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Low temperature battery

The low temperature lithium battery is a special battery specially developed for the low temperature defects inherent in the performance of chemical power sources. Adopting innovative design concepts, using advanced formula systems and materials, rigorous process manufacturing processes and methods, overcoming multiple technical bottlenecks, and developing low-temperature lithium battery series products. Low-temperature lithium batteries are classified into discharge energy-type low-temperature lithium batteries and rate-type low-temperature lithium batteries according to discharge performance.

Classification and application of low temperature battery

Low-temperature lithium batteries are classified according to discharge performance: energy storage type low temperature lithium battery and rate type low temperature lithium battery.

Low-temperature energy storage lithium batteries are widely used in military tablet computers, paratroopers, military navigation devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, special flight power supplies, satellite signal receiving devices, marine data monitoring devices, atmospheric data monitoring devices, outdoor video. Identification equipment, petroleum exploration, and testing equipment, railway monitoring equipment, outdoor power grid monitoring equipment, military warm shoes, vehicle backup power.

low temp battery application

Low-temperature rate lithium batteries are used in infrared laser equipment, glare-type armed police equipment, and acoustic armed police equipment.

Low-temperature lithium batteries are divided into application areas: military low-temperature lithium batteries, industrial low-temperature lithium batteries.

Divided into three series according to their use environment: civilian low temperature battery, special low temperature battery, extreme environmental low temperature battery,

A. civilian low-temperature lithium battery: -20 °C battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 80% of the rated capacity; -30 °C battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 50% of the rated capacity;

B. Special low-temperature lithium battery: 0.2C discharge of -40°C battery accounts for more than 80% of rated capacity; at -50°C, battery 0.2C discharge accounts for more than 30% of rated capacity;

C. Extreme environment low temperature lithium battery: When the temperature is -50 °C, the battery 0.2C discharge accounts for more than 50% of the rated capacity.

Low temperature battery custom manufacturer

1, low temperature battery custom manufacturer – Grepow

Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology new energy company specializing in the development, production, and power management system development of nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries. After decades of development, GREPOW has become one of the domestic advanced technology manufacturers of high-rate and large-capacity batteries.

With the steady improvement of the company’s market competitiveness, Grepow has become a custom manufacturer of low-temperature batteries with independent research and development and manufacturing. In the self-developed high-end manufacturing system and technological innovation, intellectual property protection, and other comprehensive capabilities, the company has greatly improved the difficulty and cost of domestic counterparts and formed the first echelon with internationally renowned companies in this professional market. Grapp will continue to adhere to the market demand-oriented, customer-centric, and continuously enhance product innovation.

2, Grepow low temperature shaped battery

Grepow low-temperature shaped battery can effectively improve the discharge performance of the battery in low temperature environment, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and achieve the effect of high-speed discharge. Therefore, its battery life is longer and its power is stronger. At low temperature, discharging at 0.2c at -30 °C, the discharge capacity of Grepow’s low temperature battery is still more than 80%, which is one of Grepow’s core technologies, with the following advantages:

A, low temperature discharge performance, the lowest at -40 ° C with 0.2c discharge, the efficiency of 60% or more; in the -30 ° C environment, with 0.2c discharge, the discharge capacity of 80%;

B, wide operating temperature range, -40 ° C to 50 ° C;

low temperature shaped battery

C, excellent low-temperature cycle performance, charging and discharging at 0.2c in -30 °C environment, the capacity is maintained above 85% after 300 cycles;

D, high-security performance, meet UL/CE/UN certification;

E, flexible size, can be customized according to customer needs in size and shape.Every shape is possible, such as the following:

Ultra Thin BatteryCurved BatteryRound Lipo BatteryTriangle BatteryHexagon BatteryUltra Narrow BatteryC Shape BatteryD Shape BatteryPolygonal Battery

F, with the ability to mass production, the battery consistency is good;

G, can generate large current at -40 ° C, maintaining large capacity;

H, in the working environment of -40 ° C, still maintain its excellent performance;

3, Grepow low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery

Grepow low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery is a new technology developed through long-term research and development. We have added special functional raw materials to the electrolyte. The excellent raw materials and technology ensure the high-efficiency discharge performance of the battery at very low temperatures. Has the following advantages:

A, using superposition technology, low internal resistance;

B, excellent low temperature performance: discharge at 0.5C at -40 ° C, discharge capacity exceeds 60% of the initial capacity; discharge at -35 ° C, C, 0.3C, discharge capacity exceeds 70% of the initial capacity;

D, wide operating temperature range, -40 ° C to 55 ° C;

E, can be charged at -20 ° C;

F, using lithium iron phosphate chemical substance, high safety, and long cycle life;

G, flexible size, can be designed according to customer needs for the size and shape of the battery.

