Resolve to Work in Comfort

Estimates say that more than 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions–but only a tiny fraction of us keep them. If feeling healthy is on your 2016 resolutions list, you’ll want to check out the new A-dec 500 stool.
Launched in March 2015, the new A-dec 500 stools offer features that support ultimate comfort for the dental team. For starters, both the 521 doctor’s stool and A-dec 522 assistant’s stool are based on a dynamic seating system, with three layers of flexible seating and unique performance zones that mold to the shape of the body. These performance zones work in unison to keep you supported while you shift, lean and work. It’s all topped off with a supple top layer of cushion foam.

Along with a comfortable, conforming seat, a contoured backrest cradles the spine for ultimate comfort (it’s standard on the doctor’s stool and optional on the assistant’s stool). The stools encourage a hips-above-knees position with the backrest raised low and forward, allowing your spine to maintain a healthy S-shape: a posture referred to as an “athletic stance.” Minimizing internal pressures via this neutral spinal position can reduce the incidence of painful and disabling disc injuries and reduce the overall strain on spinal tissues, as it influences the posture of the entire spinal column and positively affects the mechanics of the neck, shoulder and back. An increase in body weight is transferred to the feet, decreasing the total pressure on the seating surface. Need to adjust? Four easy-to-follow numbered paddles (all within reach) encourage incremental customized adjustments of the seat tilt, seat height, backrest tilt and backrest height, ensuring that the operator stays comfortable all day long–no matter who sits on the stool. No wonder the American Association of Women Dentists (A.A.W.D.) voted the A-dec 500 stool as the best new product of the year.

To help ease our customers’ transition to EMV chip cards, we’re offering a $250 equipment rebate* to any dental practice that is new to Moneris and upgrades to chip card technology by either buying or renting the Verifone VX 520 EMV/chip card terminal through them. Our customers can purchase a terminal for only $194 or rent one for just $15/month dental handpiece.* So, the rebate more than offsets the purchase price of the terminal or covers the cost to rent a terminal for 15 months.

You will need to upgrade the terminal(s) in your practice to accept chip cards sooner or later. Why not have Moneris conduct a complimentary, no-obligation rate analysis? Henry Schein Financial Services and Moneris offer a $500 rate guarantee;* if we can’t beat or at least match your current credit card processing rates, we’ll give you $500. You will have nothing to lose and you could end up with lower rates or $500 dental equipment.

For more information about EMV chip cards, our current special offers, and our $500 rate guarantee, contact HSFS at 1-800-443-2756 (Option 2) or

*Limited offer for new Moneris customers only. Offers are exclusive to Henry Schein customers.

About the Author: Keith Drayer is Vice President and General Manager of Henry Schein Financial Services (HSFS). HSFS provides health care practitioners with business solutions that enable them to achieve their professional and practice goals turbine air compressor. HSFS’ portfolio of resources is designed to give our customers the financial advantage critical to success in today’s changing marketplace.

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