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In the choice of manufacturers to buy four floating suspension floor

Buying and purchasing a floating assembly floor may seem like a problem for many consumers, but as long as we have some buying skills, maybe it’s not too difficult. Today, SC-ZSfloor sports flooring manufacturers introduce some of the four choices for purchasing and purchasing suspended assembled flooring.
First, do not believe in false authentication

Health is the essence of the decoration materials, the most harmful to the human body is free formaldehyde, environmentally-friendly materials are less harmful to the human body, skin diseases, and serious causes leukemia and other malignant diseases, so environmental protection is the most important. When selecting a customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles, it is necessary to suspend the assembled floor to be completely environmentally friendly. It depends on whether the suspended assembled floor has the relevant environmental protection agency certification test certificate.
Don’t just cheap, the lower the price, the better.

The suspended assembled floor itself is the fourth generation of sports flooring, and why is there a floating floor of 30 or 40 yuan per square meter on the market? This kind of material is not environmentally friendly. It is not made of raw materials. In order to save production costs, raw material additives can save on the province, and the quality of the products is not good. The long-term sun will fade. The density of the assembled suspended floor is high and uniform, and the color is pure. Formaldehyde is released, moisture is good, and it is not deformed. The quality of the detachable futsal sport floor tiles uses scrap and recycled materials, the product density is uneven, and may contain a large amount of glue. The formaldehyde emission is seriously exceeded, odorous, and it is easy to deform and arch when exposed to moisture.
Third, do not believe in false promises

Because the assembled suspension floor purchase purchase, there must be a professional installation team to install, to have specific installation specifications and service requirements, installation to provide quality assurance and after-sales service. Many sellers in the market who sell inferior assembled suspended floor flooring promise to guarantee free maintenance for 15 years, 30 years or even lifetime warranty. It says that the suspended floor is better than the imported assembled suspended floor. In fact, it is nothing more than tricking consumers into buying and earning money. Leave for a year or two.
Fourth, do not choose a brand or trader

There are brands with production capacity, good after-sales service, professional installation team, reliable quality products, the so-called big tree, the state and social supervision is relatively strong, generally will not falsify, and will maintain its good reputation. The detachable indoor sport surface of the brand now has a 40% market share. It generally follows the trend and can only imitate the production. Although it claims that the quality of the suspended floor is the same as that of the famous brand, it is actually that these inferior and miscellaneous suspension assembling floors are not the slightest. Quality assurance, not to mention after-sales service, they usually hit a shot for a place, or change the name and then sell, so that consumers are at a loss, become the culprits of health.

Buy sports flooring, beware of blind misunderstanding

Some customers don’t know much about interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring. When they buy, they are easy to enter into the misunderstanding of blind pursuit. The so-called blind pursuit means not knowing how to determine the quality of sports flooring, and taking other surface methods to recognize the value of the floor. What are the most misunderstandings that consumers are likely to enter?
First, the price misunderstanding:
1. High price misunderstanding: Many consumers use the price to measure the pros and cons of sports flooring. The most expensive is the best quality flooring. Indeed, this is an optional standard, but the premise is that the sports flooring you buy is best branded flooring, for two reasons: the quality of the prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring is more secure, and the second is the price of the brand sports flooring, buy the brand The floor can be said to be really good value for money. For example, the Haokang sports floor produced by the Hakka company in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, has a uniform price, reliable quality and guaranteed. If you encounter an informal business, the ordinary sports floor may also have a sky-high price. If you think that the high-priced sports floor is a good floor, consumers will be fooled.
Some sports floorings use the same materials, but the production process is somewhat different. For example, some sports floorings have more colors and are more troublesome in designing. Therefore, the price may be more expensive than the homogeneous simple color floor, but it does not mean A slightly lower price sports floor is a poor quality floor.
2, low-cost misunderstanding: Some consumers buy cheap floor, they buy cheap floor, the consumer’s „making“ mentality is easy to cause indoor pollution. detachable indoor sport surface has high formaldehyde content, strong irritating odor, long release time and great damage to the body. Health is the number one, so it is recommended that consumers would rather spend more money to buy a reassurance, and do not buy low-priced inferior sports flooring.
Second, the thickness of the misunderstanding:
The thickness of the same kind of sports floor is different. The sports floor specification of ZF company is 1-8mm, the raw materials are the same, the production process is the same, and the quality is also excellent. It’s not that the thicker the sports floor, the better the quality. According to the needs of customers, it is best for you to choose the most suitable sports floor.
Third, environmental misunderstanding:
Many consumers know that today’s society advocates environmentally friendly, low-carbon, energy-saving resources, but if consumers are asked to explain these terms specifically, the concept is very vague. So how do you judge whether the sports floor is really environmentally friendly? It should be considered in many aspects: one is to make the material of the sports floor, the other is the auxiliary materials used in the process of making the sports floor, (these can go to the national inspection department for inspection), and the third is the degree of environmental impact of the sports floor during use. Inferior quality, not waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to breed bacteria;

