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How to experience the fun of flying FPV for beginners

The FPV just like the F1 racing car in the drone, which uses the first person view to control. In the process of flight, through the specified arches, high-speed turns sideways, all-around flips to control the flight. Then, when beginners to play FPV, how to fly it and what to attention?

1. Flight Security

The FPV hitting obstacles is inevitable with a high-speed flight in the air. So most of FPV have a anti-fall. But we should to pay more attention to the flight safety, avoiding to hurts somebody.

2. Choose Open Place

For the FPV racing, it just like the F1 racing car, there is a corresponding runway. For beginners, the FPV is suitable for flying in an open environment. Indoor or small-scale place is dangerous. And don‘ choose place that have many trees,people or other obstacles.
You can search for open site on the website to practice. When your skill have high level, you can set arch to practice operations, and also to plan the special flight routes to increase the difficulty..

3. FPV Battery

The battery is also the key to experience the fun of flying FPV. At present, most of FPV battery flight time is about 10 to 20 minutes. So in order to flight more long time you can prepare more FPV batteries or choose the best lipo battery brand .

For the battery, I recommend the Tattu FPV batteries, they have a strong burst, high capacity and long flight time. At present, a lot of FPV drone pilots are using their batteries,such as 1300mAh lipo,1050mah lipo and 1800mah lipo battery, and they made outstanding achievements. So, the Tattu battery is worth to recommend and trust.

4. FPV image transmission

For beginners, it is very necessary to have a FPV image transmission display device. It is very helpful to determine the flight path, especially the direction control. Visual flight is a kind of training method for masters. So, the video display device is necessary, and the best choice to have high definition VR glasses.

5. An assembly or a set

In the FPV drone, the aircraft wheel base is usually used to distinguish the FPV. In addition to the difference in size, the flexibility, speed control, battery capacity and other aspects are different. When the size of wheelbase is large, the load bearing can also be increased, and the battery ,the beginners, the balanced 250 series which has the stable GPS is more suitable, and it is easier to control, so as not to burst.

FPV is a very interesting type of aerial UAV. With goggle glasses, Have a fun of flying FPV.


Introductory tutorial of FPV Drone

You will have fun if you are a FPV tyro expecting to operate a FPV drone casually but you have no suitable measures. Now we are providing a detailed introductory tutorial for you, hoping it can help you improve from an inexperienced rookie to a skillful veteran.

1. If you have never seen quadcopter, you need to buy a mini one like a toy. Although it looks very inconspicuous, but it has a genuine advantage that a formal FPV can’t compare with.

Firstly, it is extremely difficult to operate a FPV. Operating a FPV excellently needs long-terms accumulated skills. It is inevitable to land unsafely. So we need a mini quadcopter with low price and high safety to practice.

Secondly, a broad flying space is needed to operate a FPV, but mini quadcopter has seldom requirement for flying, with which you can practice at home.

For the two reasons above, do not start directly with the machine if you have no contact with quadcopter, which is very expensive and dangerous.

You can plan to buy a FPV when you are familiar perfectly with mastering a mini quadcopter.

After all, what kind of model should be chosen as the first FPV?

There are two kinds of FPV in the market. One is RTF (ready to fly) UAV which means you can operate it as soon as you get it. Another one needs you to choose and buy body frame, motor, screw propeller and relative electronic component, then assembly and test them.

If you have strong manipulative ability, we strongly recommend second plan because the process of DIY for UAV is full of pleasure. Moreover, you will get many various skills in the process, which will help you a lot in the future.

3.Structure of FPV drone

You have to be aware of the structure of FPV drone no matter what kind of plan you choose. A FPV can be divided into several parts below.
The body frame: the frame of the plane.

Four motors: used to drive the propeller rotation

Four ESC (electronic speed controller): used to adjust electric current and supply power for motors.

Four screw propellers: rotating generates pulling to drive the plane to fly

Flight controller: the brain of FPV controlling various flying posture

FPV Lipo battery: supply power for the FPV

Transmitter and receiver: used to transmit your control command to the FPV.

The components above can let the FPV fly and do some easy flying exercise. But if you want to enjoy real FPV, you need to ask help from the components below.

The camera and image transmission: used to transmit first view images seen from the FPV

FPV glass or screen: used to output the image seen from the FPV and give you an experience you are operating the plane.

Antenna: used too enlarge the signal from image transmission.

Having equipped with all the components above, you will go into the world of FPV. If you want to share your flying video, a HD camera is needed.

4 .Flying

You can fly with your friend when you can master a FPV skillfully.

5.Cautions for safety

Firstly, do not flying in crowded place.

Secondly, ensure the UAV are free by adjusting image signal before flying

Thirdly, practice with mini quadcopter before flying FPV. Besides, you are suggested to try with FPV after you are familiar with mini quadcopter.

Fourthly, ensure the power is sufficient before your flying or prepare several spare batteries because over-long continuation of flying journey contents you more and avoids crash from air for lack of power. Tattu battery is suggested for its long-time continuation and strong explosive.