Raymond mill equipment, electronic control system which are the main

No matter what kind of mine processing machinery and equipment, electronic control system is a very important part. Raymond grinding equipment using advanced technology and unique structure, in the processing of materials when the powder, the control cabinet of the electronic control system on the operation of all parts of the effective operation. So, Raymond mill equipment, electronic control system which are the main?
1, on the host, fan start control. Many users in the use of Raymond grinding equipment will be found when the size of the different capacity of the situation, the main operation of the Raymond Mill fan is not exactly the same way. If the Raymond mill equipment capacity is greater than 30KW, generally will use the way to start the buck. And when the capacitance is less than 30KW, you can start it directly. There is no special circumstances under the premise of the host generally use Yanbian triangle start, and the fan is mainly used Star Triangle start.
2, the control of the amount of vibration feed. Electromagnetic vibration feeding device is an indispensable feeding device for material milling. During the operation of the Raymond mill, the change of the motor current of the main motor and the fan controls the automatic feeding condition of the vibrating feeder. The specific control method is that the normal operation of the fan under the conditions, once the host current exceeds the rated current, it will stop the feed, and in the current drop will automatically re-feed.
3, the control of the machine. This is the Raymond mill equipment, an important part of the electronic control system, it is the control of the machine through the speed control motor to achieve, and in order to achieve the fineness of milling equipment out of control.
The above is the main component of the electrical control system of the Raymond Mill parts, and it is also a very important part of the milling operation. SBM machinery has been engaged in a variety of Raymond Mill equipment, high pressure milling, the European version of grinding and other ore development machinery and equipment processing and development, if you have any questions or needs, you can contact us, we will give you the most Professional technical solutions.

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