Basic knowledge of sports flooring

Since the 1970s, sports flooring has been widely used in industrial countries such as Western Europe and the United States and Japan. After China entered the 1980s, interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring was also put into mass production.
Here is a brief introduction to the common sense of sports flooring:
(1) Characteristics of sports flooring
The sports floor has the advantages of light weight, stable size, convenient construction, durability, comfortable foot, beautiful color, wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation, and heat insulation.
(2) Classification of sports flooring
According to the resin used, it can be divided into three categories: PVC sports flooring, polypropylene prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring and chlorinated polyethylene resin sports flooring. At present, most sports flooring belongs to the first category.
According to the production process, it can be divided into the calendering method, hot pressing method, and injection method. Most of the production of sports flooring in China uses calendering.
According to the material, it can be divided into hard, semi-hard sheets and soft coils.
(3) Raw materials and production process of sports flooring
The raw materials of the sports flooring are the same as ordinary plastics. In addition to the resin, other auxiliary materials such as plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers and the like need to be added. However, the filler added to the sports floor is more, because it is rarely subjected to tensile force, shearing force, tearing force, etc. during use, and is mainly affected by pressure and friction. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of the product, on the other hand, it can improve the dimensional stability, heat and flame resistance of the product.
Commonly used fillers are calcium carbonate and asbestos, and other fillers such as barite, talcum powder, clay, etc.
The production processes commonly used in detachable indoor sport surface are produced by hot pressing and calendering. The hot press filler can be added as appropriate, but it is intermittently produced.

