SCM series ultrafine powder grinding

SCM series ultrafine grinding mill is an expert in by my company after years of production on the basis of traditional micro powder mill for technological innovation, the grinding equipment of various technical indicators are greatly improved compared with the traditional micro powder mill, it is a new type ultrafine grinding of high efficiency and energy saving. The ultrafine grinding is suitable for crushing mohs hardness such as barite, limestone, ceramic, slag is not greater than 9.3, and the humidity below 8% of non flammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industry more than 280 kinds of materials such as high fine milling processing, finished product size to adjust the range 80-425 mesh.

ultrafine grinding mill is also called the ultrafine grinding and the micro powder grinding grinding indoor, roller assembly through the cross arm shaft mounted on the roller hanger, roller hanger and spindle and shovel head fixed connection, pressure spring by pull rod tightly in roller bearing chamber on the outside of the cantilever end, cross arm shaft, for support, by spring pressure roller tightly pressed on the inside of ring round surface, when the motor through a transmission device rotation, perfectly on the shovel head the shovel and roller synchronous rotation, roller in the inner circle on the surface of ring rolling around its own rotation at the same time, the analysis of the machine is driven by motor drive analysis machine impeller rotation, The speed adjustment of the analyzer determines the fineness of the powder.

Notes for use of ultra-fine powder grinding

For ultrafine grinding operating normally, should set up “, “maintenance equipment safety operation system equipment to ensure safe operation of the grinding machine long-term, at the same time have the necessary maintenance tools and grease and the corresponding accessories. SCM series ultrafine grinding roller device using time more than 500 hours to replace the roller, the roller set inside of the rolling bearing must be clean, the damaged parts should be replaced in a timely manner, refueling tools available manual pumps. In the use process, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the care, operators must have a certain technical level. Should use after a period of time, for maintenance. At the same time for roller shovel knife of ring replacement/repair parts processing, such as roller device is in use for connecting bolt and nut should be examined before and after, to see whether there is loose phenomenon, lubricating oils are added.

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