Precautions for roof sheets before construction

Because the high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet is a prefabricated dismantling structure, the pre-construction line task plays an infinitely important guarantee for the quality of the previous construction, and it does not ignore it. The construction requirements for roofing roof and glass rock wool are reviewed in the following order.

1. Pre-construction review
Mouth: The construction of the trench is strong and there must be no looseness; all the strips must be parallel to each other, and all the strips are three-dimensional; the strips and the diagonal strips: the strips and the diagonal strips must be pre-tensioned firmly, and the nuts must not be loose.

2. Plate design

Longitudinal plate design
Be the first to confirm the size of the first and last rafts of each sloping roof and the positioning axis, and then confirm the end point of the roof panel, the starting point and the size of the first and last rafters. The distance between the first and last rafters is the total length of the low cost color-coated corrugated roofing sheet. In the center of the lighting belt, according to the request of the drawings, take the lead in affirming the length and length of the lighting belt, and then confirm the length of the color plate; the lap of the lighting belt and the color plate adopts the lighting belt on the upper side and the color plate in the lower form. Apply water-stop glue to ensure waterproof and reliable.

Horizontal panel design
The ineffective coverage of the panels on the roof slab is the fundamental modulus of the roof slabs. The layout of the roof slabs is the size of the total width of the roof and the fundamental amplitude.

The total width of the roof is indeed fixed: the total width of the roof should be the spacing between the axis of the first and last columns of the building plus the structural size of the roof protruding from the first and last columns.

According to the total width of the roof, the horizontal unit of the color plate is planned, and the size of the flood sheet at the gable is planned according to the margin.

According to the design of the row sheet, the position of the starting line of the row sheet is affirmed. In the roof sheet installation, the endpoint is first marked on the purlin, that is, the starting point of the row board is marked on each purlin along the span direction, and the connection and building of each point The longitudinal axis is perpendicular, and then the punctuation is repeated once every ten plates in the amplitude direction of the plate to restrict and review the construction bias of the plate, and then correct.

When the roof panel needs to be longitudinally overlapped, the length of the stacking is guaranteed to be more than 15 cm. The water-stopping glue is applied according to the design drawing, and the grounding position is in the position of the strip.

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