“So, can I regrow the gum tissue I’ve already lost to recession”


According to Dr. Danenberg, the thickness of the facial jaw bones may be a matter of genetics. Just like we are all born with variations like thicker skull bones, fine or thick hair, etc. how thin your jaw bone is may have a genetic component. We liken this to asking “what generation of Pottenger’s cats are you?”

Some people may even be born with a complete lack of jaw bone tissue on the facial surface.

Like we stated above, if/when the facial jaw bone diminishes, the gum tissue that was being supported by that bone tissue becomes very at risk of recession.

We think a logical question to ask at this point is…

And we have to be careful how we answer this question. Here’s why…

If you’ve been reading our blog for a bit, you know we prefer to stay very ‘solution oriented’ with our focus. While there’s plenty to cry foul about in the dental industry, rather than put our voice to talking about all the dark, gloomy stuff in dentistry, we much prefer to share solutions of how each of us can navigate to greater oral health dental supplies.

The last thing we want to do is take the wind out of someone’s sails who plans to regrow their gum tissue. Bottom line, we are constantly learning new information and believe miracles happen all the time.

In fact, as many of you know, if Susan had listened to that dentist’s advice at the fateful dental appointment when she was diagnosed with periodontal disease, OraWellness may never have been born.What Causes Dental Phobia And Anxiety? for more information.

So, with that introduction in place… To our knowledge, once gum tissue has receded, that means that the bone has diminished. And once the bone has diminished, the gum tissue can only recover to the current ‘height’ of bone tissue. Yes, the bone tissue can remineralize, however, our understanding is the bone won’t ‘regrow’ back up to its original ‘height’.

The good news is that bone tissue can remineralize. So, if you have loose teeth (which is a very common sign of advancing gum disease), taking care of the problem will allow the jaw to remineralize and your teeth can tighten back up in your mouth. If you have loose teeth, our HealThy Mouth System has helped thousands of people around the world keep their teeth, effectively address periodontal disease (in the comfort of their own home) and navigate to greater oral health dental air compressor.

And please (PLEASE) email us if you succeed in regrowing receding gums. We will most definitely scream praises and share how you did it with the world.

Now that you understand the real cause of gum recession, it makes sense that we want to take steps to support optimal bone remineralization.

Here’s a link to ‘part 2’ of this discussion, How to Stop Receding Gums.

May your bright healthy smile bless your life and the lives of those around you each and every day. Aloha!

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