surrounded by bridesmaids in pastel colored party dresses

When you enter the arch of the entrance to the temple of dreams, there, right there, there is the sea … „If this is for many a simple quote by Luis Sepúlveda, for many others is a true sentence of marriage. We are talking about the fascinated couples of the idea of crowning their love before the majesty of the sea. So if you have dreamed of a light and fluctuating wedding dress, surrounded by bridesmaids in pastel colored party dresses, these tips and tricks on the beach wedding will be right for you.

Liberalize romance … in full force
For those who have always dreamed of the white dress allure lace wedding dress, the beautiful bride sandals and the blue of the sea as a backdrop for an unforgettable day black and gray bridesmaid dresses, today all this can be the wonderful reality of the most beautiful day. Turning a beautiful beach into your wedding set is not only possible looking at the catalogs of the most beautiful exotic destinations, but simply admire the views and the intense blue of the most beautiful coasts of Italy; so that an American wedding can take on all the connotations of Italian romanticism.

According to Article 3 d. P.R. November 3, 2000, n. 396 the Municipalities can have, even for single functions, the establishment of one or more separate civil status offices; in addition, the separate civil status offices are established or suppressed by a municipal council resolution and the related deed is sent to the Prefect. In other words, every municipality has the possibility of establishing, in addition to the internal offices of the Municipal House, also separate and external offices by suppressing or liberalizing some places including the beaches themselves.

Marriage at the beach: is it possible only the civil ceremony?

Marriage celebrated according to the religious rite is subject to rules of canon law as well as to essential rituals linked to the sacred place where the celebration takes place; all this makes it very difficult to easily change the usual location for the sacrament.

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