How to protect the sports floor from moisture and damage

Compared with the floor of various stone materials, pvc flooring is more susceptible to moisture. The pvc floor with poor moisture resistance performance, under the long-term „steaming“ of geothermal heat, once the moisture enters, the edge of the pvc floor must be lifted, causing damage to the pvc floor. Therefore, moisture-proof ventilation is very important for pvc flooring.
In the spring, during the use of pvc floor, we must pay attention to keep the interlock detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring dry and clean.
In general, the moisture content of the pvc floor is maintained at 8%-13%. However, if it is improperly laid and used, it will cause quality problems in the pvc floor, such as no moisture treatment when laying; wet with water or scrub with soda water or soapy water, which will destroy the brightness of the paint; the bathroom and the room floor are not made. Good isolation; no attention is paid to the curtains in the summer, so that the pvc floor in front of the window is discolored and cracked after exposure to the sun (Sun Forum News); or the temperature of the air conditioner is too low, causing the temperature difference between day and night to change too much, causing the PVC floor to expand or The shrinkage is too severe and causes deformation and cracking.
In addition, moisture resistance is the most important technical indicator of wood pvc floor. The pvc floor with poor moisture resistance performance, under the long-term „steaming“ of geothermal heat, once the moisture enters, the edge of the pvc floor must be lifted, causing damage to the detachable indoor sport surface. The high-quality pvc floor uses a high-density substrate, which has excellent moisture resistance, and the water absorption thickness expansion rate is much smaller than the national standard. In addition, the special wear layer, decorative paper and balance layer can “close” the substrate well, which ensures the overall moisture resistance of the pvc floor is better.
Three-point quality seven-point installation
There has always been a saying in the pvc flooring industry that the wooden pvc floor is a „three-point pvc floor seven-point installation“, that is, the installation is good or bad determines 70% of the pvc floor quality. The pvc floor is not ideal, and it is largely caused by the pvc floor covering. The pvc floor covering problem has become a stubborn disease restricting the use of pvc flooring.
To avoid unpleasant pvc floor repairs, it is more important to do a good job in sales. Professionals told reporters that before the installation of pvc floor, the staff must carry out four different aspects of measurement preparation, which can be used for later construction.
Intermittent ventilation can discharge moisture
In the event of rain, try to close the doors and windows in the south or southeast direction (ie, the direction of the wind), and only open the doors and windows in the downwind direction to reduce the moisture entering the room. When the weather turns fine, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water.
At the same time, because the air humidity in the room at noon is at the highest value, it is not advisable to open the window. It is best to open the window to adjust the indoor air in the afternoon or evening when the climate is relatively dry. Unlike winter pvc flooring, which needs moisturizing, after entering the spring, the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court needs to be protected from moisture. At the same time, because there are few rainy and rainy days in the north, some consumers tend to ignore the moisture and mildew treatment of pvc flooring.

Sports floor paving

The indoor venue of the sports hall feels suitable and the use of detachable wood look indoor sport flooring covering has been in the country for many years. The products of sports flooring have various kinds of wooden flooring, and it is common to have maple and eucalyptus sports solid wood flooring.
Sports floor
Solid wood flooring is a natural material, with the irreplaceable advantages of synthetic materials, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable feet, warm in winter and cool in summer. However, it also has a large consumption of hardwood resources, a large amount of laying and installation work, and the detachable indoor sport surface is prone to large dimensional changes with changes in relative humidity, and can be controlled by moisture content.
Sports floor
The same process of the wooden floor pavilion of the basketball hall: 1. original floor disposal; 2. rubber mat; 3. paving wooden keel; 4. paving the fur floor; 5. paving the anti-dust dust cloth; 6. paving the solid wood Floor; 7, the sports hall sports wood paint painting should be based on the principle of „first up, down, first and then outside“. 8. After the paint is fully dried, it should be lightly ground with old sandpaper. When brushing the topcoat, the paint should be slightly thicker to make the paint film dry, which has both luster and fastening effect. 9. Dash: After painting and polishing, it is a line. In accordance with the Uni-President Standard Line.
Sports floor
The price of the wooden floor of the basketball hall: 1 the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track of the basketball hall; 2 the structure of the wooden floor of the basketball hall; 3 the wooden floor keel structure of the basketball hall; in general, the selection of the wooden floor of the basketball class is very particular. And the structure of the wooden floor of the basketball field is also very complicated, which also causes the difference in the cost of the wooden floor of the basketball field in the market. The domestic sports wooden floor can be used for the construction of table tennis sports floor, basketball court floor and badminton sports floor. The price of sports wooden floor can be negotiable according to the situation.

