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What are the advantages of sports flooring?

In recent years, the application range of sports flooring has been further expanded, and it is widely used in outdoor basketball courts, kindergartens, school sports venues, gymnasiums, athletics fields, and the like. Various sports floorings, such as sports flooring, detachable wood look indoor sport flooring, and rubber floor mats, have been widely welcomed. Specifically analyzing the reasons why sports flooring is popular, we can easily find that the reason why sports flooring is so popular is that sports flooring has a series of advantages. So what are the advantages of sports flooring? It mainly includes the following aspects:
First, the sports floor is elastic. This is one of the most important advantages of sports flooring. Appropriate flexibility can not only reduce the chance of an athlete falling down and hurt, but also help the athletes to maximize their performance. The friction is large, making it easy for athletes to balance. The flatness is good and the pressure is strong, which helps the athletes to play the speed and technology.
Second, the sports floor construction is simple. Construction workers can spread directly on cement or asphalt floors, and the maintenance and maintenance costs of sports floors are also low, and the lanes and signs remain for a long time.
Third, the sports floor is weather resistant. The use time of the sports floor can be free from the influence of temperature and humidity, and the sports floor has the characteristics of quick drainage, which can ensure normal training and competition after the rain. It is also because of the advantages of elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court, sports flooring is also known as all-weather sports venues.
Fourth, the sports floor cleaning and maintenance is simple. The sports floor is strong in integrity, water-impermeable, chemically resistant, and easy to clean after contamination.
Why use PVCZF flooring for sports venues?
Sports venues mainly include basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, table tennis courts, gymnasiums, etc., which basically refer to indoor sports venues. The floors paved by these sports venues are mainly wooden sports flooring and PVC sports flooring. In recent years, more and more sports venues have begun to prefer PVC sports flooring, especially for non-professional competition venues, colleges and gymnasiums, and training venues.
PVC sports flooring is the preferred floor for sports venues because it has advantages over solid wood sports flooring:
1. Comparison of project cost: The general professional solid wood sports flooring and training solid wood flooring cost are between 450-1600 yuan/square meter, while the PVC sports flooring professional and non-professional site engineering cost is 280-700 yuan/square. Between meters. The price advantage is obvious.
2, construction speed comparison: general sports venue construction, take the basketball court as an example, generally a standard basketball court solid wood floor construction takes 15-20 days, and the construction of PVC sports floor can only be completed in 5-7 days.
3, floor performance comparison: solid wood flooring is easy to crack, deformation, insects, mildew, resonance, poor impact resistance, poor wear resistance, rebound rate of 90%; and elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court has good wear resistance, stain resistance Sexual, antibacterial, easy to clean, maintain, no deformation, no cracking, no arch, no insects, mildew, dimensional stability, rebound rate of up to 98%, safe and reliable, can effectively protect athletes from harm.
4, color matching: solid wood sports floor color is single, and PVC sports floor color is diverse, suitable for different color requirements, and easy to match, not limited by the floor and the venue.
5, comparison of environmental performance: solid wood sports floor due to the use of paint, so the floor is not environmentally friendly with formaldehyde release, and PVC sports floor 100% free of formaldehyde and harmful gases, environmental protection and pollution-free.

Sports floor paving

The indoor venue of the sports hall feels suitable and the use of detachable wood look indoor sport flooring covering has been in the country for many years. The products of sports flooring have various kinds of wooden flooring, and it is common to have maple and eucalyptus sports solid wood flooring.
Sports floor
Solid wood flooring is a natural material, with the irreplaceable advantages of synthetic materials, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable feet, warm in winter and cool in summer. However, it also has a large consumption of hardwood resources, a large amount of laying and installation work, and the detachable indoor sport surface is prone to large dimensional changes with changes in relative humidity, and can be controlled by moisture content.
Sports floor
The same process of the wooden floor pavilion of the basketball hall: 1. original floor disposal; 2. rubber mat; 3. paving wooden keel; 4. paving the fur floor; 5. paving the anti-dust dust cloth; 6. paving the solid wood Floor; 7, the sports hall sports wood paint painting should be based on the principle of „first up, down, first and then outside“. 8. After the paint is fully dried, it should be lightly ground with old sandpaper. When brushing the topcoat, the paint should be slightly thicker to make the paint film dry, which has both luster and fastening effect. 9. Dash: After painting and polishing, it is a line. In accordance with the Uni-President Standard Line.
Sports floor
The price of the wooden floor of the basketball hall: 1 the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track of the basketball hall; 2 the structure of the wooden floor of the basketball hall; 3 the wooden floor keel structure of the basketball hall; in general, the selection of the wooden floor of the basketball class is very particular. And the structure of the wooden floor of the basketball field is also very complicated, which also causes the difference in the cost of the wooden floor of the basketball field in the market. The domestic sports wooden floor can be used for the construction of table tennis sports floor, basketball court floor and badminton sports floor. The price of sports wooden floor can be negotiable according to the situation.

