Precautions for the maintenance of the jaw crusher in autumn and winter

With the advent of winter, the temperature gradually decreases. When the temperature is lower than a standard, the mechanical equipment caused by steel and other systems will change with the change of temperature, which will destroy its normal performance and affect the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, in winter, besides doing some routine inspection and maintenance for jaw crusher, we must also do some special maintenance measures for jaw crusher in low-temperature environment.

1. During the operation of the jaw crusher, not only the water but also the oil must be used.

2, for the jaw crusher replace winter special lubricating oil and grease, seasonal maintenance, the transmission transmission, differential, steering gear within the oil for gear oil used in the winter, but also should pay attention to clean the oil.

3, autumn and winter in order to make the diesel engine work of jaw crusher and soft, reduce fuel consumption, should choose low pour point diesel.

4, always check the maintenance of jaw crusher parts: always check the electrical wiring of the battery; check and adjust the electrolyte density; maintenance start motor, high voltage generator; often should give battery maintenance, preheating device; braking system maintenance should pay attention to the brake fluid is sufficient, crushing quality is bad; check the oil and water separator, a dirt discharging switch is working properly. According to the above rules, the proper use of jaw crusher, jaw crusher can guarantee the normal operation can safely in the fall and winter seasons, stone production line production was not due to low temperature in winter affected, security production, investment, recovery as soon as possible to achieve profitability, realizing the maximization of economic benefits.

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