Production of food machinery puffing principle

Production of food machinery puffing principle and maintenance introduced Double rod extender can be transformed into heat energy through the rubbing action of the material in the bore to make the material become a gelling state with the flowing property. When the material is squeezed to the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure instantaneously to atmospheric pressure. The original structure is damaged, from high temperature topeanut butter machine production line with iso9001 ambient temperature instantly, so that the formation of innumerable microporous structure inside, resulting in rapid evaporation of water from the tissue structure, and then through the cutting device, cutting cooling that puffing forming. Small size, low price, low noise, light weight, compact structure and simple operation, the food puffing machinery is rapidly pushed by the non-standard screw system of double-rod puffing machine and filled rapidly with the gas in the material being The materials are sheared and returned to make the pressure in the bore increase, and the material is fully mixed and squeezed, heated, glued and gelatinized to generate the tissue change with the friction between the pile and the machine cavity. The following is the puffed food machinery maintenance and repair: 1, Expanded raw materials should be cleaned to prevent metal and other foreign objects from entering the machine to damage the parts; 2, screw, screw sleeve and other wearing parts in the dismantling process is strictly prohibited with a hard object hammer, in the bulking chamber is prohibited to place heavy objects or stand people; 3, long-term downtime or replacement puffing material, puffing cavity material should be cleaned to avoid caking, moldy or cross-contamination between materials; 4, box bearings should be promptly filled with grease, running 500 hours, to replace all the grease (the new machine should be appropriate before running grease, peanut paste stone crushing machine running 200 hours after the oil should be changed); 5, food puffing machinery due to the close to the mouth of the wear parts wear relatively fast, near the end of the feed port wear parts wear less, so when the replacement of wearing parts, should be replaced from the discharge end, not A variety of replacement parts.

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