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Dallas Cowboys Jersey ram before the end of the first

Rams offensive team finally score. Wide receiver Kenny – Britt (Kenny Britt) then Jared – Gough Chang pass 24 yards. Running back Todd – Geerli also ran through the left side of the red ball 22 yards. Before coming to the red zone, Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) almost Gough will pass the steals. The final ram kicker Greg – Zulailaien (Greg Zuerlein) 36 yards free kick shot, the Dallas Cowboys Jersey ram before the end of the first half to tie it at 3:10.

The second half of the Hawks first attack, they pass the short pass and red ball all the way forward, but failed to half. Ram attack, Jared – Gough first ball was defensive end Cliff – Avril (Cliff Avril) sacked and dropped the ball, fortunately Gough picked up his own ball. Rams had to out of third gear, Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Jersey while the Seahawks attack began to enter the rhythm. Russell – Wilson long-range wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) advancing 17 yards, close-end Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham) also received 31 yards short run, leading the team into the red zone. To a line of code, Doug – Baldwin change to throw off the cornerback, catch a touchdown touchdown, Seahawks 17: 3 lead ram. This is Baldwin this season, the first 6 catch the ball touchdowns.

With the Rams again out of third gear, the Hawks with the ball into the fourth quarter. The fourth section just opened, Russell – Wilson long pass to find Taylor – Luoke Te, 57 yards touchdowns for the Seahawks to seal the victory, Seahawk 24: 3 ram. Rams need to score, Jared – Gough Fake run true, wide receiver Kenny – Britt ball forward 15 yards. Running back Malcolm Brown ran a short run for 12 yards, with rookie Teddy Higbee and Pharoh Cooper catching the ball. attack. Into the red zone, Jared – Gough and Richard – Sherman impact, and was taken to do with a doctor concussion check. The Rams had to send quarterback Case Keenum. Fourth gear 11 yards, Tavon Austin (Tavon Austin) in tight defense can not catch the ball, ram conversion fourth gear failure.

The fourth quarter has been more than half, the Seahawks began to consume time through the red ball. In the face of the fourth gear 1 yards, Seahawks decided to use the fake kicked tactics, abandoned kicks Joe – Ryan (Jon Ryan) all the way to run the ball 33 yards, came to Rams 40-yard line. In this process, Ryan was head to head collision, was taken to do brain concussion check. Eventually Russell – Wilson’s pass was insider Alex – Aogetry steals. Rams in his side began to attack the 9-yard line, wide receiver Brian – Quaker then Kass – Keenum pass completed 16 yards forward. Since then the ram 36 yards in the strong line of four yards to play ncaa basketball jerseys wholesale 4 yards to defeat, to hand over the ball. The end of the game, the Hawks 24: 3 victory over the Rams at home in advance, locking the location of the first partition name, booked a playoff seat.

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