Some considerations for mobile coal crushers

1. Remove foreign matter from the mobile coal crusher and move the rotor by hand to check for friction or collision.
2. Check whether the installation position of each component of the equipment moves, metal crusher, deform and lock all bolts. *** Check if the seal is good.
3, the installation of the host should be balanced, the spindle horizontality error is less than 1mm / m, the main driven wheel in the same plane, but also to adjust the belt tightness, fixed motor. The main driven wheel is in the same plane
4. The mobile coal crusher rotor has been balanced before leaving the factory. The general user does not need to perform the balance test. When replacing the hammer head and rotor parts, the mobile jaw crusher should be balanced.
The mobile coal crusher is one of the best-selling crushing equipment in the crushing industry. Whether it is dry material or high-humidity material, it can be crushed, and it is also widely used in application. For example, cinder, slag, in-plane-mobile crushing construction waste, coal gangue, shale, etc. can be crushed, so it is very popular among users in today’s market, and it is the user who buys mobile coal crusher.

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