Suitable sports floor

The wear layer of the sports floor (composite type) can not completely determine the wear resistance of the floor. The thickness of the wear layer of the removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring is generally between 0.1mm and 0.7mm, and there are also a few thicknesses of 1.0-1.2mm. . The floor of different manufacturers, the wear layer is different in thickness, the wear resistance of the floor is also different, the same is 0.4mm thick wear layer, some floor wear resistance is 3000 rpm, and some have 6000 rpm; A sports floor with a thin wear-resistant layer is more wear-resistant than a floor with a thick wear-resistant layer. This is mainly determined by different manufacturers and the quality of the wear layer. It can only be said that the abrasion resistance of the floor with high wear-resisting layer will be good, but it is not absolute. It is recommended that customers should ask the floor dealer for the quality inspection report of the floor when purchasing the sports floor to see the test results. You can also use 80-mesh sandpaper to lightly press back and forth on the floor samples provided by the seller. One round-trip is a turn to see how many turns the floor can receive to expose the base layer. The result of the test should be tested with the test report. small differences. If the printed layer of the floor is less than 1000 rpm, it will be destroyed, indicating that the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track does not have 1500 turns, which is the unqualified floor.
The sports floor is made of PVC material. PVC is PVC, which is plastic. Plastic is formaldehyde-free. Because PVC composite floor is multi-layer structure, the bonding of the floor requires certain processing technology and technology. Immature manufacturers use glue to bond, so the sports floor contains harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Therefore, when buying sports flooring, don’t forget to smell the floor with a pungent smell. Under normal circumstances, PVC coil flooring will have a slight smell, and the processing technology is better. The smell of sports flooring is almost inaudible, even if There is no stimulation of the respiratory system. The floor produced by many domestic PVC coil flooring manufacturers can not be dispersed after several months of laying.
The fireproof rating of sports flooring is Bf1. Any floor below Bf1 cannot be used in public places (hospitals, office buildings, schools, stadiums, scientific research institutions, social structures, cars, etc.) The fire rating of the material is strictly classified. The indoor tennis court interlocking mat is mainly divided into 7 grades: A1fl, A2 fl, B fl, C fl, D fl, E fl and F fl. The fireproof rating of the sports floor is Bf1.
The color of the sports floor is rich, because the color of the sports floor is printed, so regardless of the manufacturer, the floor produced, even a model of the floor, the floor of different production batches have color difference, a production batch The color of the floor should be similar. If the gap is large, the floor manufacturer is not under strict management or the floor color difference processing technology is still immature.

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