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Measures to Control Zinc Ash of GL Coil

Measures to control zinc ash on the surface of the GL Galvalumed Steel Coil made in China.

1. Optimize the furnace nose nitrogen humidification system

The humidification system can raise the dew point temperature so that the zinc vapor forms a protective film on the surface of the zinc liquid to inhibit the evaporation of the zinc liquid. When the dew point temperature is improperly controlled, excessive water vapor may cause defects. Therefore, the optimum furnace nose dew point temperature should be determined in practice.

2. The zinc slag cleaning in the nose of the furnace

  • Make a special spoon for the slag, and clean the scum in the nose of the furnace 2-3 times per shift.
  • Increasing the zinc dross adsorption and removal device in the nose of the furnace, and blowing the external hot air into the closed furnace nose through the fan.
  • Using the downtime, reduce the zinc pot, expose the zinc liquid surface at the nose of the furnace, and manually slag.

3. Strip steel temperature control

Strictly control the temperature of GL Galvalumed Steel Coil made in China into the zinc pot. Because the temperature of the strip exceeds 20°C of zinc liquid, it will not only increase the temperature of the zinc pot but also increase the amount of zinc slag.

Galvalumed Steel Coil Characteristics

GL Galvalumed Steel Coil made in China

1. Heat reflective:
GL Galvalumed Steel Coil made in China have a high heat reflectivity, which is twice that of galvanized steel sheets, which are often used as insulation materials.
2. Heat resistance:
The aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate has good heat resistance and can withstand temperatures of more than 300 degrees Celsius. It is similar to the high-temperature oxidation resistance of aluminized steel sheets and is often used in chimney tubes, ovens, illuminators, and fluorescent lamps. Corrosion resistance:
The corrosion resistance of galvanized steel coils is mainly due to the protective function of aluminum and aluminum. When the zinc is worn, the aluminum forms a layer of dense alumina that prevents the corrosion-resistant material from further corroding the interior.
3. Economical:
Since the density of 55% of AL-Zn is smaller than the density of Zn, the aluminum-zinc-plated steel sheet is larger than the area of the plated steel sheet by 3% or more in the case where the weight is the same as that of the gold-plated layer.
4. Easy to paint
Excellent adhesion between the galvanized sheet and paint lacquered without pretreatment and weathering.
The coating of the gold-plated zinc-plated steel plate has excellent adhesion. Therefore, without the pre-treatment of the zinc plate such as Weathering, the characteristics of the galvanized plate can be directly coated on the advertising plate and the general plate.
5. Aluminized zinc plated steel has a silvery white ornate surface.
6. Galvanized steel sheets have similar processing properties and spray properties to galvanized steel sheets.