Sand making machine to clean the dust and dirt of the three methods is true and effective

Dust attachment or material sticky. If not cleaned up, not only harm the sand making machine, but also reduce the production efficiency of the sand making machine, which may result in blockage of the discharge opening of the sand making machine and reduce the comprehensive sediment yield of the whole production line.
So sand on a regular basis to clean up the dust, remove internal dirt and material sticky or is necessary. To a certain extent, to avoid losses. So how should the sand making machine maintenance and repair? How to clean the dirt inside the sand making machine? Our SBM sand making machine manufacturers, based on practical experience and customer feedback, summed up the following real and effective sand scale removal And cleaning methods.
The most effective and effective sand cleaning method, commonly used in the following three:
(1) intermittent method.First, the cleaning fluid filled with heat exchange equipment, after a period of time, release some, and then part of the solution re-poured, so repeated;
(2) circulation method, that is forced to pump the cleaning fluid circulating in the sand making equipment;
(3) perfusion method. The cleaning fluid is poured into the heat transfer equipment, and then let it stand for a period of time after the full release.
So which method should be used to clean the gray scale with the sand making machine? This depends on the type of sand making machine used by the user, the nature of the dirt and the degree of scaling.

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