Self Drilling hollow anchor use a hollow thread bar with a sacrificial drill bit

Self Drilling hollow anchor use a hollow thread bar with a sacrificial drill bit which is drilled into the ground using grout as a flushing medium. This results in a grout body within the ground containing a high tensile steel bar. Corrosion is taken into account by typically over-specifying the bar with a sacrificial corrosion allowance and/or by the use of special coatings.
1.High strength self-drilling bars utilised for formation of a canopy ahead of mining very weak or highly stressed rock
2.Versatile product for secondary support of broken rock including rib and floor, where resin capsule anchoring is not practical
3.R32 continuous rope thread
4.Typically grouted with thixotropic “top-down” grout
5.Right hand(RH) thread for drilling with coal mining equipment
6.Stock lengths of 1.5m for RH thread
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