Introduction to the stadium sports floor

Now the new stadiums and sports wooden floors seem to be a choice of floor decoration materials. In the process of selection, the floor is always shopped. Nowadays, sports seems to have entered everyone’s life. This state is like the daily life that people can’t live without. If you go to the mall to buy clothes, you can choose to choose the brand according to their budget, care about the price, want to go to a restaurant, you will first pay attention to the price, how much is a bowl of rice? At the age of marriage, the other party is eager to buy a house, choose When you are in the community, you must know how much a square meter? Choose tools, you know that you can accept the travel tools within the budget on the premise of travel? Price will be a real problem, we are not open. The party to the stadium is „How much can the detachable wood look indoor sport flooring come down?“ To be honest, the price of sports wood flooring is now unanswerable, you need to know the materials you choose, the design, the size of the venue, if you need, the city and so on. Directly affect the cost of goods, the following combination of sports wood floor installation speeding measures and solid wood sports wood floor acceptance methods can be your specific solution, so you need to find a professional sports wood flooring manufacturer.
Sports wood floor installation speed up measures
The construction time should be strictly controlled according to the cooperation period of the cooperative customers, and the time should be determined according to the specific conditions of the site, but the quality must be guaranteed and completed within the time required by the customer. And make sure to cooperate with other construction units as much as possible.
Second, rationally divide the working section for construction.
How much money can the detachable indoor sport surface come down?
Third, ensure that the supply of materials is in place in time to avoid the occurrence of work stoppages.
Fourth, rationally organize the construction to adopt the flow operation method, and implement incentive measures for completing the task ahead of time.
Fifth, for the delay in the construction progress due to personal reasons, a clearing will never be tolerated. The team of sports wood flooring installations are all high-tech talents, with clear rewards and punishments, greatly improving the enthusiasm of employees and penalizing those who do not work well.
What is the method for the acceptance of solid wood sports wood flooring for gymnasiums?
How much money can the stadium wooden floor come down?
1, check the color of special solid wood sports wood floor
If the color difference is too large, it directly affects the appearance, and can be exchanged. If the color is too consistent and there is almost no color difference, it depends on whether the pattern of the surface of the special solid wood sports wooden floor is the same. If the patterns are similar, it may be a craft wooden floor, not a so-called floor material of precious wood. Nowadays, some flooring materials suppliers use ordinary wood-based flooring, but they are covered with a layer of precious wood veneer on the surface to say that it is used to protect against moisture. In fact, it is afraid that the pattern on the opposite side will be inconsistent with the front. .
2, check the surface of the special solid wood sports wooden floor
Visual inspection of the surface of the wooden floor planed, polished, non-invasive, Russian and burr, the pattern is clear, the color of the clear oil layer is the same, the paving direction is correct, the seams of the surface layer are tight, the joint position is staggered, and the surface is clean. The quality of the seam of the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track should meet the following requirements. The gap is tight, the joint position is staggered, the surface is clean, the joint is tight, the nail is firm, the glue is not overflowing, the plate arrangement is reasonable and beautiful, and the width of the rim is consistent.
3, check the flatness
After paving the special solid wood sports wooden floor, the installer should level the line by pulling the line. If it is not flat, it needs to be adjusted immediately. Otherwise, it will affect the installation of the solid wood floor. After the paving, the ruler will be placed on the special solid wood sports wooden floor. See if there is any ups and downs. Flatness, use the ruler to check if there is any lift, and adjust the flatness deviation to the allowable range.
4, see if there is sound on the floor
The floor is uneven, so that some floors and wooden keels are suspended, and the floor is easy to make a sound. If the wooden keel is not well laid, it is easy to produce the same situation, so be sure to check the wooden keel after it has been laid. You can step on the wooden keel with your feet and check if the wooden keel is firm by shaking your feet. In particular, it is necessary to pay more attention to the acceptance of the wall and the door and the part of the door. If there is a sound, it is necessary to repeat the movement to determine the specific position of the sound and mark it. In this case, you can ask to remove the resurfacing. The parts with sound are caused by unqualified operation and unqualified materials during the construction process. The operation is not standardized, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel is not firmly fixed; the material failure is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel has not been dried. Some renovation construction units used unground keel construction, and there were signs of drying on the surface, but they did not dry. The keel with high water content will shrink in size during the natural drying process of the wood, causing loosening.
In summary, we must all know the reason for the large price gap between solid wood sports flooring. When choosing a floor, consider various factors, not too one-sided, suitable for the venue is the key.