So what’s your next step

First, if you are a restorative dentist—get E4D Dentist system into your office (Figure 2): no powder, easy to use, makes any office more profitable by being able to complete same day dentistry or fabricate nearly all your single unit restorations. Get going with that system, and start scoping out the myriad of excellent cone beam systems listed above or locate a scanning center using one of those brands
Why be tied into just one option? And, more importantly, why be tied into a closed system of the same manufacturer’s CAD/ CAM system and cone beam system? Be able to choose the best of both worlds and what is right for you.

Your Henry Schein Dental Sales Consultant can help you decide which one is right for you. Then get ready for E4D Compass—putting you and your surgeon on the same page! The more you grasp technology and use its capabilities to guide you to the ideal, the more efficient and effective you will become.

So here is your future dialogue with patients missing a tooth who come to see you for restorative therapy. Note: patients don’t come to you with the request for “an implant” they come to you to fill a missing space—it is up to you to offer the ideal restorative plan to fill that space first, then decide how you are going to put the restorative plan in place (bridge, implant; orthodontia). So let’s do that—design the ideal restoration then plan the mechanism to hold it in.

Okay Mrs. Smith, it is very important for you to replace that missing tooth with a “tooth” that will maintain the health of your mouth and will provide you function for chewing micro motors australia. We have several options to complete that goal, but let’s first scan the area with an advanced 3-D laser scanner so we can plan accordingly.

Take the E4D Scanner and capture a true 3-D image of the area—all soft and hard tissue. Note: No powder or contrast agent is placed. Think about it. This patient had just had the tooth extracted and there was still an open or healing wound. The last thing you’d want to do is spray titanium oxide under pressure into an open or healing wound. (So don’t go the powder route.)

We can get a better idea of what the ideal restorative solution would be. The computer will assist us in previewing what would be the best functional and maintainable solution for your individual case. Here is the ideal proposal, which we can optimize for your individual situation prior to doing any treatment
It looks like one solution we should consider is a single-tooth implant that would hold the restoration in place and also provide you the most natural feeling and looking solution possible. But first we’ll need to look under your tissue to see if an implant is possible in that location.

Take them over to the i-CAT (or other compatible cone beam system) and complete a cone beam scan tooth scaler australia. Or if you’ve taken one before on any of the compatible systems, just grab the DICOM data.

So now we can see the bone available below your tissue. I’m going to combine this data right on this screen and show you what is possible. Here is the implant solution I would recommend and you can see I’ll place this directly under the restoration we’ve designed and see if you have the type and amount of bone ideal for this procedure (Figure 6).
We’ll identify the location of the nerve that runs down your lower jaw and certainly avoid that. With this software you and I can get a great view of the overall process before any treatment is started. So yes, it looks like this would be an ideal treatment. If we decide to go with this I have all the information I need. I can be ready when you are and in fact, I can prepare a temporary restoration and have it ready to place in that space the same day the implant is placed so you’ll never feel that open space again and your tissues will heal in the ideal form so when you’re ready the final restoration will be that much more natural and beautiful. Let’s get started!Why Do Adults Need Braces? for more information.

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