Stamping Parts Do Not Match The Size

In the production process of Stamping Parts, there will be cases where the punching standard is too large or too small, and the difference with the punch standard is large. In order to deal with such effects, we have to consider the cooking standards and machining accuracy of forming convex and concave molds. And the vacant space is special, and it should be considered from the following aspects.
  1. In the production of stamped parts, the punching edge occurs when punching, and it is necessary to study the cutting edge and pay attention to check whether the blanking is reasonable. When the bending is performed, the stamping parts are unstable, and the U-shaped and V-shaped bending are mainly used for the bending of the stamping parts before the bending, the guiding position in the bending process, and the pressing of the data in the bending process to prevent the stamping parts Slippage during bending is the key to the processing effect.
  2. In the production of stamped parts, the tensile stress of the data increases, and the tendency of the stamping parts to turn over and misunderstand increases. When the material is turned over, the punching standard will become smaller. The strong pressure on the data causes plastic deformation of the data, which will cause the punching standard to become larger. When the strong pressure is increased, the punching standard will become smaller.
  3. In the production of stamped parts, if the end part is trimmed with a bevel or curved shape, the punching force is likely to be turned over and misunderstood due to the slowing of the punching force. Therefore, the punching standard will become larger. The punch end is three-dimensional, and the punching standard is sure to become smaller.

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