Rebecca Taylor Swears by Turks and Caicos in the Off Season

New Zealand-born Shapewear Tank Tops designer Rebecca Taylor is constantly looking to her world travels for inspiration. Part of what makes her effortless pieces work so well is that she keeps on-the-go women in mind. Just back from a Mexican vacation with her family—she was in Tulum and Isla Mujeres—she’s got some pro travel and style tips to offer us, including the best outfits for the plane and what makes for the perfect travel shoe. Plus, she dishes on her favorite fellow airplane passenger ever (Sting!), the most luxurious hotel bathroom on the planet, and more.

Arm Shaper  Favorite mode of travel?Sea plane when going to Shelter Island, but regular planes everywhere else.Best or worst person you have ever been seated next to on a plane?Sting sat across the aisle from me once! I would say that would categorize as best person…

Best freebie you’ve stolen off a plane?Back in the day nothing was bolted down so it was pretty much a free-for-all, I used to love the hand moisturizers in the bathroom.

Favorite airport lounge or restaurant?The Air New Zealand business class lounge in L.A. — it’s amazing, they have showers, a full bar, and a buffet. It makes me feel like I am almost home.

Airline with the best or worst food?Air New Zealand for best food. I have some challenges with Japanese airline food…

What’s your favorite hotel in the world?L’Hotel in Paris—there is a private swimming pool in the basement. I love the history as well, Oscar Wilde lived there.


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