Introduction to the stadium sports floor

Now the new stadiums and sports wooden floors seem to be a choice of floor decoration materials. In the process of selection, the floor is always shopped. Nowadays, sports seems to have entered everyone’s life. This state is like the daily life that people can’t live without. If you go to the mall to buy clothes, you can choose to choose the brand according to their budget, care about the price, want to go to a restaurant, you will first pay attention to the price, how much is a bowl of rice? At the age of marriage, the other party is eager to buy a house, choose When you are in the community, you must know how much a square meter? Choose tools, you know that you can accept the travel tools within the budget on the premise of travel? Price will be a real problem, we are not open. The party to the stadium is „How much can the detachable wood look indoor sport flooring come down?“ To be honest, the price of sports wood flooring is now unanswerable, you need to know the materials you choose, the design, the size of the venue, if you need, the city and so on. Directly affect the cost of goods, the following combination of sports wood floor installation speeding measures and solid wood sports wood floor acceptance methods can be your specific solution, so you need to find a professional sports wood flooring manufacturer.
Sports wood floor installation speed up measures
The construction time should be strictly controlled according to the cooperation period of the cooperative customers, and the time should be determined according to the specific conditions of the site, but the quality must be guaranteed and completed within the time required by the customer. And make sure to cooperate with other construction units as much as possible.
Second, rationally divide the working section for construction.
How much money can the detachable indoor sport surface come down?
Third, ensure that the supply of materials is in place in time to avoid the occurrence of work stoppages.
Fourth, rationally organize the construction to adopt the flow operation method, and implement incentive measures for completing the task ahead of time.
Fifth, for the delay in the construction progress due to personal reasons, a clearing will never be tolerated. The team of sports wood flooring installations are all high-tech talents, with clear rewards and punishments, greatly improving the enthusiasm of employees and penalizing those who do not work well.
What is the method for the acceptance of solid wood sports wood flooring for gymnasiums?
How much money can the stadium wooden floor come down?
1, check the color of special solid wood sports wood floor
If the color difference is too large, it directly affects the appearance, and can be exchanged. If the color is too consistent and there is almost no color difference, it depends on whether the pattern of the surface of the special solid wood sports wooden floor is the same. If the patterns are similar, it may be a craft wooden floor, not a so-called floor material of precious wood. Nowadays, some flooring materials suppliers use ordinary wood-based flooring, but they are covered with a layer of precious wood veneer on the surface to say that it is used to protect against moisture. In fact, it is afraid that the pattern on the opposite side will be inconsistent with the front. .
2, check the surface of the special solid wood sports wooden floor
Visual inspection of the surface of the wooden floor planed, polished, non-invasive, Russian and burr, the pattern is clear, the color of the clear oil layer is the same, the paving direction is correct, the seams of the surface layer are tight, the joint position is staggered, and the surface is clean. The quality of the seam of the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track should meet the following requirements. The gap is tight, the joint position is staggered, the surface is clean, the joint is tight, the nail is firm, the glue is not overflowing, the plate arrangement is reasonable and beautiful, and the width of the rim is consistent.
3, check the flatness
After paving the special solid wood sports wooden floor, the installer should level the line by pulling the line. If it is not flat, it needs to be adjusted immediately. Otherwise, it will affect the installation of the solid wood floor. After the paving, the ruler will be placed on the special solid wood sports wooden floor. See if there is any ups and downs. Flatness, use the ruler to check if there is any lift, and adjust the flatness deviation to the allowable range.
4, see if there is sound on the floor
The floor is uneven, so that some floors and wooden keels are suspended, and the floor is easy to make a sound. If the wooden keel is not well laid, it is easy to produce the same situation, so be sure to check the wooden keel after it has been laid. You can step on the wooden keel with your feet and check if the wooden keel is firm by shaking your feet. In particular, it is necessary to pay more attention to the acceptance of the wall and the door and the part of the door. If there is a sound, it is necessary to repeat the movement to determine the specific position of the sound and mark it. In this case, you can ask to remove the resurfacing. The parts with sound are caused by unqualified operation and unqualified materials during the construction process. The operation is not standardized, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel is not firmly fixed; the material failure is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel has not been dried. Some renovation construction units used unground keel construction, and there were signs of drying on the surface, but they did not dry. The keel with high water content will shrink in size during the natural drying process of the wood, causing loosening.
In summary, we must all know the reason for the large price gap between solid wood sports flooring. When choosing a floor, consider various factors, not too one-sided, suitable for the venue is the key.