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Lithium Battery Customization Tips You Should Know

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How to customize the lithium battery pack, what should be paid attention to when customizing the lithium battery? Lithium battery packs are becoming more and more refined in different fields, such as consumer lithium batteries, industrial lithium batteries, communication lithium batteries, power lithium batteries, and energy storage lithium batteries. The needs of the product are different, so the performance of the corresponding lithium battery will also be very different. What are the precautions for the need for a custom lithium battery pack?

Custom lithium battery pack time cycle

We can provide a quick sample service. The entire cycle of custom lithium battery pack process is usually within 15 working days.

The first day: Evaluate and discuss the requirements of the customer, and then make a quotation for the sample. After both parties have negotiated the price, they will customize the product.
The second day: the selection of the product cell and the design of the circuit structure.
Day Three: Samples will be made long after the design is complete.
Day 4: Initial test and debugging of functions are completed.
Day 5: Perform the electrical performance and cycle aging test verification of the lithium battery pack.
Day 6: Packaging for safety test and launch. The whole process of lithium battery is completed in 15 minutes.

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Custom parameters for lithium battery customization

1. Make sure the input and output ports of the lithium battery are somehow.

2. It is necessary to confirm the IP protection level of the lithium battery pack and the fixing method of the battery pack, and also consider how to install the lithium battery pack, which will have a great effect on the design of the lithium battery.

3. The size of the space for the lithium battery. This will affect the capacity of the supporting lithium battery pack. It is best to communicate with the lithium battery manufacturer before ordering the lithium battery, so as not to cause a great difference between the ideal and reality. The situation occurred.

4. What needs to be known in advance is the life expectancy of customized lithium batteries. The life of iron lithium batteries is generally 2,000 cycles.

5. You need to know how long the device will continue to work because it will determine the capacity of the lithium battery pack that needs to be ordered.

GREPOW stacking technology

6. For devices with similar motors, when supporting lithium batteries, you need to know the instantaneous maximum power when starting these inductive loads.

7. Because the voltage of the lithium battery pack is not a fixed value and has a wide range, it is necessary to ensure that the device can withstand the corresponding voltage value.

8. Determine the size and shape of the battery, so that lithium battery manufacturers can reduce the scope when developing and designing.  Grepow lithium polymer batteries can be designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes depending on the device, including round batteriescurved batteriesultra-thin batteries and so on. If you ask, I will give you what you want!

Lithium battery customization

1) Custom-made mass-produced products for lithium battery packs are independently developed and designed for different products, so during the customization process, certain costs need to be paid (generally involving mold opening costs, development costs, and product proofing cost Wait).

customized polymer lithium batteries

2) R & D time: The length of the R & D time is directly related to the new time on the product. The general R & D time for custom lithium battery packs is about 30 days, and the fast R & D channel is implemented. Generally, the proofing time of products that do not require mold opening can be reduced to 15 days.

As an emerging industry, lithium batteries have developed rapidly in the past two years, and more and more companies have applied lithium battery packs to their products. A custom lithium battery pack came into being in this environment. Group, customized solutions for lithium battery UPS, dedicated to providing users with customized solutions and products for competitive lithium batteries.

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
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What Batteries Are E-Cigarettes Used, Can Customize? | Grepow Academy


Electronic nicotine delivery systems go by many names. The most common name is “e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes,” but others such as e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, mods and tanks are also common terms. For this resource, the entire category will be referred to as “e-cigarettes.” So, How does the current e-cigarette on the market use batteries?

e-cigarette vape

Evolution of the E-cigarette

ecig_product list

The e-cigarettes that we saw in the market are designed to resemble regular cigarettes, while others look more like cigars, pipes, pens and even USB flash drives. Another common type is larger scale, also known as vaping. This type of battery is the most important component of the electronic cigarette device, and is supplied to the main device for heating wire to make the atomizer work.

The most common batteries used in this kind of e-cig (vaping) is 18650 Lithium-ion battery right now, their name comes directly from traits about the battery. The 18 in the battery comes from its diameter, which is 18 millimeters. The 650 means that the battery’s length is 650 millimeters.

However, most young people now seem to be more inclined to choose a lighter, handy, and more simple-looking electronic cigarette.

Therefore, many brands currently make e-cigarettes simple, light, and even look like a real cigarettes, but the battery requirements for such e-cigarettes have become various.

JUUL Structure

What Battery Structure Design Is?

I believe that not every company has a structure designer. Their job is to provide the internal structural design of the product at the time of product design, such as the placement of parts and batteries, size and shape, etc., the smaller the structure of the product, the more precise the design. The more precise the structural design. Therefore, it becomes more complicated when searching for corresponding parts and batteries, and it takes a lot of time to find the corresponding parts. On the other hand, not every company has a structural designer. In the early stage of the company, there may be creative ideas and product designs, but the interior is not designed, especially for SME and start-ups.

