Small flour mill bearing repair problems

Small flour mill bearing repair problems
Small flour mill bearing wear, some can be used to repair the welding car. semolina machine10 ton per day semolina plant
Such as running the inner and outer rings in the bearing, with welding on the journal and cover the hole for welding, and then use the lathe into the required size. Preheating shaft and end cap preheating before welding. At the end of the welding, it is immediately buried deep in dry lime powder for slow cooling to control the quench and brittleness phenomenon. When using electric welding repair.
When the rotor of the small flour machine is separated from the shaft,roller mill coffee pulverizer household corn flour mill
inject the gap between the reset rotor and the shaft with the high temperature resistant adhesive 502, and the filler should be placed vertically with quick action. After both ends of injection, and then 40% saline water, place a few days later, you can assemble use.

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