Sand dryer is one kind of ideal drying equipment

Sand dryer is one kind of ideal drying equipment with reliable operation performance and stable production capacity, and itbelongs to traditional dryer, which is an indirectly heated rotary dryer with amainstream of conduction and heating, while enjoys the thermal radiation white mercury mining process. Sanddryer is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, airflow drying pipe, cycloneseparator, fan, etc. Sand dryer is mainly used to dry materials with certainhumidity and particulate size like sand, casting sand, cinders, small particlesize of clay, as well as other small particles materials not afraid of hightemperature and soot-stained.
Sand dryer itself has characteristics of highhumidity and high adhesion, so, during the drying process, the wet sand can befed into the equipment body via the belt conveyor , the block wet sand afterquickly thrashing will experience four working areas.
Materials are generallyfed into the inner layer of rotary drum by feeding device to achieve downstreamdrying, so materials in the inner layer of copy board will be constantly liftedand fell down to achieve heat exchange in the shape of helix. The material driedby sand dryer does not directly contact with the heat transfer medium, and thencome back to the inlet end along with the gap between the tube wall and thesheet and extracted and emptied by the smoke suction fan.

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