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How sports flooring can become a pioneer in “low carbon and environmental protection”

SC-ZSfloor sports flooring believes that although many flooring companies claim to be „green“ and „formaldehyde-free“ products in brand promotion, they do not actually achieve low-carbon environmental protection. The so-called „low-carbon“ and „environmental protection“ „It is a kind of speculation. Although it fits with the development of the times, people’s requirements for low-carbon and environmentally friendly life. However, this is inconsistent with the low carbon environmental protection policy advocated by the state, and is not conducive to better meeting the needs of the market and consumers. Therefore, the interlocking indoor sport surface industry urgently needs to formulate relevant environmental standards and carry out effective regulation.
According to industry insiders, in recent years, a series of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies have been introduced, and the real estate industry’s procurement of flooring will be biased towards new, low-carbon, environmentally friendly products. This choice of the real estate industry will speed up the exit of non-energy-saving and non-environmental flooring materials to a certain extent, and promote the development of the flooring industry to a low-carbon environmental protection road, which will lead to the birth of a large number of low-carbon, environmentally-friendly new flooring companies. The entire flooring industry will usher in a new era.

The environmental protection of the floor is first reflected on the floor substrate. Whether it is for health reasons or for attention to environmentally friendly products, consumers are increasingly biased towards flooring products made from environmentally friendly sheets. At present, the particle board, MDF and other boards on the market have reached environmental protection standards, and it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers. This requires the development of system standard rules to promote the healthy development of the low carbon environmental protection road in the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring industry.

From the current market point of view, as an industry closely related to the environment, flooring and other home building materials industry will inevitably become the forerunner of “low carbon environmental protection”. The concept of “low-carbon and environmental protection” occupies a higher and higher position in the development of China’s home furnishing industry. Floor companies should keep pace with the times. In the process of development, they should always pay attention to market changes and link product hotspots with consumer markets. Adjusting the marketing strategy can develop healthily.

Many sports flooring companies are limited by their own business philosophy. They always think that service is cost and cannot form profit. Therefore, they are not willing to invest in services. As a result, services have not become the driving force for enterprise development. As a sports flooring company, we must think deeply about how to shift the service from cost center to profit center. Because many companies understand that the first batch of products are sold by advertisements; the second batch of products are sold by shopping guides; the third batch of products are sold by customers, but customers are willing to help companies sell An important prerequisite for products is that they are very satisfied with the services provided by the company.

As for how to improve the quality of after-sales service of sports flooring companies, some insiders said that it is an important way to establish a sound service system. It is understood that this is one of the ways to solve after-sales service jointly identified by the industry. There are many types of flooring products, outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking manufacturers, enterprises need to strengthen the professional quality construction of terminal installation and sales personnel; sellers and manufacturers need to establish a bridge of smooth communication; plus the popularity of service outlets in various regions, guarantee Staff can communicate with consumers in a timely manner.

If quality products are the key to winning the consumer market, then quality service is the escort of quality products. In the current Chinese market for price wars and service wars, SC-ZSfloorPVC flooring always adheres to the principle of high-quality products and high-quality services, and strives to shape the brand image and make the sports floor well-known.

Hot welding is a common method for PVC sports floor construction

Hot welding is recommended for all PVC sports flooring. We also recommend heat welding of sheets laid in the interlocking indoor sport surface heating system. In order to obtain the best welding effect, it is necessary to leave a minimum of 48 hours after the plastic is laid, waiting for the adhesive to dry naturally, and then performing grooving and heat welding.

Material preparation and tools: special welding rod, heat welding machine, crescent knife, welding rod flattener:

The heat welding process allows the two sides of the seam to be evenly fused. The ground material is heat welded using a heat gun and a special electrode made of the same material as the ground material. This will ensure long-lasting seals and extend the life of the flooring. Generally, the welding rod is solid color, and similar colors can be used for the welding of the PVC sports floor. General PVC sports flooring manufacturers can provide special welding rods, but the price is slightly more expensive. It is also a manufacturer specializing in the production of interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring welding rods. You can send the color plates to you, and the manufacturer can provide you with suitable welding rods in time, which is very convenient. The price of the electrode is generally less than 1 yuan / meter. There are three basic processes for welding: slotting, heat welding, and weld flattening.

