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In the choice of manufacturers to buy four floating suspension floor

Buying and purchasing a floating assembly floor may seem like a problem for many consumers, but as long as we have some buying skills, maybe it’s not too difficult. Today, SC-ZSfloor sports flooring manufacturers introduce some of the four choices for purchasing and purchasing suspended assembled flooring.
First, do not believe in false authentication

Health is the essence of the decoration materials, the most harmful to the human body is free formaldehyde, environmentally-friendly materials are less harmful to the human body, skin diseases, and serious causes leukemia and other malignant diseases, so environmental protection is the most important. When selecting a customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles, it is necessary to suspend the assembled floor to be completely environmentally friendly. It depends on whether the suspended assembled floor has the relevant environmental protection agency certification test certificate.
Don’t just cheap, the lower the price, the better.

The suspended assembled floor itself is the fourth generation of sports flooring, and why is there a floating floor of 30 or 40 yuan per square meter on the market? This kind of material is not environmentally friendly. It is not made of raw materials. In order to save production costs, raw material additives can save on the province, and the quality of the products is not good. The long-term sun will fade. The density of the assembled suspended floor is high and uniform, and the color is pure. Formaldehyde is released, moisture is good, and it is not deformed. The quality of the detachable futsal sport floor tiles uses scrap and recycled materials, the product density is uneven, and may contain a large amount of glue. The formaldehyde emission is seriously exceeded, odorous, and it is easy to deform and arch when exposed to moisture.
Third, do not believe in false promises

Because the assembled suspension floor purchase purchase, there must be a professional installation team to install, to have specific installation specifications and service requirements, installation to provide quality assurance and after-sales service. Many sellers in the market who sell inferior assembled suspended floor flooring promise to guarantee free maintenance for 15 years, 30 years or even lifetime warranty. It says that the suspended floor is better than the imported assembled suspended floor. In fact, it is nothing more than tricking consumers into buying and earning money. Leave for a year or two.
Fourth, do not choose a brand or trader

There are brands with production capacity, good after-sales service, professional installation team, reliable quality products, the so-called big tree, the state and social supervision is relatively strong, generally will not falsify, and will maintain its good reputation. The detachable indoor sport surface of the brand now has a 40% market share. It generally follows the trend and can only imitate the production. Although it claims that the quality of the suspended floor is the same as that of the famous brand, it is actually that these inferior and miscellaneous suspension assembling floors are not the slightest. Quality assurance, not to mention after-sales service, they usually hit a shot for a place, or change the name and then sell, so that consumers are at a loss, become the culprits of health.