Self-propelled factory wholesale multi-purpose crop harvester introduction?

The Self-propelled Factory Wholesale Multi-function Crop Harvester Reaper Binder brings great convenience to users, not only easy to use but also improves the production efficiency of agriculture. So how much do you know about this equipment? Today, Aike to introduce to you.

The harvester equipment consists of a tiller and a variety of work tools used in conjunction therewith. The main machine for traction and driving is composed of an engine, a transmission gearbox, a frame, a multi-directional operating handrail for controlling movement, and a walking wheel; the working tools include: a rhizome harvester, a micro rotary tiller, a film covering machine, Universal crusher, pesticide pump, water pump, harvester, and other working machines, it is especially suitable for rotary tillage, harvesting, watering and other operations in orchards, hills, fields and plastic greenhouses. Recently, it is matched with the wind-cutting machine. The wind-cutting machine is composed of the transmission gearbox, wider frame, and Hexingxing wheel. It is mainly used for harvesting straw crops such as wheat and rice, and is suitable for flat topography and plant height at 0.2- 2.0 meters, the stem is upright (less than 45 ° lodging) wind less than 4, non-rainy work. The machine has the following main features:

1) Compact structure, light and flexible, reliable use, simple operation, strong working performance, and convenient maintenance.

2) The handrail can be adjusted up and down, and it can be easily operated in special plots such as slopes or plastic greenhouses. The upper and lower adjustments can be selected within 4 degrees of 4 steps according to specific conditions.

3) Forward and backward three files

Adopt gearbox built-in clutch mode. High-speed, low-speed conversion can be realized with a clutch handle, and 2 gears can be advanced and 1 gear can be reversed through 3 gears of the main gearbox. A wide range of shifting speed, high work efficiency, and easy movement.

4) Easy to use shifting handle

When the armrest rotates back and forth, left and right. The shifting handle can be properly adjusted as needed, and the main clutch handle can also rotate without affecting the clutch of the main clutch.




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