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What do parents need to consider before choosing a baby mattress?

Baby’s sleep quality needs special attention. If you want your baby to sleep well, parents should choose the right mattress to make the baby sleep more comfortable. So what kind of material is good for children’s mattresses? Parents should pay attention to the following points in the choice of materials.

One is how the fabric of the mattress is, and the baby’s skin is delicate. Baby mattress fabrics are most in contact with children’s skin. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you must first look at the fabric of the mattress. Children’s resistance is poor, and accidental can cause allergies. To purchase children’s mattresses, try to choose cotton fabrics, memory cotton and other environmentally friendly non-additive chemical cotton fabrics, soft cotton fabrics, which help children sleep and improve children’s sleep comfort.

The second is whether the baby mattress fabric is water permeable and breathable, which has a certain impact on children’s health. Children’s physique is too hot and even lead to heat injury. The purchase of children’s mattresses should be investigated for their breathability. In order to avoid the occurrence of children’s bedwetting, it is better to choose a children’s mattress that can be washed and washed. The mattress that is most suitable for children is a children’s latex mattress. The latex mattress is breathable and has a washable and washable function to meet the needs of children.

The third is the size of the mattress. The child is relatively moving, too small or too thin is not suitable. Generally, it is best about 50cm. It is best to have a guardrail to prevent children from falling and falling out of bed during sleep. The width should be wide enough to accommodate children’s flipping, generally about 2m. The edge of the mattress should be chosen to be round and soft, in case the child falls and bumps into the injury during running.

The fourth is that the mattress should be moderately soft and hard. It is best not to choose a mattress that is too hard. Children under 3-4 years old are suitable for use with a micro-hard mattress, which is generally made up of coir mattress made from coconut palm. 3-4 years old or older can be determined according to body size and weight. Generally, mattresses made of coconut palm and high resilience sponge, memory cotton or artificial wool are selected. The coconut palm material is environmentally friendly, the sponge texture is soft, and the resilience is strong, and it is not easy to be deformed after being durable.

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Dust dust on the mattress may threaten the health of the baby

First of all, the baby mattress fabric is not a small adult mattress. Not only materials, but also higher than adults. In fabrics, fillers, and core parts are different from adults. Then start with the fabric. The fabrics for children’s mattresses on the market are generally 3D fabrics, the reason is that they are breathable, and others are antibacterial and anti-mite functions. But the real fabric needs, or the actual situation of their own baby needs to be.

For example: My baby is a bear child, likes to eat snacks in bed, drink juice, and some like to eat and drink soup in bed. Children’s mattress detailed explanation series Article 1: Detailed explanation of children’s mattresses – the importance of fabrics There is often one time to carelessly sprinkle soup or rice. Then the wet sheet is wet, the sheets are wet, nothing can be washed, but you have thought that the water will seep into the mattress fabric, then the wash can not be washed! Children’s mattress detailed explanation series Article 1: Children’s mattress detailed – the importance of fabrics When you sleep, you will smell a “fragrance” taste! As the mattress takes longer and longer, the mattress must be filled with a lot of dust and dust mites, which can endanger your health all the time!

The shape of the baby mattress fabric. and the children’s preferences are also met by the parents. Children’s imagination is very rich, but we also need to constantly inspire from life, so that the baby’s intelligence will also be improved, so when choosing a mattress, you should choose a new style, and the pattern can stimulate your child’s imagination. mattress. Generally, it is based on anime pictures, and the color is brighter and better. This will not only help to stimulate children’s imagination, but also improve their intelligence.

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What kind of mattress is good for babies, how to choose baby mattress

Baby is the treasure of every family, especially for children under one year old. Infancy is the most vigorous stage in a person’s life.

At this time we have to ask if the baby needs a mattress? How to choose baby mattress fabric?

A baby mattress is a mattress used by children under one year of age. Because the baby grows particularly rapidly at this stage, it is the most vigorous stage of growth and development in a person’s life. The baby’s body, bones, spine, etc. are soft, and improper use of the mattress can easily cause bone or spine deformation, and even lead to poor physical development. . So whether the baby needs a mattress, and what kind of mattress is better for almost all the novice fathers and mothers.

