Stone Crushing Production Profits High

Stone crushing Stone Crushing Equipment Sale production profits high? What kinds of pebbles and sand playing well? According to statistics, nearly two years of sand measured dosage as high as 10 billion tons per year, and direct output value of 300 billion yuan, driven transport 235 billion yuan output value, output of 535 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. Mechanism of sand and gravel industry, China is in the sunrise period. Stone crushing production have an advantage that other professions do not have relying on mining resources, sales within a radius of typically 100 km, factory price was 25-20 Yuan per ton on average, return faster. Therefore, in the huge market demand, stone crushing production has a very high profit margins. Cobblestones, for example, the stone’s main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, compressive strength, corrosion resistant characteristics of natural stone, is an ideal green building materials. However, due to the hardness of the stone itself, then, when one of the broken stone or sand, what kind of pebbles and sand is good?

Some owners use Jaw Quarry Crusher Plant cone Crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher for the traditional scheme of pebbles and sand, although the handle a large amount of impact sand-maker, but the low efficiency of sand, sand than in actual production as undiscovered, so two sand making machine output up to 90-100t/h. In addition, cone Crusher PYS1300-blasting efficiency is very low, adjusted to the best condition is only able to reach 20%, sand production in 50T/h, and thus get a whole line of pebbles and sand production line barely reached the amount of sand 150t/h.

If the Jaw breaking + Germany sand words R1200 Germany sand feed can be reached 80-100mm, sand and highly efficient production can reach about 100t/h at least, you jaw broken configuration screens form a closed circuit can implement two stage crushing of sand. Moreover, Germany sand sand rate is more than 1 time, times of impact sand-maker, not only greatly simplifies the production process and actual yield of the pebbles and sand production line in its entirety can be more than 160t/h, can meet the production requirements.

Thus, stone crushing production not only profitable, but if it of pebbles and sand, can significantly increase the productivity of pebbles and sand production line, and reduce the cost of stone crushing production line, so that Germany sand making machine is a valuable acquisition to the pebbles and sand.

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