1. Slotting:

The tool must be slotted with a U-shaped knife edge to ensure that the special electrode can be tightly bonded to the ground material (you can use the electric or manual grooving tool) to keep the notch clean and free of debris. Slotting requires symmetric grooving of the two sides of the web, not just unilateral grooving. Slotting should not pass through the bottom.

The depth of the notch depends on the thickness and type of the welding material and the diameter of the dedicated electrode.

Slotting requirements: Note that the depth of the notch must not exceed 1/2 of the diameter of the special electrode, nor exceed 2/3 of the thickness of the material.

2. Heat welding:

Before the weld is welded, the dust and debris remaining in the tank must be removed.

The temperature of the heat welding must be adjusted according to the type of ground material used and the type of special electrode.

Judgment standard for temperature: It can effectively weld the electrode, but it will not overheat the electrode or PVC coil.

The torch temperature is about 350 degrees, and the temperature of the welder is different.

The torch temperature is about 350 degrees, and the temperature of the welder is different.

The temperature and speed of the heat welding must be adjusted according to the actual situation. Before hands-on operation, it is best to find some scraps to do some exercises, pay attention to the reaction of the electrode, because the welding temperature, speed and the strength of the use have a direct impact on the effect of heat welding.

3. Welded joints are flat:

When the electrode is completely cooled, the remaining raised portion is removed using a electrode trimmer or a crescent cutter. When cutting, pay attention to the average speed cutting to increase the beauty of the electrode after cutting.

How can I buy an environmentally friendly kindergarten floor?

The design of the space environment determines the growth of children and the perception of the nature of society. The interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring manufacturer stated that a good design environment can help young children to form a correct mind and personality foundation, and at the same time, with the influence of the kindergarten environment, it helps children to understand the different perspectives of different teaching environments. Professional kindergartens must create a colorful living environment and favorable conditions for children. This is the material basis for children’s happiness and progress. The kindergarten environment can promote the development of children’s intelligence, deepen the child’s intellectual enlightenment, and directly affect the child’s future learning. It can help children develop good habits. Good habits are good for people. Such as good living habits, eating habits, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, study habits and so on. According to the sc-zsfloor suspension floor manufacturer, the kindergarten environment can promote the development of children’s body. Children need to create a good environment for their parents, and their children need parental care. It also affects the formation of children’s worldviews. Without good education, there is no good habit; without good habits, the sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers indicate that they will produce bad behavior.

A good cultural environment refers to a positive, progressive and rich cultural pursuit, respecting knowledge and respecting the cultural environment. The sincere emotional environment mainly refers to the right of kindergarten environmental workers who express their sincere love and love to children; comfortable The physical environment mainly refers to providing a basic material basis for the healthy growth of children. The sc-zsfloor sports ground material believes that a good environment is a necessary condition for children to grow up. If children want to grow up healthily in the environment, they must create a good environment for their growth.

Children spend most of their time in contact with new things. Don’t think that you feel unbelievable. interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring manufacturers pointed out that children are in contact with the outside world, just from the heart of loving the environment, and more importantly, they are not seeing blue sky and white clouds. But the floor and the partners in their eyes, a beautiful assembled floor will greatly stimulate the children’s sports interest, the fun of younger friends than any entertainment facilities, and the health of the child is still the starting point for development, often easy to fall, When faced with the spread of the „Poison Runway“ incident, kindergartens should learn the lesson. If your child accidentally uses toxic materials to lay the floor in kindergarten, the increase in children in the fall may lead to a series of symptoms such as skin infections, poisoning, etc. Being irresponsible to children will cause irreparable harm to the image of the kindergarten!
Don’t ignore the importance of kindergarten flooring, but what kind of flooring should we choose? Wood floor: cost is too high, not easy to maintain, can not move; PVC floor: high cost, difficult to maintain, can not move; cement floor: this is not concerned; assembled floor: low cost, easy maintenance, you can build your own, you can move freely Therefore, assembling the floor is a good choice for kindergarten floor materials! The material used in the kindergarten suspended floor is made of food grade material PP, non-toxic and tasteless, and environmentally friendly. The unique structural design of the product is very good for anti-slip and anti-fall. It is specially flexible and has invisible protection for children’s knees, ankles, back and cervical joints. It helps to improve the children’s exercise. Children can enjoy the children’s runway. Running training can greatly avoid sports injuries. At the same time, the outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking can be customized according to the user’s color and pattern, which is a good visual training for children.

