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Movable tile turf and assembled lawn flooring add sporty fun

The movable turf floor is combined with the advantages of artificial turf in a floating assembly. A new indoor and outdoor new sports ground material is available. As the name suggests, the turf is made of independent small pieces of artificial turf according to your own wishes. The combination can be spliced ​​into various patterns and areas of any size. The lock design makes the installation simple and convenient, DIY, free to disassemble and move. It is the bright spot of the sc-zsfloor block lawn, and it also increases the fun of sports.
The development of artificial turf has gradually been accepted and popularized by the public. It has achieved a certain share in all kinds of mainstream sports venues, especially football stadiums. It is normal to lay artificial turf fields in schools and sports venues. At the same time in the field of sports, kindergartens, landscape greening, commercial decoration, pet lawns and lawn carpets. Block turf is one of the more diverse types of turf that is closer to life. The commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is an artificial turf square pattern. The traditional lawn area is large and the cutting is difficult. The lawn is squared, and the bottom buckle is used to splicing and fixing the lawn. The lawn is made of good artificial grass, safe and odorless, with varied colors and environmentally friendly materials. It is an interactive choice for children. It is easy to construct and requires no glue and is more environmentally friendly.

Sc-zsfloor customizable interlocking running track advantage:

First, the movable block turf does not contain glue construction, and the use is healthier. The ingredients in the grass raw material are added to prevent the regeneration and reproduction of most bacteria up to 90%, avoiding the trouble of frequent disinfection.

Second, the assembled grass board is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. The grass silk backing used is made of BASF’s all-environmental glue. It is more standard in China and contains no toxic substances such as formaldehyde.

Third, the assembled lawn floor is designed with a lock. Each lawn has multiple buckles, and each side has three left, middle and right buckles to firmly fix the blocks, and various fancy assembling methods are free and optional.

Fourth, the block lawn can be DIY color matching. At present, purple, green, earth red, red, blue, gray, yellow, white, blue, and black colors have been released for consumers to choose and match. DIY has a good mood.

Fifth, the customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring adopts the filling-free design. The use of straight silk + curved silk grass makes the lawn stepped thicker, eliminating the extra cost of filling with quartz sand, rubber particles, etc., as well as the safety hazard due to unqualified filling particles.

Sc-zsfloor movable platform can be used for outdoor venues, such as schools, kindergartens, sports fields, balconies, roofs, rooftops, gardens, courtyards, etc. It can also be used to decorate the home, whether it is living room, bedroom or study. It has its own place, and it is also used in shopping malls, cabinet displays or event displays, taking into account the decorative and practical functions.

Suspension of the use of sports flooring

The sports field is a place where people sweat, so the air quality must be good, and the commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is also very important. The sc-zsfloor assembly floor manufacturer pointed out that our products are not only environmentally friendly and pollution-free, they pose no threat to the health of athletes, but also have good shock absorption effect and can reduce sports injuries.

The assembled floor is made of high-quality polypropylene raw materials, non-toxic and odorless, will not emit and volatilize toxic gases or odors; it is safe and environmentally friendly, allowing people to play in a healthy environment; assembling the floor with excellent shock absorption, energy return performance and side The buffer function can prevent sports injuries; the raw material polypropylene is assembled as a high-strength material, and the raw materials with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and cold resistance are added to make the product have pressure resistance, impact resistance, low humidity resistance and long service life. Etc. The weather resistance is extremely high, and it is not afraid of high temperature in the sun, rain and dampness, cold and snow, and never warp and peel. The assembled floor has a special drainage structure. After the rain, the site does not accumulate water. The assembled floor can be disassembled and moved at any time, allowing you to DIY your ideal venue. The assembled floor is widely used in NBA events, international competitions, etc., professional sports performance. It is obvious to all.

Everyone should understand that the suspended floor originated in the United States and is a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly customizable interlocking running track. The sc-zsfloor manufacturer pointed out that it has low requirements on the foundation, does not require the foundation as much as acrylic acid, and does not break like the acrylic as the foundation breaks.

For those old foundations, the suspended floor is the best choice. As long as it is flat, it will give you a perfect sports venue. For the basketball court, if you can not provide high-performance sports performance, it will undoubtedly make the athletes boring. The suspended floor can greatly meet the basic indicators of professional sports flooring, and almost achieve perfect sports performance. From international events to a wide range of sports and leisure facilities in the school, customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring provides safe, high performance floor materials that give athletes a full advantage of technology. The suspended floor section has a variety of bow-shaped structures, which makes the product more cushioning. The sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturer can effectively reduce the damage to the athletes and increase the rebound rate of the ball. Moderately absorb the impact of the foot, reduce sports injuries, long-term practice and competition are more appropriate.