Powerful ultrafine powder mill

The ultra fine mill is an upgraded version of the mill. The traditional mill only has the function of grinding and smashing. The ultra-fine mill has the function of large output and fine grinding. The ultra-fine mill is With the many years of production experience, a number of engineers have jointly developed a new type of large-scale ultra-fine mill equipment.

The operation principle of the Raymond Mill: Firstly, the broken stone is put into the pulverizing equipment evenly through the equipment. The ore enters the pulverizing machine and is rolled and rubbed by the grinding roller and the grinding ring to achieve crushing. The wind is blown into the fan. In the mill, the degree of crushing will reach a certain level and will be blown into the analyzer. If it fails to meet the requirements, the ore will remain in the mill and continue to be ground; the powder is blown into the analyzer and then subjected to air separation. If the fineness requirements are met, the airflow enters the cyclone collector, the air is separated by the equipment, and the finished product is discharged from the discharge port.

It can not reach the fineness requirements and continue to be sent to the mill for grinding. Differences between the two do not explain here. As the milling production is a high dust operation, a duster is needed here. The air flow from the analyzer is discharged into the atmosphere after being purified by the dust removal equipment into qualified air, so there is no need to worry about the pollution problem. With regard to environmental protection, our super-fine grinding also helped you solve the problem. Of course, your factory production will be even smoother. Not only will it be used in large quantities, it will not stop your production due to environmental problems and delay the process. Ultra fine grinding is such a kind of fine milling equipment.

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