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
Grepow Website:

Do you know about Grepow Company?

Inheriting 20 years of superb battery workmanship, Grepow has been always upholding the idea of high class and quality optimization in production. With outstanding pairing process, safe and reliable raw materials formula, steady and smooth discharge curve, rigorous quality control system, advanced automation equipment, research and development of cutting-edge technology and innovation of workmanship from over 200 people high end professional engineering team, Grepow is the only professional high power battery manufacturer in china that can produce NIMH, Li-PO, LI-FE batteries simultaneously yet maintaining very high standard within the industry. Grepow product is being sold to more than 60 countries around the world. The company has also set up its U.S and German Subsidiary.

The two brands Geshi ACE and Gensace were launched against domestic and overseas RC model markets, and have received a huge amount of responses. They have became very well known brands among RC model fans both domestic and abroad. Geshi ACE and Gensace have been always maintaining the very fine quality and have also gained a very good reputation. With their safe and reliable raw materials formula, advanced production process and rigorous quality control system, Geshi ACE and Gensace have made the batteries that are beloved by many RC model fans. The RC heli/airplane batteries are famous for its high capacity, long flying time, steady performance, outstanding aero shooting results, rarely puffing up and good cycling performance; while the RC cars batteries are showing off its brave, fearless character with its high C rate, super low internal resistance, high explosive strength and strong power during races.

Tattu has been launched few years ago in order to meet the market’s need. It can be separated into Tattu UAV battery and Tattu FPV battery lines. Tattu UAV batteries are industrial made specifically work for UAVs. It overturns the concept of RC models, and it precisely meets the need of UAV flight. It is a high-end UAV battery line that was recognized by the UAV industry once it was launched. Tattu FPV battery line is aiming at providing batteries that are more suitable for FPV racing. Tattu FPV battery come with super high C rate, high explosive power, very strong power drive, safe and reliable features. It was quickly become famous among both domestic and overseas market. It is the first choice and most-recommend to FPV pilots all around the world.

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The Right Way of Using the RC lipo Battery

At present, lipo battery becomes the mainstream of model airplane batteries. In everyday usage, we probably need to use three steps (recharge, discharge and maintaining). Today, I will tell everybody the right way of using the RC lipo battery from three aspects.


When you have a lipo battery, you are in no hurry to recharge, but read the battery specification carefully first. Recharge current, voltage and temperature can not be greater than the standard of the specification. What could happen if they are higher than the standard.

1.Using batteries higher than recommended current may cause problems of the battery discharge performance, mechanical property and the safety performance, and may cause heating and leakage, can greatly reduce the battery life.

2. Recharge voltage higher than recommended voltage may cause cell overcharged, usually caused by using in wrong charge way. (Like direct current charge)

3.The recharge temperature here is not the temperature caused by recharging but the environment temperature during the process of recharging. When you find the surface temperature anomalies, you should immediately end the charging.


1.Discharge current

Discharge current should not exceed the maximum discharge current specified by the battery. (Formula is „the number of milliampere divided by a thousand and then times the number C“ equals the maximum discharge current).

2.Discharge temperature

The battery must be discharged at the range of temperature specified by specification. When the surface temperature exceeds 60 degrees, should stop using, until the battery cool down to the room temperature.

3.Over discharge

Over discharge can cause fatal effect on the battery, so it is best not to make monomer battery voltage lower than 3.7 volts.

Battery storage

Battery should be stored in a cool environment. When you store battery for a long time (more than three months), suggest you put battery in the temperature of 10 to 25 degrees and low temperature, non-corrosive gas. The process of long-term storage, charging and discharging once every three months to keep the battery active, and ensure voltage in the range of 3.8 volts.

