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Preparation for suspension assembled floor installation

Base treatment: The first step in paving a suspended assembled floor is the base treatment. The basic treatment is mainly carried out on the five major problems of “sand, tide, concave, convex and crack” on the ground. The problem ground is repaired to form a new base layer, avoiding the elastic double tier sport flooring arching caused by the original base layer hollowing and cracking.

Leveling the ground: After doing the basics, you need to level the ground. If the ground is not flat, not only will the skirting line have a gap, the overall floor will be uneven, and there will be abnormal noise, which will seriously affect the quality of the floor.

The self-leveling leveling construction is a relatively advanced ground construction technology on the market, which can ensure that the height difference of the original ground is no more than 3 mm per square meter. Self-leveling can make the ground more flat and ensure the quietness of the floor. At the same time, it will make the ground stronger, avoid arching under the floor, and ensure that there is no air barrier between the ground and the floor, which increases the thermal conductivity of the ground.

In the installation of elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court, workers mix a variety of materials with water into a liquid substance. After pouring it into the ground, the liquid substance can flow according to the level of the ground, and automatically level the ground. Quick drying, the cured ground will form a smooth, flat, seamless new base.

Sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers Tips: If you are doing general cement leveling, be sure to leave time for the cement to fully dry. Suspended modular flooring cannot be installed when there is moisture on the ground. There is a simple method for measuring moisture. It is covered with a plastic film of 60 cm square on the ground and sealed around. After 24 hours, there is no gas in the film. If there is moisture in the film, it cannot be installed. In addition, if the height difference of the ground per square meter exceeds 5 mm, it cannot be installed.
Why can environmentally-friendly assembled floors meet the high requirements of kindergartens?

Do you know which floor is used in each kindergarten now? Why can this kind of floor win the trust of teachers and parents, and the sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturers are loved by children? Today sc-zsfloor assembled floor manufacturers to analyze the reasons for everyone.

The assembled floor itself has the natural characteristics of not easily growing bacteria. After antibacterial treatment and surface PUR anti-pollution treatment, a fungicide, such as iodine, is added to it to enhance the bactericidal effect and anti-pollution effect, and various microorganisms are difficult to Surface growth, such as mold, white Candida, algae, mucor, etc., meet the high requirements for antibacterial requirements in public places such as hospitals and kindergartens.

Under the partial pressure, the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court will produce instantaneous elastic deformation and increase the friction coefficient of the floor, and it is not easy to slip when walking. The surface of the hard ground material is hard and smooth, and its friction coefficient u is only 1/3 of that of PVC, and it is easier to slip when walking. The assembled floor has anti-noise effect, and when the person and the cart pass, the noise can be reduced by 10-15 decibels compared to the hard ground under the same conditions. The assembled floor feels close to the carpet and is quite comfortable; while walking on the hard ground, the foot feels poor, and it is easy to walk for a long time and hurt the foot bones.

How to renovate old wooden floors in home improvement to save money or use new environmentally friendly suspended floor

Some owners in the family may always like new things. They always like to constantly update some decorative designs in the home, but the floor is not suitable for re-installation. On the contrary, many facts prove that the old floor renovation is economical and environmentally friendly, as long as attention is paid during construction. Some problems can make the old floor better than the new floor.

Many households have used elastic double tier sport flooring for a long time, and there are cases such as lacquering and falling paint, which not only affects the appearance, but if they are allowed to develop, they will be easily invaded by water and oil, and eventually affect the normal use of the floor.

Is it necessary to replace the floor when it is painted, lacquered or worn? In fact, some old floors are better than new ones. Because the old floor is usually still intact on the base layer, and because of the long time of use, the performance tends to be stable and the pollution has been reduced. Moreover, the price of wooden flooring is getting higher and higher. At this time, if the overall replacement is chosen, it will cause great waste, which means that there is no small expenditure. Renovating the old floor is a good choice, saving money and being environmentally friendly.


1. Before the old floor is refurbished, make sure that the house is clean and remove all the items in the house; 2. Polish the original surface of the floor by 1-2 mm; 3. Then put the putty, color, paint, wax and polish. We must pay special attention to the step of painting. Generally, the primer is applied once, and the topcoat is applied twice. If the surface of the elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court is flawed, it is necessary to brush the primer several times.

Some precautions during construction:

1. It should be noted that not all floors can be refurbished. Only solid wood floors, parquet and bamboo flooring with a surface thickness of 4 mm or more can be refurbished. Because the initial grinding will wear off 1-2 mm, the too thin floor is easy to polish out the middle layer, affecting the life of the floor, so it is best to know the thickness of the surface of the floor before the refurbishment.

2. If the color on the solid wood composite parquet block is not the color of the soaked color, but the surface layer is colored, or the color of the veneer layer is relatively thin, it will destroy the mosaic effect after polishing, and it is recommended not to renovate.

3. If it is a reinforced floor, it cannot be refurbished. Because it has a layer of wear-resistant layer of Al2O3 on the surface, refurbishment will destroy its wear-resistant layer and aggravate the aging of the floor.

4. If the floor has been damaged, mildewed or deformed, it is generally difficult to carry out refurbishment and remedy if the situation is serious.

