Reasons for corn flakes equipment not to feed and its solution

Reasons for corn flakes equipment not to feed and its solution
As a specialized equipment for producing puffed food, corn flake equipment will encounter some
shortcomings more or less when it is used. Today, it does not analyze the causes of abnormal materials or discharge materials and gives the corresponding solutions.
1, corn flake equipment does not material. beautiful appearance commercial peanut butter machine
The first performance, normal production, perhaps just boot, the first die at no material.
A: food extruder material coarse particle size. Solution: vandalism to skill plea
B: boot less water. Solution: add water to the skills pleading
C: food extruder Main motor reversal. Solution: change the main motor into the line phase sequence
D: No residue left in the barrel. Solution: shut down clean and then produced.
E: temperature is not balanced. Solution: according to the skill plea to adjust the temperature
2, food extruder out of the normal material. The first performance is that the material is too fast, excessive or not puffed puffing.
Reason A: Material moisture content is low. Solution: Add moisture content
Cause B: Temperature controller out of control. Solution: Replace the temperature controller
Reason C: corn flake equipment screw wear. Solution: replace the new cut section.
The reason is not puffed: nacho tortilla corn chips machine
temperature over the end. Solution: According to the skill request adjustment.
3, food extruder machine cut is not normal. The first performance, the product is not puffed puffing, burrs may be.

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