Finally, if you don’t mean to use a battery in the short term, be sure to remember that do not charge it fully before you keep it. This is to prevent the battery bulge in the process of preservation. The best maintaining method is storage. The voltage is monomer 3.8 volts

LED Fully Motorized Roof-mount Monitor

1)System: PAL/NTSC
2)Display Resolution:1280(W)*3(RGB)*800(H)
3)Built-in dual IR Transmitter
4)Built-in dual FM Transmitter(FM87.7-91.2MHZ)
5)Support 1280*800 Full HD video decode
6)Support MP4/MPG/RM/RMVB/AVI/MPEG/VOB/DIVX video format files
8)Display mode:16:9
9)Support 32GB TF Card
10)Built-in USB2.0 high-speed port
11)HDMI input and Two video input
12)Operating Voltage:DC12V/DC24V
13)Opening angle:115°
14)New design,the whole unit attached to the car roof perfectly
15)Open automatically after power on,Close automatically after power off

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How to choose RC lipo battery?

With the development of participation in playing aeromodelling, hobbyist has paid more and more attention on the selection of the RC lipo battery. For the selection of the RC lipo battery, it carries on the explanation mainly from two aspects of battery’s voltage and capacity:

1. Voltage of battery

Its voltage should be the same or a bit higher than the voltage of electric motor.

2. Capacity of battery

Unit of the battery capacity is AH, and there is the larger capacity and the larger size under the same voltage. For example, the electric motor has the working current of 10A and the voltage of 12V, which is 10A*12V= 120W. If equipped with the 12V/10AH batteries, the electric motor can work for an hour. If the rated working current of the 120W/12V DC motor is about 10A, its battery capacity is 40Wh when it works as the maximum power of 120W for 20 minutes, and the capacity required for the battery pack is about 12V4Ah, and the equipped lithium battery is power-type battery.

Structure of lithium battery

Usually, lithium batteries have two common types of shape, including cylinder shape and square shape. It is used the helical coiling structure as the internal of battery, and made intervals between the positive and negative electrodes by a kind of polyethylene film isolation material with high intricacy and strong permeability. The positive electrode is the current collector composed of lithium cobalt oxide and aluminum foil, and the negative electrode is the current collector composed of graphitized carbon material and copper foil. Battery is filled with organic electrolyte solution, and installed with safety valve and PTC components, in order to protect the battery from damage in abnormal conditions and when the output is short-circuited.

Why is lithium battery so popular?

1. High voltage and light weight features of lithium battery

The average voltage of a single battery can reach 3.7V or 3.2V. If customer requires the battery with the qualified voltage, lithium battery is the best choice as it can be composed of a lithium battery pack easily and provide convenient and efficient access to improve the voltage of lithium battery.

2. Compared with other battery, lithium battery has higher capacity and density

Lipo battery has high energy storage density, at present, density of the common used battery can reach 450-620Wh/kg, which is 5-7 times higher than the lead-acid battery. In addition, pollution is one of the most important problems considered when people prefer to use lithium battery.

3. Large capacity and long life

The weight of a single lithium battery is about 5-6 times of the lead-acid battery. Although there are less differences in weight between the lithium battery and polymer lithium battery, people prefer to choose the lithium battery as its capacity and life.
The service life of a single lithium battery can be above 6 years and even 9 years if nothing goes wrong. The normal quantity of use is more than 1000 times, if there are no accidents, it can be used beyond 1500 times.

4. Low self-discharge and no memory effect

Lithium battery is equipped with protection plate during the production, which can make the lithium battery have an effect of over-charge and discharge. As lithium batteries have high power tolerance, lithium batteries used for electric vehicle can produce high-performance charge and discharge of 15-30C for the high-strength acceleration performance in starting of the electric vehicle.


How to evaluate the quality of RC lipo battery?

It is so dazzling that there are numerous types of RC lipo battery on the market today. However, the quality of lithium polymer battery is a major worry for aeromodeller, and therefore, we today make popular scientific education about how to evaluate the quality of lithium polymer battery.

