Paris intends to sign Buffon for 2 years

Will Buffon retired? There is still no accurate answer to this question.At a press conference yesterday, Buffon said that his Juventus player career is over, but he did not say that he will retire, which means that the “minor” may still continue to FIFA 18 Coins ride the green field.The French media brought the latest news today.Landlord Paris wanted to sign the legendary goalkeeper and started negotiations.

At a press conference yesterday, the 40-year-old Buffon said: “I’ve received some invitations and some exciting challenges.These invitations include two aspects: Let me continue to play and make me a manager.Before this, Buffon also accepted an interview with Pique, and he also hinted that he might continue to play.

The French media Canal+ emphasized that Paris has already started negotiations with Buffon, and the “Gazzetta dello Sport” subsequently confirmed that Paris is indeed interested in Buffon.At present, there are no goalkeepers in the Paris array who are absolutely assured.This morning, a French newspaper “Paris de Paris” made follow-up reports.The newspaper pointed out that Paris had provided Buffon with a two-year contract, and the salary of the contract should be very attractive.

Buffon has long been eager to win the Champions League, and Paris may allow him to achieve this goal.In addition, Paris believes that Buffon can bring positive energy and more attention to the team.Buffon said: “If I continue to play, I hope to challenge greater honor.”

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