“Sleeping hard bed, hard mattress” has always been considered a good habit of people to protect their back and health. But experts caution that the hardness of the bed varies from person to person. In particular, infants and young children belonging to the growth and development period, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, will cause bone dysplasia, and even leave the hidden danger of “spine scoliosis.” The ideal mattress for infants and adolescents should consist of a soft upper and lower layer and a strong, firm and elastic intermediate layer. On the one hand, the middle layer can give the child’s body the necessary support, and on the other hand, when it receives the pressure generated by the weight, it can be transmitted to the soft lower layer, thus holding up the child’s body without causing spinal deformity.

The ideal mattress for infants and adolescents should be flexible and fit snugly on the baby’s body but without support. On the one hand, it can give the child’s body the necessary support, and on the other hand, when it receives the pressure generated by the weight, it can be evenly dispersed, thus holding up the child’s body without causing spinal deformity. High-quality natural latex mattresses (more than 90% natural latex content) are well-known facts supporting the theory of “lighter experiments” and “egg experiments”.

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Mattress protector with high quality component unit

Rongli mattress protectors are well known for their premium protection against dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration, allergens and bacteria.

The mattress protector has made them especially helpful for those with kids, pets, allergies, asthma or incontinence. With just one unprotected fluid accident, a mattress can be left with a permanent stain or odor. Rongli premium mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against fluids and stains offering peace of mind and a more sterile sleeping environment for you and your family.

Dust mites are a constant problem for millions of Americans who suffer from daily allergy and asthma triggers. Rongli mattress protectors prevent dust mites from passing through the surface of the protector where they would normally multiply and defecate.

Rongli uses only the finest high quality components for their protectors to ensure your sleep experience will be just as quiet and comfortable as before it was applied.

Rongli’s premium cotton terry surface design is soft, smooth, and noiseless. Cotton terry naturally absorbs fluids while allowing air and heat to pass through, keeping your bed cool and dry.

The surface of our fitted sheet style protector is designed not to interfere with the current feel of your mattress. No matter if your mattress is a firm or pillow top, it will still have the same feel after our protector is applied.

Protect your mattress from fluid spills like sweat and urine with Rongli’s exclusive membrane layer. This unique design blocks fluids from reaching the mattress while still allowing the mattress to breathe preventing heat buildup.

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High quality organic baby mattress fabric

Considering that a person spends nearly 20%-30% of their life sleep, it’s important to take the time to research the mattress that best suits your needs. This decision-making process is more complicated when considering which baby mattress fabric to buy for your baby. You want your baby to be comfortable and safe.

Infants spend more than 16 hours a day in a crib, making them more susceptible to chemicals in the mattress. Not all crib mattresses are safe and misleading. It is very important to have any chemicals in your baby’s mattress.

Polyurethane foam in baby mattresses is also worthy of attention. The two main chemicals used to make polyurethane foams are toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. Both substances are mutagenic, and at least TDI is carcinogenic to animals. Although no direct study of the effects of these chemicals on humans has been conducted, a study conducted at nine Swedish polyurethane manufacturing plants found that the incidence of rectal cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma increased.

Buying mattresses, especially crib mattresses that do not contain chemical flame retardants and polyurethane foams and are replaced with organic and natural ingredients, is a safer and healthier option. Organic mattresses are made from all natural or organic materials, including cotton, wool, coconut fiber, food grade polymers, natural latex.

Premium organic baby mattresses include organic wool or organic cotton and organic coconut coconut shells. Coconut coconut shell provides a sturdy core, breathable, anti-mildew and durable. Wool helps to dissipate heat and moisture, keeping your baby cool and comfortable. Wool also has natural antibacterial properties and can also act as a natural fire barrier.

All of these features are found in the Rongli Crib Mattress, making it a hot organic baby mattress.

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Rongli provides the softest touch for your baby’s gentle skin

From Rongli’s premium baby mattress fabrics, the flannel mat is made from only the softest cotton flannel, providing the softest touch to your baby’s mild skin.

Rongli’s mission in the baby fabric sector is to make crib products affordable and fun without compromising quality. We believe that cute designs and bright colors allow everyone to experience beautiful life and to stimulate their imagination.

The use of baby mattress fabrics in double-sided jacquard knitting is made of 100% cotton, with interesting patterns, prints and embroidery, and colors and stripes can be easily matched with home decoration.

In addition to baby bedding, we use cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex. Each small sock has cute patterns, prints and solids. They are given as gifts to new parents.