Most of current lithium polymer batteries and all the UAV batteries are the battery pack with composition of the connection in series and in parallel, including connection in series presenting as „S“ and connection in parallel presenting as „P“. For example, 3S battery means 3 chips connected in series, and 6S2P means 12 chips of battery core with 6 chips connected in series and 2 chips connected in parallel.

Why it does need to be connected in series or in parallel?

It is determined by the lithium polymer battery. It is connected in series for increasing voltage, while as connected in parallel for increasing capacity. The C rate of battery will never change with the connection in series or in parallel. The battery with high C rate is used in the low-power equipment, such as remote control and receiving of image transmission, which has no effect on the equipment as long as the voltage does not exceed to damage the equipment.

How to evaluate the quality of single-chip battery core and battery packs?

Performance valuation of single-chip battery core

1.Target rate of C: is the discharge rate can reach the identified rate value of the battery

In accordance with the industry standard, the C rate of a battery is evaluated by discharging with X rate of battery capacity, and the battery discharge is not lower than 3.50V and the discharge curve is smooth around 3.50V. The C rate of the battery is the maximum value of X, which is evaluated by various indicators, including pressure drop, holding capacity of pole piece, temperature, flatulence or not, safety, etc.

2.Target rate of capacity: The capacity can reach the identified capacity value of the battery

In general, high-quality battery core shall be designed with 3%-5% higher than the design capacity, which is used in the high-quality battery chip of China’s major plants, with a single capacity around 5200MAH.

3.Cycling life

There is no standard outlining how long is the cycling life of lithium polymer battery in the current industry, due to the cycling life has a close link with battery production process. Through analyzing the current test data, it indicates that the capacity of the battery is decreased in various degrees by each process of charging and discharging.

Performance valuation of lithium polymer battery packs

High-quality single battery core may not produce a high-quality lithium polymer battery pack, but high-quality polymer battery pack must be composed of high-quality battery cores, which is related to the matching problems. Matching is a very complicated technique with high requirements for the equipment, which requires a battery pack composed of battery cores consistent with all capacity, the C rate and attenuation rate. Life of the battery pack is shortened by a large difference in any one of the three indicators, while as the similar values of the three indicators indicate improved performance of the battery pack to ensure flight safety.

To give an illustration

For example, 30C 3S 5000mAh lipo battery. The battery match with the capacity of three batteries are 5120MAH, 5120MAH and 5320MAH respectively, and all three batteries are charged to 4.20 V. After discharging 5000MAH on the model airplane, the remaining capacity of the three batteries are 120MAH, 120MAH and 320MAH respectively, which causes voltage unbalance in the battery pack by high voltage in the 320MAH battery and low voltage in the other two batteries, as certain relationship between capacity and voltage. In the case of discharging to 5150MAH, two batteries may actually change into reverse charging situation, and it may be wrongly assumed that the battery pack still has power as one battery has voltage, which will definitely affect the life of the battery pack.

This is caused only by the unbalance in the capacity. If there is a large difference in the C rate, it may cause unbalance during the charging process and ultimately affects the battery pack’s life, even with the same capacity, which is for the reason that the more discharging rate with a high C rate, and the less power consumption.

Therefore, it is a simple way to evaluate a battery is whether a high-quality lithium polymer battery or not.


Step 1: full of electricity, and make sure every single battery in the same pack with the voltage of 4.20V;

Step 2: install the battery pack on a aircraft and wait for each single battery’s voltage around 3.66 V;

Step 3: separate testing the voltage difference on each single battery, and the qualified high-quality battery has the voltage difference in 0.01V.

In addition, single measuring voltage of the high accuracy digital multimeter shall be prevail, and it is better to measure by a digital mutimeter in thousands.

Consider You To Insight Into the UAV Terms

Are you currently occasionally truly feel puzzled when see some good nouns about UAV? Do you actually get what they imply at some point? Now we’ll take some pretty regular UAV terms to explain and fully grasp them deeply.


The phrase UAS(unmanned aircraft process)includes the drone and any ground and remote programs which can be utilized to control the flight in the vehicle which include software programming.


