The scholars will earn credit for his or her seminar taken overseas.

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  Throughout the program, as well as in maintaining with Loyola Universitys Jesuit tradition, Arrupe Higher education learners will comply with the route of Saint Ignatius all over northern Spain and in the city of Barcelona. The route includes visits to Loyola, San Sebastian, pamplona, and Javier, too given that the Loyola Sanctuary, Santa Mar de la Antigua, Arantzazu Sanctuary, and Javier Castle.

  [Barcelona Sagrada Familia Steven Wolthusen]

  is providing its whole support and high quality . Every little thing from the students airfare and housing to stipends and meals are included.

  In preparing with the software, associates of the Customized & Faculty-Led programs team recently visited Arrupe College or university. In the course of the visit, students conveyed their excitement about and intentions for his or her time in Spain. Students demonstrated enthusiasm for expanding their horizons by learning and experiencing new things in a new place, exploring a new culture, and experiencing the Spanish language in a new way. also provided instruction and funds for learners to obtain or renew their passports.

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  Once the scholars arrive in Barcelona they will participate in an on-site orientation that will cover travel schedules, housing, the local Center and staff, daily life while in the town, a cultural and diversity overview, and information on health and safety. Additionally, the scholars and accompanying faculty will have access to the Barcelona Center and staff, too as cultural events and site visits, day trips and field trips, and 24/7 emergency guidance.

  Father Stephen Katsouros, dean and executive director of Arrupe College, who will be accompanying the students on the program, said: s partnership with Arrupe is extraordinary, substantive, and multi-faceted. First, is offering our students with a study-abroad opportunitya game changer for any student. In addition, is supporting our mission and helping Ignatius and Jesuit history come alive for our college students, for my colleagues, and for me. This will positively influence the Arrupe Faculty community when we return.

Find out information of scholarships for Study abroad programs from the Global Affaris Office.


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