Our everyday baby essentials at affordable prices are exactly what parents and caregivers are looking for.We offer a variety of design styles, including baby bedding, bath towels, bibs and more.

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According to the physiological characteristics of the baby


The choice of baby mattress fabric should be based on the physiological characteristics of the baby.

The baby is more prone to sweating, the function of defecation is not perfect, and the ability to adapt to the outside temperature is also very poor.

So the fabrics of such personal products such as baby mattresses are not only required to absorb sweat quickly, but also have high resistance to washing and warmth. In this way, only natural cotton products can be combined to meet the baby’s needs.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to consider the breathability of the fabric when purchasing a baby mattress. The air-permeable mattress is easy to dissipate heat, ensuring that the baby is not prone to heat during sleep and causes hot symptoms such as hot cold.

In order to avoid incidents such as baby bedwetting, it is better to choose a children’s mattress that can be washed and washed.The water permeability of the mattress must be good. At present, the most suitable mattress for infants is baby latex mattress fabric. Latex mattress is breathable, and has easy-to-removal and washable functions to meet the needs of babies.

Rongli baby mattress fabric can meet your above needs:

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How to choose a suitable mattress for your baby?

A baby mattress fabric is a mattress used by children under one year of age. The baby spends most of his sleep in sleep, because the baby grows particularly rapidly at this stage, and is the most vigorous stage of growth and development in a person’s life. Therefore, the mattress used by the baby should have a higher standard and be different from the adult. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the concept of baby mattresses has been widely known. The main function of baby mattresses is to support the body and relax the limbs, which is conducive to the healthy development of the baby.

Key points for baby mattress selection:

  1. Hardness: The baby’s spine needs to be hard enough to sleep, can’t sleep too soft water bed, sofa bed, and don’t use cushions and blankets for extra support.
  2. Match the size of the crib: there must be no gap between the mattress and the edge of the bed. The size of a standard crib is about 52″ x 27″, and the size of a mini crib is about 38″ x 24″. There will be an inch and a half inch error between different brands, which is basically universal.
  3. Whether it can be used on both sides: one side is slightly hard, suitable for small babies; the other side is slightly soft, becomes toddler bed and then used, cost-effective.
  4. For sensitive skin, you can choose organic cotton.

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How to judge whether it is a good baby mattress?

With so many baby mattress fabric on the market, it can be hard to keep them straight and understand the benefits and differences of each one. We are here to explain the main differences between an organic crib mattress and its conventional counterparts.

Crib Mattress Support

Firstly, you should understand the different types of support designs in crib mattresses. Any crib mattress you use should have a firm, flat surface as recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for baby’s safety.

To test the firmness of a crib mattress, press your hand firmly into the center of the mattress and along the edges. There should be plenty of resistance and no deep impressions. Your baby’s mattress should not sag or flop anywhere. Naturepedic organic crib mattresses feature reinforced edge support that stands up to your growing toddler as they begin exploring and bouncing on their mattress or standing at the edge of their bed.

Crib Mattress Filling

A crib mattress has more than just a supportive core; it also has cushion material and filling. The biggest difference between a conventional and an organic crib mattress is the fiber used to provide comfort and cushion.

  1. Conventional Fibers 2. “Natural” Fibers 3. Organic Fibers

Crib Mattress Waterproofing

A waterproof crib mattress is a huge benefit for you and for your baby. The waterproof surface means that baby’s messes and spills won’t soak through and penetrate your mattress, which means less risk of contamination from mold or mildew. A waterproof mattress is also easier to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

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Rongli baby mattress can meet your requirements:


Add natural probiotics to the mattress

The baby spends nearly half of the time in bed every day, so the baby mattress fabric’s safety is the most worrying parents. The baby has poor resistance and is extremely susceptible to infection by bacteria. Then, Rongli’s baby mattress fabric will add probiotics to it, making it safer and more secure.

As mattresses take longer and longer, the mattresses must be filled with dust and dust mites that can endanger your health at all times. Many children have skin allergies due to dust and dust mites, and they are the root cause of diseases such as asthma.
Don’t be afraid,Rongli there is a newly developed fabric that adds natural probiotics to the mattress. There are millions of tiny sacs on the fabric. When the child is lying on it, the friction between the body and the fabric will open the sac. The probiotics in these sachets will run out to clean up the mites and bacteria.

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