A drone or perhaps a UAV(UAV BATTERY),which stands for Unmanned Aerial Automobile,can be created from the form of the helicopter,an airplane,or multirotor.So,by well-liked terminology, any automobile that flies and doesn’t possess a pilot inside the cockpit manually steering it would be a drone.It may very well be managed by a human by way of a remote or by pre-programmed laptop application.tend to be favored for missions which might be too“dull, dirty or dangerous“for manned aircraft.They have and are mostly found in military and unique operation applications. Even though,UAVs are increasingly discovering utilizes in civil and recreational applications,this kind of as policing and surveillance, aerial filming,and drone racing.Often,UAV is the very same meaning as drone.



A helicopteris a kind of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are provided by rotors.This allows the helicopter to vertical take-off and landing(VTOL),and also to fly forward,backward,and laterally.These attributes permit helicopters for being employed in congested or isolated places,which suggests that it doesn’t have higher requirement on the working spot.It could be controlled by a human by means of a remote or by pre-programmed laptop computer software.


A multirotor or multicopter can be a rotorcraft with a lot more than two rotors.An benefit of multirotor aircraft would be the easier rotor mechanics demanded for flight manage. Contrary to single- and double-rotor helicopters which use complicated variable pitch rotors whose pitch varies because the blade rotates for flight stability and management,multirotors usually use fixed-pitch blades;manage of vehicle movement is accomplished by various the relative pace of every rotor to change the thrust and torque developed by just about every.


As a result of their ease of the two development and manage,multirotor aircraft are commonly made use of in radio management aircraftand UAV projects in which the names tricopter, quadcopter,hexacopter and octocopter are frequently used to refer to 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-rotor helicopters,respectively.


Fixed Wing Aircraft(Airplane)

A fixed-wing aircraft is definitely an aircraft,such as an aeroplane,which is capable of flight using wings that generate lift induced by the vehicle’s forward airspeed and the form with the wings. Fixed-wing aircraft are distinct from rotary-wing aircraft,by which the wings type a rotor mounted on the spinning shaft,through which the wings flap in equivalent manner to a bird.Fixed-wing aircraft’s landing and taking-off demands much more open field.


First-person view (FPV),also called remote-person view (RPV),or just video piloting,can be a method employed to regulate a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot’s view stage. Most frequently it is utilised to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft or other variety of unmanned aerial motor vehicle (UAV).The vehicle is either driven or piloted remotely from a first-person standpoint by means of an onboard camera.When use FPV(FPV battery),the perdon will put on a pair of committed glasses,and people can see the view simultaneously from the camera inside the FPV.

All above UAV I stated are electric but not fuel variety,so they require battery to support for functioning.The battery I choose is gens ace 2s lipo,whose high-quality and service is exceptional.Have a consider,my friend!

How To Reduce The Potential Risk Of Drones?

The low-cost of buying and operating remotely piloted aircraft (drones) for commercial use has opened up a world of opportunity. With drones uses emerging in search and rescue, surveying, crop dusting and even deliveries, accidents, injuries and the potential for lawsuits are bound to follow. Some businesses are beginning to look at opportunities to revolutionize how basic services and dangerous tasks might be performed in the future. However, to revolutionize drones and make it more widely used, solving the potential risk of drones is the first and foremost task.


1. Natural Environment

Drones should avoid flying in complex terrain as far as possible to ensure the safety problem. We can’t fly drones in storm, high temperature and high humidity, rainy, cold or windy days. But on the other hand, many dangerous missions can be only done by drones.Then we need to adjust our mind, after all, the pilot’s life is far more important than drone’s.

2. Safety by design

The responsibility of safe drone use does not just fall on the user. Manufacturers have recognised the importance of technology in developing drone safety.

The spareparts like flight control system, motors, prepellers, ESC and esc. Parts made by manufacturers should be in stable quality that they won’t easily broken, spcially in flying. And the drones battery used are supposed to be in good quality and condition, or the drone would drop down once the battery cann’t work and support it. A good 2s 7.4v lipo battery like Tattu,Turnigy with excellent and stable and they are lighter, so they are well recommended here for you.


3. Misoperation

When flying in the sky, drones need to be operated and controlled by pilots on the ground. Cause drones autopilot cannot think, the flying track is completely controlled by command of ground pilots.

