Sandwich fabrics are also excellent for mattress products

Rongli introduces machine-woven sandwich fabric from Germany, which are mainly used for mattresses, car covers, sportswear, bags, etc., which are strong and durable. The surface is mesh-like, with a dense mesh underneath, and the bedding makes the surface of the mesh not too deformed, which enhances the fastness and color of the fabric. The mesh effect makes the mattress and the cover more modern and sporty. The fabric has a water lock function. Good breathability is another highlight of the sandwich.

Sandwich mattress is a bedding product that has been popular in Europe and America. It is a health, hygiene, comfort, environmental protection, washable and other advantages, quickly surpassing traditional mattresses and becoming the first choice for many families.

The sandwich mattress fabric is hailed as “the revolution in soft-filling materials in the 21st century”. Compared to other traditional mattresses, 3D mattresses have five advantages:

1.Environmental protection

2.antibacterial and mites

3.the whole body can be washed


5.good comfort

6.good support

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