In addition, when designing the battery structure, it is also necessary to consider whether the battery has certain functions and characteristics. For example, if the structure of a battery for a drone is used, we should consider whether the battery has the following functions:

– Is there a casing?;

– Earthquake resistance;

– Heat dissipation;

– Waterproof;

– Overcharge/over-discharge alarm;

– and many more.

battery structure design

Why is it a warning instead of directly cutting off the protection function of over-charging or over-discharging? Because it takes into account that the drone will encounter an over-discharge during the flight, it will crash. So, this function will be realized through the “Smart Protection Board (BMS)”.

In addition to the functions, there are another characteristics, such as the choice of materials for the lithium battery pack structure, whether it can withstand high and low temperatures, and so on. However, can such a complicated work be outsourced to the factory that produces the battery to complete it? The answer is not necessarily so.

In general, battery manufacturing companies have the ability to produce, distribute, and provide professional services to their customers, and some will have the capability of PACK, but not all will have the technology of structural design. Because this is a very specialized technology, you need to understand the customer’s needs and product attributes and design each product in a targeted manner, which involves the customization of the battery.

Grepow not only has the ability to customize batteries, but also provides structural design services to customers, combining battery design, structural design, and professional services to provide a one-stop business solution.

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How to choose RC lipo battery?

With the development of participation in playing aeromodelling, hobbyist has paid more and more attention on the selection of the RC lipo battery. For the selection of the RC lipo battery, it carries on the explanation mainly from two aspects of battery’s voltage and capacity:

1. Voltage of battery

Its voltage should be the same or a bit higher than the voltage of electric motor.

2. Capacity of battery

Unit of the battery capacity is AH, and there is the larger capacity and the larger size under the same voltage. For example, the electric motor has the working current of 10A and the voltage of 12V, which is 10A*12V= 120W. If equipped with the 12V/10AH batteries, the electric motor can work for an hour. If the rated working current of the 120W/12V DC motor is about 10A, its battery capacity is 40Wh when it works as the maximum power of 120W for 20 minutes, and the capacity required for the battery pack is about 12V4Ah, and the equipped lithium battery is power-type battery.

Structure of lithium battery

Usually, lithium batteries have two common types of shape, including cylinder shape and square shape. It is used the helical coiling structure as the internal of battery, and made intervals between the positive and negative electrodes by a kind of polyethylene film isolation material with high intricacy and strong permeability. The positive electrode is the current collector composed of lithium cobalt oxide and aluminum foil, and the negative electrode is the current collector composed of graphitized carbon material and copper foil. Battery is filled with organic electrolyte solution, and installed with safety valve and PTC components, in order to protect the battery from damage in abnormal conditions and when the output is short-circuited.

Why is lithium battery so popular?

1. High voltage and light weight features of lithium battery

The average voltage of a single battery can reach 3.7V or 3.2V. If customer requires the battery with the qualified voltage, lithium battery is the best choice as it can be composed of a lithium battery pack easily and provide convenient and efficient access to improve the voltage of lithium battery.

2. Compared with other battery, lithium battery has higher capacity and density

Lipo battery has high energy storage density, at present, density of the common used battery can reach 450-620Wh/kg, which is 5-7 times higher than the lead-acid battery. In addition, pollution is one of the most important problems considered when people prefer to use lithium battery.

3. Large capacity and long life

The weight of a single lithium battery is about 5-6 times of the lead-acid battery. Although there are less differences in weight between the lithium battery and polymer lithium battery, people prefer to choose the lithium battery as its capacity and life.
The service life of a single lithium battery can be above 6 years and even 9 years if nothing goes wrong. The normal quantity of use is more than 1000 times, if there are no accidents, it can be used beyond 1500 times.

4. Low self-discharge and no memory effect

Lithium battery is equipped with protection plate during the production, which can make the lithium battery have an effect of over-charge and discharge. As lithium batteries have high power tolerance, lithium batteries used for electric vehicle can produce high-performance charge and discharge of 15-30C for the high-strength acceleration performance in starting of the electric vehicle.


Knowing the lithium battery safety knowledge can save your life at a critical time

Jonathan Strobel, a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, alleges in the suit that his Note7 was in his right pocket on Sept. 9 when it exploded, causing „severe burns“ to his leg, leaving him „in shock and extreme pain due to his injuries“. Nearly a million Note7 smartphones were sold in the United States. The recall applies only to Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones sold before Sept. 15, 2016. Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage. Three Australian airlines have banned passengers from using or charging Samsung Electronics‘ Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights due to concerns over the phone’s fire-prone batteries.

Samsung Note7 mobile phone batteries like most cell phone batteries are lithium batteries, lithium batteries are more and more widely used in our daily-life, such as our unmanned aerial vehicle batteries are lithium batteries, so learning how to use and maintenance the unmanned lithium batteries is very important.

