Raiders quarterback Carl: Hayes would rather pressure on me

Tiger bashing September 27 hearing for the purpose of protecting the quarterback, NFL quarterback malicious collision enacted more stringent rules, as long as the pressure fell to the ground when a quarterback who will be whistled.Cheap Colorado Avalanche Jersey This rule caused a lot of controversy, and even lead to the injured players. In a defense, in order not to press Raiders quarterback Derek – Carl, Dolphins defensive end William – Hayes knee injury, anterior cruciate ligament tear, the team was placed on the injured reserve list.Cheap Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Carl this have something to say. I hope he will direct pressure on me, not torn anterior cruciate ligament.Cheap Montreal Canadiens Jersey Carr said that no one wants to see people torn anterior cruciate ligament, I do not want. Karl had this idea is commendable, but the rules are not written by him.Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jersey NFL also aware of the adverse effects caused by this rule, many players after vocal opposition, the Union Competition Commission will also hold regular meetings to see if it can make the rules more reasonable, not with the right skills tackles conflict.Cheap Toronto Maple Leafs JerseyCheap Los Angeles Kings JerseyCheap Ottawa Senators JerseyCheap New York Rangers JerseyCheap Boston Bruins JerseyCheap San Jose Sharks JerseyCheap Olympic USA Jersey

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