To avoid errors caused by accident, on the one hand, the flight control system should be made more intelligent and has alarm function to the wrong operation.On the other hand, pilots should also improve operating level to fly more stable and professional.

4. Reduce the weight

Weight is one of the most effective way to reduce the potential risk of drones. This will come true with the emerging of light-duty and miniaturization of equipments and materials. On the other hand, multirotors equipped with parachute is another good choice to reduce the impact when drones falling.

5.Set no-fly zone

Geo-fencing, is an on-board GPS and mapping system (also known as „cyber fences“) which prevents drones from flying into restricted airspace. There is a recognised need at the European Commission to encourage investment in technologies that are required to integrate drones into the aviation systems covering European airspace.

As long as no flying in the densely populated areas, a drone’s crash won’t cause a severe damage to human. But in the densely populated area, the negative impact of drone’s crash will increase greatly. Without special approval, drones should not be flying in the densely populated are which will result in life risks. In addition, in the sparsely area, pilots can send massage to surrounding people to improve safety coefficient.

To improve drones’ safety and efficiency is the first step for more widely and variety used in many areas, so it requires manufacturers and hobbists effort together. Keep in mind the above 5 points, we will fly and enjoy our hobby in a more pleasant and safely environment.


Do you want to know more things about UAVs?

With the development of Dji and X-zero, we can buy a aerial device at the price of thousand dollars which sold at least ten thousand each one. But as more and more teams enter into the market, identical function and appearance can not satisfy consumers. So the price is the major element to attract consumers.

UAV control is a technology activity. It is easily influenced by environment. Although the UAV at the mid-high level is equipped with automatic return function it still does not apply to a complex environment because of their accuracy and reaction. Moreover it is too complex for shooting when you are control ling the aircraft.

In fact, there are many areas of UAV capabilities need to be explored. Follow us GREPOW(5000mah lipo battery) to predict the new features of the UAV in the feature according to the products and technology existed.

Four axises + fixed wing aircraft = Deformable structure?

It is reported by Geeks Park a deformable UAV designed by Tesla who comes from British. The biggest bright spot of the UAV is it can meet the requirements of different shooting through its deformation. There are two different flight postures of aircrafts. When they need stability it will shoot like a „helicopter“. If you need high speed with the film it will fly immediately through becoming „tiltrotor aircraft“.


Similarly, in an interviewing with Geeks park a domestic professional aerial equipment manufacturing company, the company’s CEO also pointed out that the four-axis aircraft flight is with few flying postures, low speed and easily to be influenced by crosswind because of the monolithic construction. But the fixed wing aircraft could remain stable under high-speed flight. If the “ Variable type “ is introduced to UAVs the environment of them could be expanded with increasing speed and high safety.


However, because the operator can not view flight environment in time the safety of a flying UAV is not able to be improved from the consideration of structure or even may have crashed. If you want to avoid impact of the external accidents The UAV should designed with the function of avoiding obstacles by itself.

Avoiding obstacle and following with the film

Dji has released its next-generation UAV conceptual model called Phantom X it has the functions of following with the film, controlling an array of unmanned aerial vehicles with a mobile device. If you want the UAVs to fly following with the film or do a Array flight, there must be a certain autonomous founctions as obstacle avoidance and distance detection which also can be a judgement to define the UAVs.

“So many people in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, but do not know how to prevent these things which can lead us to fall into trouble. “ said doctoral Andrew, “Laser radar mounted on drones and establish the flight path in advance is unrealistic. If we want the UAV to fly at a high speed. We need better and faster need to algorith ms.“ Andrew Barry team let each UAV fly 10 meters and draw the next section of the route without considerating the flying of the following 10 meters.


New Exploration of aerial mode

In addition to aerial and follower function with the film, with the development of panoramic camera and VR technology, unmanned aerial vehicles in the shooting mode will have some breakthrough.

Geeks Park, at a venture exchange, was also experienced drones racing team combined VR and UAV. Compared to ordinary racing machine, vision provided by VR is more extensive. But if you fly it at high speed it will definitely affect the bit rate of the return video thus affecting the image quality at the receiving end. If you want to solve this problem a more stable and efficient wireless communication should be established with the input device. Currently, wireless transmission scheme used by the majority of drones. It supports data transfer of 4M bps, and can be effectively against harmonic interference. But the maximum bit rate can only support 720P and can not meet the public demand.


