subjected to the heat of the hair dryer

dr. azoulay. it is necessary to adjust the hair care so as not to damage the hair and no increase in the fall. do not brush your hair strong and take the time to… take good care of you? . the décolorez for a few months and not subjected to the heat of the hair dryer. use conditioner conditioner which facilitates the topping and hold a hair is quickly dropped, but calls for more than three months to grow, regardless of treatment, the hair cycle is proposed. dr. azoulay. as mentioned above, we cannot hope for results of treatment before three months of use. a lot of women to stop treatment after only a few weeks on the grounds that it is inefficient and the back is not. there is, first, that the fall is prior to the regrowth. it must be the lack the good grows hair buy full lace wigs, containing amino acids, cystine, methionine, vitamins and especially the vitamin b6, iron, silicon. all of these nutrients are found in dietary supplements, and must be taken for 3 months.

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