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The Appearance Of The Pet Preform Determines The Purchasing Power

With the continuous introduction of new products, the beverage industry is also increasingly packed. The most popular ones are plastic bottles as the main packaging, followed by glass bottles and paper, and less cans. This megatrend in the market is also driving the continuous change and innovation of Pet Preform, allowing pet preforms to enhance beverage products through outer packaging.

In the supermarkets, on the shelves of the beverage area, the PET bottles of beverages are usually printed with more vivid colors as the outer packaging labels. Brilliant colors can attract the attention of consumers, but too many colors collide together, it will cause aesthetic fatigue.

Beverage PET bottles should avoid similarities when packaging products. Since warm colors and bright colors are more, can beverage PET bottles companies change their packaging skills? Switching to cool colors or darker packaging can highlight products and attract attention.

In the case of the same brand discrimination, the outer packaging of the beverage PET bottle determines the purchasing power of the consumer. At present, beverage PET bottle packaging is constantly improving the aesthetics and humanity, and many manufacturers also determine the color of the bottle of the PET bottle according to the taste of the beverage. The chance of a mistaken purchase is reduced.

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Pet Preform Manufacturing Process

Want to know how PET bottles and cans are made? It has proven to be slightly different from other types of plastic bottles (extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, etc.). Known for its quality and environmental friendliness, Pet Preform and jars are manufactured using a unique process called stretch blow molding, or SBM.

There are two synthetic rubber manufacturing techniques: single-stage and two-stage processes. Both are divided into three similar and distinct steps: preforming, conditioning, and blowing. What’s really interesting is that the preform, a test tube-shaped plastic preform, can be stored in a warehouse for later production. Since these preforms already have the shape of the neck finish portion, the focus of the adjustment and blowing stages is to blow the preform into the final shape that you and I use.

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Pet Preform Quality Affects Bottle Quality

At the beginning, consumers only pay attention to the quality of the beverage itself, but now they are gradually paying attention to the outer packaging of the beverage. The quality of the PET bottle depends on the quality of the supplied Pet Preform. The preform is divided into two types, one is long. The glue mouth, the other is a short glue mouth. Domestic bottle embryo manufacturers use more short plastic bottle embryos, while foreign countries use more long rubber mouths. The preform of the long rubber mouth is cut off due to the bottom rubber mouth, and the tension is evenly distributed during the blowing process, so that the quality of the bottle to be blown out is better, and the cut portion can be recycled, which is beneficial to saving raw material cost. The quality control of the preform during production depends on the degree to which the preform is prevented from being scratched during transport.

China’s PET packaging market is experiencing rapid growth and competition in the industry is fierce. Large-scale mold and equipment manufacturers in Europe and the United States entered China in the late 1970s, and have occupied the entire market of PET preform molds and equipment in China. In recent years, the domestic preform mold market has undergone some changes.

The preform is an intermediate industry. We don’t pay much attention to this field and we need to improve it. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the parameters such as the diameter, raw material, wall thickness and weight of the preform. Only in this case The procurement and quality supervision of the embryo will have the agreed standard, in order to better supervise the quality of the preform, thus ensuring the quality of the plastic bottle.

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Several Aspects Of Pet Preform Measurement Considerations

Nowadays, there are all kinds of pet bottles in our lives, and their shapes, capacities, etc. are different, and how should the specifications of Pet Preform be measured?

In the process of pet bottle sales and purchase, both parties need to talk about specific specifications, including pet bottle capacity, diameter, bottle height, diameter and so on. Some non-professional buyers don’t know how to measure the height and diameter of the bottle after selecting the bottle. The simple conclusions are mainly in the following aspects.

First of all, the measurement of the outer diameter of the pet bottle mouth: the specific measurement method is to measure the tool scale across the center of the bottle mouth, avoiding the position of the bottle body clamping line, the spindle is close to the mouth thread, will be round The bottle mouth is rotated 360°, the maximum and minimum values ​​are measured, and compared with the bottle design.

Secondly, the measurement of the overall height of the pet bottle: the so-called overall height of the bottle refers to the vertical distance from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle. The test method is to place the pet bottle on a horizontal surface and touch the vernier caliper end to the highest of the bottle mouth. Point, then rotate the bottle 360°, read the maximum and minimum size values, and match the design size.

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The Vitality Of Pet Preform

A PET bottle is a container that is formed by molding a Pet Preform material and used for packaging the article. With the rapid development of petrochemical industry, the pet preform industry has developed rapidly. PET bottles have replaced packaging containers made of metal, glass, ceramics, wood and other materials in many aspects, showing strong vitality.
It is usually produced by molding, and its form is mainly determined by the molding method and the mold used. Sometimes the same (or similar) form can be made in different ways. For example, hollow containers are generally produced by blow molding, but are often manufactured by injection molding (especially for extra large containers, small batch containers or shaped containers); turnover boxes are generally manufactured by injection molding, but in some cases. In special cases, it is made of calcium-plastic plate for the purpose of adapting to use (having the advantages of light weight and low price, but the strength is less) or molded by pre-expanded polystyrene beads (with special emphasis). The thermal insulation properties and good cushioning capacity) are even manufactured by sheet thermoforming (low cost but limited strength).
Different molding methods often have a great impact on the performance and cost of the product. Therefore, when selecting a PET bottle, it is quite advantageous if there is a general understanding of various molding methods. The characteristics of various PET bottles commonly used in PET bottles are very important for the correct selection of PET bottles, because the material of PET bottles determines the basic characteristics of PET bottles. PET bottles with the same or similar morphology may have extremely large differences in performance depending on the material.
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Jilian Plastic Mold Tailored To Build China Pet Bottle

In terms of packaging containers, the original packaging of the container is a glass bottle followed by a paper composite can, followed by a Pet Preform, and now the rigid PET bottle is already the largest packaging material for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Accounted for 26.5 percent of beverage packaging containers, glass bottles have dropped from 28.9 percent in 1981 to 19.5 percent, and aluminum cans accounted for 39 percent. And pet bottles are growing at an annual rate of more than 3 percent.