The biggest problem is to prolong the flying time

Through a series of products’ experience and the recent exposure of a variety of news the development of the future UAV is clearly. Overall UAVs are accelerating the pace of its development in structural, technical, aerial mode and so on. But it still has a critical problem to be solved – the flying time.


Currently lithium batteries are very popular in Civil UAVs, but the small volume of a single lithium-driven UAV flight the longest flying time is no longer than half an hour. And the time would be shorter if you want to ensure the difficult shooting not to mention the cutting-edge features such as panoramic camera and following automatically .

Two aspects we need to considerate when comes to the ability of UAV to keep flying. „power“ and „Battery capacity“ .To reduce power consumption, it is bound to make a considerable compromise on features, configurations. If you want UAV to be able to do more things the power consumption will be increasing. The four rotors of quadcopter and aerial itself are the major parts for power consumption so UAV battery capacity has to be increased but the overall size of which in turn will affect the UAV. We can say that the UAV can not be a breakthrough if there is no a term of battery matching them.


Intelligence of UAV lipo Batteries

In terms of a business perspective pattern , UAV lipo batteries intelligence , is a good direction and forms. Conversely , this form also makes a more profitable business model potential. Around us , the smart lithium battery is everywhere, notebook computers, mobile phones , and many mobile devices, have adopted smart lithium battery. UAV power lithium battery , it is the transition to smart lithium .

1.Solve over discharge problems spawned smart batteries

For non- disposable batteries, namely rechargeable batteries, over-discharge is the most annoying thing . Over-discharge means that the battery performance degradation. To avoid over- discharging the battery pack in the people has increased by over- discharge protection circuit , when the discharge voltage drops below a preset voltage, battery -powered stop outside . However, the actual situation is even more complicated , such as laptops , unmanned aerial vehicles , electric vehicles, because if you avoid battery discharge immediately stop power supply , then the computer will immediately shut down, too late to save a lot of data ; unmanned aerial vehicles, will direct fall from the sky ; electric vehicles will be anchored in without warning . Thus , the smart battery discharge battery protect themselves off just the last line of defense , before that , managing circuit also calculates the end of life, to provide early warning for the user , so the user has enough time to take appropriate safety measures .

Life time calculation and distance flown , the flight altitude , the current motor output power and other factors. These factors are dynamic, and the range of changes can be large , all the data needed to calculate in real time , which for the smart lithium battery management chip , algorithm design will make very high demands .


2.Solve charge and keep problems spawned smart batteries

Nowadays, lithium batteries have been very popular. As we all know , lithium battery charging , there are special requirements . The second is currently a large number of lithium batteries using a multi- core string and form , since the batteries of individual differences , resulting in the charge and discharge can not be 100% balanced , and therefore a perfect charge management circuit is particularly necessary. And this is the smart lithium battery to have the second function – to improve the lithium battery pack charge management , and discharge management .

3.Solve batteries power detection problems spawned smart batteries

Conventional battery voltage to be detected , the need for additional connection detection means , such as a voltmeter , etc. , and this can not be detected in real time during the flight . There is no more convenient and intuitive way to let users know in real time the remaining battery charge and other information we trust? Yeah , which requires battery management circuitry to complete.

4.Solve electrode contacts electrically rot aging problems spawned smart batteries

Maybe you have the impression that when the battery is connected to the moment drone on , plug sparks , accompanied by the sound of ignition . Over time, the reliability of the connection plug is lowered , and will lead to heat the plug , even the air melted. Plug problems caused by aging drone crash cases are not uncommon. To solve this problem , smart lithium battery management circuitry and also play a role .

5.Solve batteries copyright problems spawned smart batteries

Smart lipo batteries get a good copyright protection , on the one hand provide only original lithium battery, the battery can be better guaranteed quality , consistency better, and better reliability theory .

Above five points , the battery management circuit ( smart 14.8v lipo battery management module ) close contact with the original ecological battery together into a common forms of intelligent lithium battery . Smart lithium advantages are many, these “ intelligent“ to bring users the reliability , ease of use .