Why did the lithium battery explosion?

Lithium battery are better than lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel hydride batteries in performance, and it is better than fuel cells in discharge times. But the safety of lithium batteries still needs to be improved. The biggest hazard of lithium batteries are lithium cobalt oxide lithium batteries in case of overcharge lithium anode formed in Dendrite and pierces the diaphragm, forming internal short circuit. External short circuits, internal short circuit will yield hundreds of amperes of current, resulting in a battery explosion is overheated.

How to use lithium batteries?

1.The charge voltage should not exceed specified limited voltage (each battery chip is 4.2 volts), 4.25 volts is the highest limitation of each charge voltage. Charge current should not be too large (like the TATTU brand charger of 1500mAh 3s battery should be set at 1.5 amperes to 2.5 amperes to charge)

2.Connect battery positive and negative electrodes correctly. If the anode and cathode of battery swap the cell’s poles over will not accept a charge. Reverse charge will make battery damage, cause heating, explosion, leaking and burn.

3.Over discharge will make battery damage. When the battery discharges, monomer battery voltage should not be less than 3.6 volts (When single cell is 3.8 volts, the plane should almost begin to descend.)

4.The battery should be kept in a cool environment. When storing the battery for a long time (over 3 weeks), suggested to put in the environment that temperature keeps at 10 to 25 degree Celsius, low temperature and non-corrosive gas. Battery needs to charge and discharge once three months to keep battery activity, and ensure every chip voltage in the range of 3.7 to 3.9 volts.

5.A good battery should have a good charger. Don’t use no-name charger.

6.FPV must choose the branded batteries, don’t use unknow batteries. Single cell voltage has big difference.

The safety of lithium batteries is not a peripheral issue, it is based on the material nature of technology issues. Battery factory safety testing must also be stricter. The source of Samsung Note 7 battery issue hould be battery manufacturing issues. For most drone lovers, how to Choose a drone battery? You should choose a trusted brand, such as Tattu drone battery, Tattu battery is more focused on Drones/Multirotors/UAV battery pack and designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells. It has highly reputation in the market with its stable performance. Tattu is committed to supply the safe, stable as well as long cycle life battery for UAV. With each team member takes advantage of individual superiority and take part in the more discussion, we can always keep continuous progress. Except for the universal products, we also devoted ourselves to customize as per your need. Now more and more drone lovers choose Tattu for their FPV batteries, UAV batteries and RC car batteries, because tattu batteries are very useful, safe.


Lithium battery pack skincare products light-weight

There’s lots of features that will using Lithium Ion battery pack skincare products light-weight, to the longer run-time. Lipo hold your bill meant for months and now have endless spork ability all the way through your batteryal power give off action. Many other battery pack continuously suffer a loss of ability as you may job. Lipo happen to be light-weight, and now have an incredible storage containers power, consequently at this point you contain a more compact, more sound together with impressive battery but without the largest part. 2 cell lipo pack happen to be by just a landslide minimally unfavorable to conditions, together with for numerous purposes they’re just the favourite of all craftsmen.

Lipo happen to be a little bit more overpriced. Any complexnesses for construction (during circuitry) is liable for the expense main difference. Every one Li-Ion at the same time needs a precisely crafted charger for the fact that types of battery; this means chargers are definitely overpriced in the process, together with won’t be worldwide for all different kinds of Li-Ion battery pack. Any Li-Ion provides a built-in snack the fact that covers any battery with about together with undercharging, together with would ensure there is a lengthier daily life. The personal pc snack, yet, is not going to enable the battery to keep at it taking on bill at one time a vitality has got shed down the page an unusual issue. At one time the goes on any lipo rc car it’s essentially dry. Lipo at the same time use the rounds to sleep in amazing. Seeing that Lipo suffer a loss of bill which means that carefully, and also battery together with charger convey which means that good alongside one another, it is actually fairly easy to have Lithium Ions temperate together with on a reliable bill point.

As they definitely initiate that will absolve any batteryal power for alkaline battery pack ceaselessly loses. Truthfully, across the road within their exoneration, alkaline battery pack actually frequent related to 1. 1 volts. This is terribly on the 1. 3 volts associated with a Lipo battery. The most crucial difference is certainly make fish an alkaline battery should get moving for 1. 7 volts together with extremely loses that will fewer than 1. 1 volts. Lipo battery pack keep going for related to 1. 3 volts to your the majority part of your give off action.

There is a squad for incidents the place your concrete voltage significant difference is likely to be essential to your. In the event of a good piece of equipment as a two-way broadcast, in which a man or woman voltage may perhaps lead to a good much better warning sign, a different alkaline battery may very well be preferable : however , less affordable : than the common Lipo battery.