Remote control of counterattack sand making machine

The counter-attack sand making machine is also a commonly used crusher for sand mills and stone factories. With the rapid development of science and technology, machinery will further enter the high-end and automation. The remote control of the counterattack sanding machine is a good example.

What are the remote control of the sand making machine? Main transmission, lubrication, temperature detection and discharge mouth adjustment are all remote control. These controls can be implemented by a control cabinet equipped with a signal system that reflects the normal working index of the crusher, its diagnosis and the state of the accident.

The crusher control can also be realized from the central console of the control process. At this time, the necessary information on each system function of each crusher is input to the console so that the work of the crusher and production line can be adjusted quickly. The remote control of the crusher can set up the crusher on the automatic production line without the need to manually control a single crusher in the broken section. In this case, the crusher is equipped with a microprocessor control system (automatic control system). It controls and detects all the main process parameters and parameters of the crusher by means of computer control.

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