Solutions to Modified Badge Reset

How to do if NBA2K17 modified badge backs? Many players said that they use L modifier modified badge, the character data is reset, they do not know how to solve this problem, today we will share the solution to NBA2K17 modified badge reset, hoping to Buy NBA 2K Coins help you.

The solution is: after you modify the attribute badge with the modifier (you have to make sure you modify successfully), in general, the badge full of attributes, you have to use F7 and F9 function of L modifier, after saved the game, exit the game, turn off the modifier, and then re-enter the game, open the modifier.

Before you re-enter the MC mode archive, be sure to press F1 to activate the modifier and then activate the F7 and F9 functions! And then open the archive, the order must be right, to open the two functions and then into the MC archive.

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