Pet will continue to develop at a much faster rate than other packaging materials, because many of the properties of pet are not replaceable by any other packaging material. The pet packaging industry has already occupied the transportation packaging field, and has already developed into transportation packaging. Ultimately, it will force the “transport packaging” that is still based on metal to be replaced by pet.

Pet bottle packaging is still an indispensable packaging link, so you don’t have to be surprised. The advantages of using pet bottle packaging are: low packaging cost; can effectively reduce the accident of bottle explosion; can solve the pollution problem of the memory bottle surface during the circulation and stacking process of pet turnover box; wide application, such as glass bottle Packaging of products such as metal cans and cartons; and giving consumers a new look.

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China Pet Bottle Is Worth Your Choice

For any pet bottle, the best packaging is to ensure that the product plays a role in transportation, storage and sales. Not a good looking package must be a qualified package. Next, I will work with Jilian Plastics to learn how to maintain the recycling of Pet Preform.

How to maintain the recycling of pet bottles?

At present, pet bottle packaging is mainly used for the packaging of beverages, herbal teas and alcohol. They are fast-moving consumer goods in daily life, and the output is very large. However, the production of PET bottles is limited, and it is difficult to guarantee the production of pet bottles after many years. In order to continue to use pet bottles, we need to call pet bottle companies to develop new pet bottles.

Maintain the continuous use of pet bottles from two aspects: start with the raw materials of pet bottles, focus on development, and reduce energy use. Second: lightweight pet bottle, to ensure the use of pet bottles to reduce raw materials and pet bottles recycling.

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Reasons For Shrinking Pet Preform

The shrinkage problem of Pet Preform is one of the most common problems in plastic processing. For plastic products with high surface quality, shrinkage is a difficult problem. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of plastic processing technology, it is imperative to minimize the shrinkage of PET bottles and improve product quality.

In PET bottles, the thicker areas of injection molded plastic parts, such as ribs or protrusions, are more severely constricted than adjacent locations because the thicker areas are cooled much more slowly than the surrounding area. The difference in cooling rate causes a depression at the joint surface, which is a familiar shrinkage mark. Such defects severely limit the design and molding of plastic products, especially large thick-walled products such as the beveled casing and display casing of television sets. In fact, for the demanding products such as household appliances, the shrinkage marks must be eliminated, and for products such as toys, which have low surface quality requirements, plastic processing shrinkage marks are allowed.

There may be one or more reasons for forming shrinkage marks in PET bottles, including processing methods, component geometries, material selection, and mold design. The geometry and material selection are usually determined by the raw material supplier and are not easily changed. But mold manufacturers still have a lot of factors about mold design that may affect the shrinkage of plastic processing. Cooling runner design, gate type, gate size can have multiple effects. For example, small gates such as tubular gates cool much faster than tapered gates. Premature cooling at the gate reduces the fill time in the cavity, which increases the chance of shrink marks. For molding workers, adjusting the processing conditions is one way to solve the shrinkage problem of PET bottles. Filling pressure and time significantly affect shrinkage. After the part is filled, the excess material continues to fill the cavity to compensate for the shrinkage of the material. Too short a filling phase will result in increased shrinkage and eventually more or larger shrinkage marks. This method of solving the plastic processing shrinkage itself may not reduce the shrinkage marks to a satisfactory level, but the molder can adjust the filling conditions to improve the shrinkage marks.

Another method is to modify the mold. A simple solution is to modify the conventional core hole, but this method cannot be expected to be suitable for all resins. In addition, the gas-assisted method can also solve the shrinkage problem of PET bottles.

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China Pet Bottle Have A Good Impact On The Environment

Pet Preform is a thermoplastic linear polyester, a typical high crystalline polymer. It is a non-toxic and tasteless developed after the ban on PVC for food and pharmaceutical packaging in the US Food and Drug Administration and the Japanese government. Food packaging. It has the advantages of impact resistance, transparency, non-toxicity, high barrier properties and low cost, and it can maintain excellent physical and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, so it has a wide range of applications.

PET bottles are currently in good recovery, and companies are paying attention to them, and recycling rates are rising. The recycling of used PET bottles can reduce pollution and increase efficiency. However, the issue of safe use has not been completely resolved. This is because the packaging material itself has the property that contaminants can be transferred from the material to the food. By the same token, materials can also absorb toxic substances. If it is not handled properly, it will be transferred to food when it is reused, which is very detrimental to people’s health. With the development of economic technology, recycled PET bottles can be processed into other products, and the economic benefits are still relatively high.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth and specific analysis on the current status of PET bottle utilization, recycling status and safe reuse, in order to find the most effective way to solve the problem of recycling and safe reuse.

From an environmental point of view, some PET containers produced today are of a type that is not recyclable. As an excellent China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastics is constantly improving the production technology of our products to ensure that our products are more environmentally friendly and have a good impact on environmental products.

The Pharmaceutical Pet Preform Industry Is Developing Rapidly

With the rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical Pet Preform industry, the pharmaceutical packaging industry has begun to take the lead and become an important part of the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

At present, the overall technical level of China’s pharmaceutical packaging industry is not high, far behind developed countries. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of medicines, while China is less than 10%. Among the many factors in the international PET bottle market competition, product quality, price and packaging design are the three main factors. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity of this development, be brave in innovation, unconventional, make products novel, bizarre, and modern consciousness can develop and manufacture competitive products, which is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. The birth of competitive products begins with the optimization of the product.

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