5. In order to ensure the quality of elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court renovation, it is best to ask a more professional renovation company or cleaning company to be responsible for the project. If conditions permit, professional supervision personnel can also supervise the construction.

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Winter assembling sports floor maintenance strategy

For the floating assembled floor (also known as the quick-assembled sports floor), many people use the suspended assembled floor to build the sports ground outside because of its superior environmental protection and durability. Nowadays, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, indoor football and other sports fields are also often seen in the floating assembly floor. However, many people do not have a deep understanding of the detachable outdoor sport court tiles. They mistakenly believe that since they can be used outdoors, they do not require excessive maintenance. In fact, this kind of understanding is wrong. No matter how good the floor is, it will accelerate the aging, especially in the cold winter. So what is the correct maintenance method for the suspended assembly floor?

The correct maintenance method for suspended assembled floor

1, do not wear nailed sneakers and high heels
Sharp objects are seriously damaged by the movement of the assembled suspended sports floor, because the raw material of the suspended assembled floor is polypropylene (PP), which is classified into plastics. Sharp objects must have scratches on the plastic, and long-term damage will reduce the life of the floor. Therefore, do not wear nailed sneakers and high heels into the suspended sports floor to avoid damage to the floor.

2. Clear snow in time after snow

Although the suspended sports floor has good weather resistance, it is not afraid of high temperature, rain, humidity, cold and snow, never warping and peeling deformation. However, if the snow does not clear the snow in the floor gap in time, the melting of the snow will make the temperature of the floor lower than the ground temperature. The long-term low temperature will affect the service life of the suspended assembled floor.

3, commonly used water rinse to keep clean

Routine cleaning can be done with water. Because of the suspended design of the mesh format, water and sand can be leaked unimpeded to the underside of the elastic double tier sport flooring, and discharged into the outer water tank of the site through the gap between the lower legs. This keeps the floor clean and there is no water accumulation.

4. Do not spill strong corrosive liquid such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid on the floor.

Suspended Assembled Flooring Like other PVC sports flooring, highly corrosive liquids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid can corrode them, so remember to use corrosive liquids when cleaning the floor. If you encounter stubborn stains, clean it with a mild detergent solution.

5, pyrotechnic protection

Although the suspended assembled floor is a floor with a fire rating of fire retardant, it does not mean that the floor will not be burned by fireworks. Therefore, when using the suspended assembled floor, do not burn the cigarette butts, mosquito coils, charged iron, high temperature metal objects. Place it directly on the floor to prevent floor damage.

6, regular maintenance
Suspended assembly sports floor cleaning should be cleaned with a neutral detergent. Do not use a strong acid or alkali cleaner to clean the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court and do regular cleaning and maintenance work. If you encounter smudges that are difficult to remove, do not use scouring (wire balls) to polish them. You need to find a professional to deal with them in time to remove the pollution.

Compared to other floors, the suspended assembled floor creates the best sports, leisure space and zero maintenance costs with minimal initial investment. Moreover, compared with the hard ground, it has good safety, shock absorption and resilience, and can fully exert its sportiness. In addition, it also has the advantages of pressure resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, long service life and high weather resistance. It is available in a variety of colors and styles. It is definitely the best choice for sports floor purchase. .

Moisture problem of sports floor panels

After a lot of research data and years of experience, the panels of sports flooring can generally be used for 20-30 years. In order to ensure such a long service life, customers need to pay attention to inspection and maintenance during the use process, because some cases lead to interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring. It can be refurbished and repaired, and some cases are irreversible once they appear.
Sports flooring, visited the market for many years, found that some elastic double tier sport flooring panels on the market, its service life and effect is not guaranteed, the following sports floor manufacturers on the panel to do the following brief analysis:
1. The panel of the sports floor is very important. It should not only be beautiful, comfortable, and elastic, but also wear-resistant and non-slip. It must be dried twice to design moisture according to the equilibrium moisture content of the area to avoid deformation. The problems involved here came out. If you look for sports construction companies, floor distributors, decoration companies, they do not have factories themselves, they are all going to wholesale goods, how to design moisture.
note! Moisture problem of sports floor panels
2. China’s climate in the north and south is quite different, so various problems will inevitably occur in use. In addition, ordinary UV paint can not guarantee anti-slip, anti-slip paint has imported, domestic, such as Germany imported UV UV light solid wear-resistant anti-slip paint, the price is 3-5 times domestic UV paint, so the general Manufacturers can not afford, then these two points just explain that when we buy sports floor panels, we should look for professional sports flooring manufacturers, you can have a professional sports floor construction team, professional sports floor design engineers, to ensure The professionalism of sports flooring.
In general, the price and quality of the panel is always proportional, and the prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring reminds consumers to try not to be cheap when buying. There is another situation that customers should pay attention to, that is, if there is a quality problem, the manufacturer says that the seller is caused by poor management of the seller, and should go to the seller; and the seller will say that it is a problem of the construction personnel. Not my responsibility; and the construction unit said that it is a quality problem of wood flooring, it is time to find a manufacturer. In this way, not only is the problem difficult to solve, but it is also prone to disputes and consumers are hurt. And directly choose the manufacturer, production and installation in one, there is a problem, the manufacturer is naturally unable to get rid of the relationship.