Is it toxic to use the basketball court to assemble the floor?

The outdoor basketball court floor material uses the basketball court special assembly floor to have no poison. The answer is yes, no.

Floating assembled floor is a professional basketball ground floor material – plastic assembled floor manufacturer, using high quality modified polypropylene (PP) as raw material, suitable for indoor and outdoor sports stadiums and fitness venues. Compared to wood flooring and PVC plastic flooring, the suspension sports assembled flooring is more sporty and flexible, and the price and after-sales cost are lower.

The interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring used in the basketball court is made of pure food grade modified polypropylene material, which is safe and hygienic, non-toxic and odorless, and does not contain heavy metals and harmful components such as formaldehyde, molybdenum, toluene and TOVC. At the same time, the assembled floor also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-mite, waterproof, no bacteria, and renewable recycling. The sc-zsfloor suspension assembling floor is a „two-type technical product“ that conforms to international environmental protection standards. It is the first choice for sports flooring for enterprises, institutions, primary schools, universities and colleges as well as kindergarten outdoor venues.

With the continuous development of the domestic assembled floor market, the manufacturing process of the suspended assembled floor used by the basketball court floor material is more and more mature, and its profit margin is becoming smaller and smaller, and the price is more and more transparent. For the majority of consumers, this is a good thing. However, there are many bad producers on the market. In order to reduce costs, cut corners, shoddy, and add talc or recycled materials to the raw materials. The direct consequence of this is that the floor’s sports performance is greatly reduced, the service life is greatly reduced, and even the product contains volatile toxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and heavy metal components.

Therefore, sc-zsfloor wants to remind everyone to choose the best quality products when purchasing outdoor plastic assembled sports flooring. Don’t just pursue the cheap price, but the small loss. After all, health is more important than other factors!

The interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring of outdoor sports field produced by high-quality raw materials is environmentally friendly, safe and healthy. The sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturer is non-toxic and odorless, and has excellent cushioning performance, which will not cause harm to our body!

Excellent elasticity, no need for bonding, safety, wear resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, cleaning, simple maintenance, convenient disassembly and assembly, bright colors, high cost performance, landscaping and interest in sports.

The site is flat, strong in hardness, wear-resistant, long in service life, bright in color and resistant to ultraviolet rays; not easy to fade, various colors, convenient protection, non-toxic and harmless; environmentally friendly materials, moderate cost and high grade

First, the assembled floor basketball court overall beautiful and generous.
The assembled floor is even and thin, with bright color and flatness, which gives the athletes a sense of pleasing to the eye. The most critical assembly floor can be used in different colors, different from the traditional basketball court, creating an exclusive basketball court.

Analysis of the popular reasons of assembling basketball courts
Second, the assembled floor basketball court is good for health.

The assembled floor basketball court has good elasticity and anti-slip performance. The outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking has superior shock absorption, ball rebounding force, anti-friction and load capacity, which can control the light reflection of the site and provide sufficient friction to the athletes. Good foot feeling can play a role in protecting athletes‘ joint health while exercising.
Third, the assembled floor basketball court has a wide range of applications, which can meet various competition requirements.

Assembled flooring can be individually designed and paved according to different needs of different venues, and the site marking is also formed once, not easy to fall off, eliminating the trouble of frequent scribing.
Fourth, assembling the floor basketball court paving and maintenance is convenient and easy.

Assembled floor basketball court assembled floor products are block-shaped, specifications, colors, tailored, can be directly paved on the cement or asphalt base surface, no bonding, each floor is connected with a unique lock, DIY It is easy to assemble by heart, loading and unloading, partial maintenance and overall migration. Assembled flooring can maintain a bright color in a variety of harsh weather conditions, and it is not easy to age and deformation, so no special maintenance is required.